Heres 5 Hans Puckets Favourite NZ Film Soundtracks CubaDupa 2021

Chris Cudby / Hans Pucket
/ Tuesday 2nd March, 2021 9:12AM


Aotearoa is currently back at various levels of alert, but that doesn’t mean we can’t collectively cross our fingers (or alternative arcane ritual) and look forward to the bevy of awesome live events scheduled to happen soon. Barring any more Covid curveballs, Pōneke annual tradition CubaDupa 2021 will be happening on Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th March — taking over the avenues and alleyways of Cuba Street Precinct with a vast variety of local sounds, cultural activities and tasty food options for windy city dwellers to tuck into.

Playing as part of CubaDupa this year are newly expanded four-piece Hans Pucket, who’ll be bringing the party with the special addition of full horn section. As beloved for their stylish, self-directed and frequently very funny music videos as for their eminently danceable "Pure Horny Power Pop" anthems, we invited twin brothers Oli and Callum Devlin to discuss their deep connection with Aotearoa’s cinematic history for their Here’s Five selections. Scroll on down to listen and learn all about Hans Pucket’s favourite NZ film soundtracks, and (touch wood) catch them bringing the magic as part of the festival’s star-studded music programme, including Troy Kingi, JessB, composer ​John PsathasCubasonic "mass musical interruption" plus lots more…


Saturday 27th March and Sunday 28th March 2021 – Cuba Street Precinct, Wellington (free)

20 stages and creative zones featuring 470 performances and 20 parades with over 1700 artists from all over Aotearoa

Head along to for the full programme

1. Eagle vs Shark (2007) – ‘I Love You, Awesome’ by The Phoenix Foundation

Oli Devlin: This was my first time hearing pop wizards The Phoenix Foundation, take the humble acoustic guitar, an omnichord, a glockenspiel and — apparently — a salsa jar of water used as a shaker — and create unknown worlds of strange, sad beauty: the gorgeous instrumental tracks Hitchcock and Sea World taken from the album Pegasus.

But for whatever reason — I Love You, Awesome was the track that stuck in my brain. Maybe I was 14 and a romantic. Maybe it was The Phoenix Foundation’s nuclear precise pop arrangement. Maybe it was just 2007 when the ukulele was maybe the coolest it was ever gonna get — the time of Beirut’s Elephant Gun and the Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra, who I was also obsessed with.

Also featured on this soundtrack, and new to my wee ears, was two explosively endorphin-filled garage rock pop masterpieces from The Reduction Agents — James Milne of Lawrence Arabia.

As a hopelessly romantic 14 year old I connected deeply to this film about absolute weirdos finding love. And as much as the characters were frighteningly earnest or emotionally guarded, the music was well off the leash. The film conjured a country of creative weirdos and wild music that I definitely wanted to live in. It was a big deal.

2. Lord of the Rings – The Fellowship Of The Ring (2001) – ‘The Prologue: One Ring to Rule Them All’ by Howard Shore

Oli: Fellowship Of The Ring came out in December 2001 — Callum and I went to see it for our 8th birthday party in February the next year when it was still packing out cinemas. We probably saw trailers for 2002 fare like Scooby Doo, Attack of the Clones or the Toby McGuire Spider-Man (incredible). Then the lights went down.

It is the overture that pulls you into another world. That main string melody — sick with loss, obsession, addiction, all the despair in the world, the thousands of years that pass in that scene…Then immediately going into the biggest and scariest battle ever — 8 year old Oli absolutely ate that shit right up.

It takes a little effort to watch the film now without all the associated politics creeping in. Some say this trilogy is Jackson’s most collaborative and inspiring work as a director and it still shows. Every artist collaborating on this film is firing on all cylinders — and in every single moment of its music — over 3 hours composed just for this film — Howard Shore rains absolute magic.

Big shoutouts to the Isengard Theme, the Khazad-dum Sequence and of course, The Fellowship Theme.

3. Daffodils (2019) – ‘Fall At Your Feet’ (Crowded House) by LIPS (Steph Brown and Fen Ikner)

Callum Devlin: This is a movie absolutely bursting with music, with a story built wall to wall with blockbuster NZ anthems. My main memory of seeing the film was being mortified at seeing my giant face as an extra in a particularly emotional moment, but the production and musical arrangement of these inimitable tracks by LIPS are undeniable, and a huge part of the success of this film. And some stellar vocal performances don’t hurt.

4. Shopping (2013) – ‘Solomon’s Story I’ by Grayson Gilmore

Callum: Shamefully, I had totally forgotten I’d seen this beautiful film until researching this list. Grayson Gilmore’s soothing ambient score has a kind of home demo feeling, in a “stay up until 2am recording guitar onto a tape recorder hoping my flatmates don’t hear” kind of way. It perfectly fits this intimate, coming of age film and revisiting it on Bandcamp made me desperate for a rewatch.

5. Goodbye Pork Pie – ‘Gerry Escapades’ & ‘Main Theme’ by John Charles

Callum: I could have filled this list with Geoff Murphy and John Charles collaborations (hon. mention A Quiet Earth) but this is the one that sticks out. I first saw this movie on DVD when I was sick home from school and remember it scared the shit out of me. First, because these guys are maniacs, and second was the score. Underneath the crackly honking sound design and yelled dialogue sits this brassy score that swings from giddy Dixie comedy in early antics to haunting and bleary suspense during the final chase, and the woozy sexy main title, really crawling into your sinuses. The jazz band orchestration is something very of its time, making me curious about a country I didn’t know and probably doesn’t exist.

Punk It Up V March 2021 Dates Cancelled

Chris Cudby / Image: The Instigators
/ Monday 1st March, 2021 4:01PM


With Auckland guaranteed to be sitting at Alert Level 3 status until Sunday 7th March at the earliest, the organisers of Punk It Up V have announced the cancellation of this coming weekend’s two day extravaganza — which has repeatedly (and frustratingly) been required to postpone due to ever-changing Covid-19 requirements. Originally scheduled to take place all the way back in May 2020, Aotearoa’s premier celebration of punk rock and ska will now be put on hold "until the western world gets a better control on this COVID-19 pandemic," with the aim to "pickup where we left off, sometime towards the end of this year, or early 2022." There’s light on the horizon however, as future dates may be more likely to include originally announced Australian-based acts. Scroll down to read the full statement, including important refund information for ticket holders below…

"Punk It Up V to be delayed until pandemic less volatile

Punk It Up are saddened to announce that the current iteration of the semi-regular gathering of the punk tribes, in this case Punk It Up V, is going to be permanently postponed, for now.

After moving the dates from originally on May 1 and 2, 2020 (to kick off NZ Music Month), then moving to October, then to Feb, and then 2 weeks ago being forced by NZ Government restrictions to frantically move yet again, including to a different venue, the latest lockdown has made it clear that PIU needs to be patient, and wait until the western world gets a better control on this COVID-19 pandemic.

Therefore, PIU V will not occur this weekend, March 5 and 6 at The Powerstation, and will be put on permanent hold. We hope to be able to pickup where we left off, sometime towards the end of this year, or early 2022.

Many of the headline bands have indicated their willingness to perform, and we may be able to get the bands with members in Australia back on the lineup too…

As you can imagine, there are loads of costs already incurred by Punk It Up, so we’re going to first reach out to the punters to see if they can help us defer that monetary hit.

Under The Radar will offer full refunds for tickets for anyone who wants one, but you’ll need to request one via the link in the email they will be sending out to all ticket holders.

For ticket holders that can afford to donate their purchase to assist with the large costs incurred by PIU in setting up this event (and moving it 3 times), you do not need to do anything.

 We hope to send a thank you gift in the form of already manufactured merchandise if you are one of the donation givers.

If, after 30 days, there are any monies not claimed for refund, i.e. the donations from ticket holders, these will be passed onto PIU to assist with their losses.

We will also look to other fund-raising activities if necessary, but that is dependent on how much is gained from the generosity of current ticket holders using the plan outlined above.

Once again, we are very sorry that we are unable to have this event, but the circumstances are out of our control, and are too risky to continue to just keep moving the dates around. PIU needs to wait until there is more stability in New Zealand, and the world, in regards to COVID.

However, we guarantee that as soon as the environment is back to a position where we can do this, we’ll be ready to go!


Punk It Up V
Friday 5th March and Saturday 6th March 2021 – The Powerstation, Auckland (cancelled)

Originally announced for Punk It Up V back in 2020, here’s The Johnnys’ timeless 1986 single ‘Bleeding Heart’…

Watch Silas Futuras Video For Compulsion Ft TEI

Annabel Kean / Photo Credit: Benjamin Taylor / Monday 1st March, 2021 3:19PM


Silas Futura unpacks his thoughts on a generation rich in possibility but low on funds in new single ‘Compulsion’, calling it "a statement on the time in history we have been born into". Featuring a killer verse from fellow Tāmaki hip-hop up-and-comer TEI., ‘Compulsion’ is the second drop from upcoming EP Pluto, and Silas McClintock’s first collection since making the transition from Bobandii to the Silas Futura moniker. On top of the high energy single and news of an EP on the horizon, Silas, TEI. and his band star in the ‘Official Live Session Video’, directed by Benji Taylor and made with support from NZ On Air. What might read as a simple concept done well is actually an incredible feat of coordination and stamina, as the clip had to be shot in one, handheld take. Just watching Silas Futura dance for three-minutes straight, knowing full well they would have already made several attempts, makes me feel like I’ve done more than enough exercise for the day…

Silas Futura’s EP ‘Pluto’ is out Friday 26th March.

Edward Castelow Shares New Album Mirth

Annabel Kean / Monday 1st March, 2021 12:55PM


Swoon alert! Edward Castelow has let loose the entirety of new album Mirth, the first he’s released under his own name since dropping the Dictaphone Blues handle. The switch-up marks a shift in sound from Castelow, who’s shaken off any bubblegum-pop notions, and instead dips into sultry baritones and something a touch psychedelic. Mirth, a virtue true of the Tāmaki songwriter, grew from lazy mornings exploring melodies on a steel-string guitar, slowly built up with lyrics and instrumentation, keeping in mind a more personal approach to the song content this time around. Standout track ‘There Swells My Heart’ is a shining example of guest vocalists Anna Coddington and Julia Deans in the mix, who occasionally sneak in to add an extra harmonic twinkle. Keep an ear out for Castelow’s horns dream team of Ben Sinclair (The Beths), Callum Passells (Hans Pucket) and Finn Scholes (Carnivorous Plant Society), providing further depths and breadths to an already exciting collection of indie-pop.

Wisely scheduled for more than a month from now, Castelow will be celebrating the album with a live band at Whammy Backroom on April 9th. Get up to speed with Mirth — best listened to out loud with your lockdown bubble on a pair of decent speakers…

Edward Castelow’s Album ‘Mirth’ is out now online.

CHARLIE OPI Unveils New Album View From Outside

Chris Cudby
/ Monday 1st March, 2021 12:52PM


Creator of 2019’s hauntingly beautiful and sonically uncompromising View From Elsewhere (released in dedication to Adison Whitley), CHARLIE (OPI) reveals a sequel of sorts with their immersive seven track album View From Outside. The Aotearoa singer and multi-instrumentalist’s new collection invites listeners to journey ever deeper into realms of contemplation, evoking vast emotional landscapes via glacial drones and sound works incorporating elements including field recordings, distant swarms of distortion, stately piano and otherworldly guitar strum. Recorded in Europe last year, View From Outside was sparked by the idea of exterior exploration — as the artist explains in an accompanying poetic statement, which also includes words of dedication to fellow milk bandmate Reuben Winter

"Made with intentions to explore outside,

//outside my room,

//outside the country,

//outside grief,

//outside those things that bind me.

– Recorded outside.

Ultimately failing to do so,

//falling/failing within.

– Mixed inside.

How do the spaces I have abitarily devided in two, give shape to what is between them? It is,

//rhythm in flapping,

//space between words,

//presence represented by absence,

//boarders between speach and silence.

– A view from without from within from outside of it and also nothing at all."

Listen To Robert Scott and Dallas Henleys New Album Level 4

Chris Cudby
/ Monday 1st March, 2021 9:42AM


Considering Tāmaki Makaurau’s current lockdown woes (the UTR team say "hi" this morning from our home offices), Robert Scott is eerily close to the mark with the title of his new collaborative album with multi-instrumentalist Dallas Henley. Unveiled for all to enjoy via the prolific songwriter of The Bats and The Clean‘s Bandcamp page, plus a sure to be highly limited CD edition sporting some beautiful hand-painted sleeves, the simply smashing fourteen track Level 4 was laid down from March to June last year in Roseneath, Ōtepoti at the height of 2020 pandemic panic worldwide. Using humble Samsung technology to capture the intimacy of the pair’s home-crafted tunes, Scott and Henley’s songs dissolve anxiety and evoke a timeless, rustic feeling while alluding to contemporary concerns (eg. ‘No Flights’, ‘The Show’), rounding it all up with on-the-money closer ‘Stay Home’ — listen here…

Compact disc editions of ‘Level 4’ are available via Pea Sea Art in Port Chalmers.

Weekly Roundup Friday 26th February

Chris Cudby / Image: Ben Woods / Friday 26th February, 2021 2:46PM


It’s set to be a bustling weekend for live events all across Aoteoroa — if you’re hunting around for a show to go to, we’ve got plenty of top notch gig picks to keep you keen below. Announcement highlights for the week included Taite Music Prize winning Street Chant songwriter Emily Edrosa is touring her debut solo album Another Wave is Coming nationwide this March, Andrew Fagan of new wave pop icons The Mockers will be playing gems from throughout his back catalogue with his band The People across NZ in April, and Pōneke garage surf rockers Solo Ono will be splashing up a storm on their Now We Know Who to Blame tour. More notable events unveiled during the week included the forthcoming return of Ōtepoti annual tradition Feastock (after one year off due to the accursed Covid) this April, the hugely popular Single Fin Mingle Village Knees Up will be taking over Christchurch beachside suburb Sumner’s Village Mall also in April, and Deva Mahal is celebrating the launch of her new collaborative single with Zoe Moon ‘Sister’ at Pōneke’s San Fran this March.


Friday 26th February

Auckland: Guardian Singles, Coffin Club, LEAO – Whammy Bar

Auckland: Bulletbelt – Whammy Backroom

Auckland: Lips, Phoebe Rings, Will Saunders – Cassette Nine
Raglan: Big Scout – The Yot Club

Tauranga: Sam Bartells – Home Of Mood
Napier: Raw Collective – Paisley Stage
Wellington: Ebony Lamb aka Successful Feelings – Hunters and Collectors

Wellington: Terror Of The Deep, Solo Ono – Newtown Sports Bar

Wellington: Estère – Meow

Wellington: Backyard Burial 10yr Anniversary Show – Valhalla
Christchurch: DARTZ – darkroom

Oamaru: Ben Woods, Wet Specimen – Grainstore Gallery

Wanaka: A Night Of Fleetwood Mac – Water Bar

Dunedin: Macho Macho, Koizilla, Juno Is – Dive

Saturday 27th February

Auckland: Asta Rangu & Males – The Wine Cellar

Auckland: BEING., Jasmine Mary, Looking For Alaska, HOOP – Auckland Guide Centre

Auckland: Ratso, Trepidations, Melanie, Soph – Cupid Bar

Auckland: A Tribute To Jorge Ben – Ponsonby Social Club

Raglan: Bulletbelt – The Yot Club

Tauranga: No Future Festival – The Historic Village

Gisborne: Sam Bartells – Smash Palace

Wellington: Ebony Lamb aka Successful Feelings – Hunters and Collectors (two sessions)

Takaka: Soaked Oats – Mussel Inn

Christchurch: The Gateways, Too Woke For Toast, The Layarounds – darkroom

Queenstown: A Night Of Fleetwood Mac – Sherwood

Dunedin: DARTZ – The Crown Hotel

Dunedin: Ben Woods – Dog With Two Tails

Dunedin: Ha The Unclear, Mads Harrop – Dive

Head over to our Gig Guide for more listings!!


Pickle Darling Announces New Album Cosmonaut Shares Two Singles

Annabel Kean / Photo Credit: Katie Blows / Friday 26th February, 2021 2:43PM


Since their beloved debut LP Bigness came out in early 2019, Ōtautahi’s Lukas Mayo has been teasing the arrival of a sophomore Pickle Darling album at every chance between tours and cover songs, and at long last we’ve got some tangible content to sink our teeth into. The announcement of the second Pickle Darling album Cosmonaut arrives with two new tracks and a May release date for us to pop in the diary. Along with delightful 48 second morsel ‘Rosary‘, Mayo also gifts us ‘A Deep Breath‘. The song’s masterful lyrics are everything I hoped they would be, sitting neatly between earnest intimacy and bleak relatability, singing about watching episodes of Recess alone and locking eyes with your own reflection in the screen. Haven’t we all! Musically, Pickle Darling is sounding self-assured in the first taste of Cosmonaut, which is so far distinctly digital (apt for an album about long-distance relationships), save for the charming plinky collapse outro on ‘A Deep Breath’. Snaffle up the new tracks from Pickle Darling, and wash them down with the freshly released Bigness (Instrumentals) here

Pickle Darling’s sophomore album ‘Cosmonaut’ is out May 21st on ZTapes.

Deva Mahal Wellington Single Release Show Announced

Annabel Kean / Friday 26th February, 2021 1:26PM


The lovely Deva Mahal continues her run of Aotearoa shows next month, having wowed crowds at Ōtautahi’s Nostalgia Festival last weekend with blues and neo-soul cuts from her 2018 debut album Run Deep and subsequent singles. Since she returned to Aotearoa at the beginning of last year Mahal has been busy collaborating with the likes of Zoe Moon on forthcoming new single ‘Sister‘ and exploring her own roots and sound. The next chance to see her live is at the March 18th single release show at Pōneke’s San Fran, with support from RnB artist Aja. Grab tix quick smart for an incredible night…

Deva Mahal Single Release Show w/ Aja

Thursday 18th March – San Fran, Wellington

Tickets HERE via UTR

Hear Mahal’s goosebump-inducing pipes in the video for single ‘Stand In’… 

Dive into Aja’s dreamy track ‘Kāwai’…

Listen To Raiza Bizas New Album A Summer In Retrograde

Chris Cudby / Friday 26th February, 2021 12:21PM


African Kiwi rapper Raiza Biza is getting it done in 2021 with his brand new album A Summer In Retrograde, which hasn’t left the office stereo since we put it on this morning. Packing eight tracks of club-bumping smooth grooves and the Hamilton artist’s flawless flow into a lean 25 minutes, ASIR sports collabs with Christoph El Truento, Hollie Smith on ‘Family’ parts I & II, NXVA and Beau Monga (of X-Factor fame) on the effervescent ‘Lemonade Fruit Punch’, and fellow BLKCITY members Blaze The Emperor and Mo Muse on incisive real talk cut ‘Blkness’. Tuck into the stream and smash play on his new vid with Blaze The Emperor for their hometown anthem ‘H Town‘ below…

“This is the first project since I released ‘Grand Opening, Grand Closing‘, during which I was in a creative metamorphosis, as well as trying to pull myself out of the catharsis induced by the process of making that album. But in the background, the world was on fire, and once the dust settled from the ashes of my life, like the Phoenix reborn, so was my inspiration. Hence ‘A Summer in Retrograde’. Taking the obscurity of our circumstance, and painting it with a summer tinge.” – Raiza Biza

‘A Summer In Retrograde’ is out now via major streaming services.

Muroki Drops Single Wavy Announces North Island Tour

Annabel Kean / Friday 26th February, 2021 11:29AM


Muroki (Masaya, Cloak Bay) has had a pretty full noise start to his solo music career. He caught the attention of Benee with his debut single ‘For Better Or Worse’ last year, which she then played on Elton John’s radio show before ringing him up as the very first signee to her record label Olive and inviting him to join her October tour. After a hot summer of festival spots, and a wee skating / broken arm incident, Muroki is back with his soulful third single ‘Wavy‘ and a North Island tour booked for March and April. The new track is warm and joyous, and comes with a super cool lyric video based off Simon Blanchet and Ariel Hughes’s single artwork, so you can sing along while you bounce and shimmy. Catch up with what Benee and Elton John have been listening to, and lock in a spot to see Muroki live with band…


Friday 26th March – Leigh Sawmill, Leigh*

Saturday 27th March – Whammy Bar, Auckland*

Saturday 3rd April – Colville Easter Festival, Coromandel

Friday 9th April – Parrotdog, Wellington (FREE SHOW)

Saturday 10th April – Raglan Club, Raglan*

Tickets on sale HERE via UTR*

Emily Edrosa Announces Another Wave Is Coming Album Release Tour

Chris Cudby
/ Friday 26th February, 2021 9:39AM


Launched late last year and already a bona fide classic, Emily Edrosa‘s debut solo album Another Wave is Coming (via her own imprint PSL Sound) was a keenly anticipated return from the Taite Music Prize winning Street Chant songwriter. Back home in Tāmaki Makaurau after an extended stay in LA, Edrosa is making the most of Aotearoa’s invaluable Alert Level 1 status with a long-awaited record release tour with band. Fresh from playing Mermgrown last weekend, she’ll be joined on her travels in March by Guardian Singles, Louisa Nicklin, Ben Woods plus more special guests to be announced. Read our recent interview with Edrosa here discussing the origins of Another Wave is Coming and her move back from the Covid-ravaged US, and mark these dates in your diary…

Undertheradar proudly presents…

Emily Edrosa – Another Wave is Coming Album Release Tour

Saturday 6th March – Saw Wave Festival, Victoria On The River, Hamilton w/ Guardian Singles, Pill Cutter
Friday 12th March – Whammy Bar, Auckland w/ Ben Woods, Louisa Nicklin*
Saturday 13th March – Leigh Sawmill Cafe, Leigh w/ Ben Woods*
Thursday 18th March – The Crown Hotel, Dunedin*
Friday 19th March – Space Academy, Christchurch*
Saturday 20th March – The Plant, Blenheim*

Tickets available HERE via UTR*

Watch the video for ‘NCEA’ from Emily Edrosa’s 2020 debut solo album Another Wave is Coming…

Press release:

Emily Edrosa, the multi instrumentalist and former frontperson for Street Chant is taking her debut album Another Wave is Coming on a belated tour of Aotearoa this March. Another Wave is Coming was released in November 2020 via PSL Sound in Aotearoa and Park The Van in the United States and is a portrait of life as a hyper-aware stranger in a dreamlike and hostile territory.

Since returning to her hometown of Tāmaki Makaurau from her four year stint in Los Angeles, Another Wave is Coming is the culmination of several years of meticulous work spanning two sides of the globe, and represents an ambitious leap forward for the Emily Edrosa sound. Emily demoed everything down to the drum parts before enlisting assistance from a cast including local favourites Alex Freer (Tiny Ruins) and Liz Stokes (The Beths) to fully realise her vision for the record. Mixed by legendary producer John Agnello (Kurt Vile, Sonic Youth, Waxahatchee) and was finished by Emily in her home studio.

With the tour kicking off in early March Emily Edrosa will be joined by a full backing band as well as some incredibly talented support acts. Tickets available via Under The Radar.

Adam Hattaway and The Haunters Announce NZ Tour Unveil Single Video I Need Your Needs

Annabel Kean / Friday 26th February, 2021 9:09AM


Adam Hattaway and The Haunters are soothing my muggy city blues today with a cool new track from their forthcoming album Woolston, Texas. Following December’s rip-roaring ‘Big Night’, ‘I Need Your Needs’ is the third single from their fourth album, with his dependable band of Elmore Jones, Liam Quinn and Ryan Fisherman providing lush instrumentation under Hattaway’s classic Canterbury croon. The sticky sweet video was directed by visual artist Nick Lowry, and features all the best visual toppings. From soft focus glitter flares to delicious bubblegum blues and custard yellows, the aesthetics are a total match made in heaven for Adam Hattaway’s cheeky cherubic persona — enough so that I can look past the use of those horrid little silver balls aka surprise teeth chippers. Controversial dessert decor aside, Hattaway and his Haunters will be taking Woolston, Texas on the road after the big release day, cruising up the country and all the way back down again throughout April and May. Tour deets and tickets here, and ‘I Need Your Needs’ down below…

Adam Hattaway and The Haunters Album Release Tour

Friday 9th April – Rogue and Vagabond, Wellington FREE
Saturday 10th April – Musicians Club, Whanganui w/ MeanOwls
Friday 16th April – Cassels Blue Smoke, Christchurch w/ Daniel Armstrong and The Monsoons
Saturday 17th April – Thirsty Dog, Auckland w/ Daniel Armstrong and The Monsoons
Saturday 24th April – The Plant, Blenheim – The Plant
Friday 21st May – BARK!, Dunedin w/ Tahu and The Takahes
Saturday 22nd May – Grainstore Gallery, Oamaru w/ Mads Harrop

Tickets available HERE via UTR

Enjoy a yummy yellow scoop of ice cream with Adam Hattaway, and for the love of god please somebody get him a paper towel…

Adam Hattaway and The Haunters’ album ‘Woolston, Texas’ is out Friday 26th March 2021.

Premiere The Datsuns Share Single Video Brain To Brain Announce New Album

Chris Cudby /Cover art images by Callum Rooney and Jaime Zuverza
/ Friday 26th February, 2021 8:00AM


World conquering Cambridge garage rock icons The Datsuns are back, announcing today the forthcoming launch of their first album in six years Eye To Eye with smokin’ lead cut ‘Brain to Brain‘. Released along with a supremely stylish video created by NZ director Marc Swadel (who has worked with The Chemical Brothers, Stone Roses, Sparks, and Thurston Moore) with support from NZ On Air, ‘Eye To Eye’ delivers the hyperkinetic energy for which the team of Dolf, Christian Livingstone, Phil Somervell and Ben ‘Poundin’ Soul’ Cole are rightfully famed — busting out electrifying riff-action, sci-fi squeals and anthemic primal howls in their own signature manner. Created under lockdown conditions, Swadel’s clip depicts eerie medical experiments viewed through a ’70s documentary lens, starring London-based singer / DJ / model Iraina Mancini having a (mono) jack input voluntarily implanted directly into her skull, before the vid explodes into appropriately psychedelic freakout weirdness.

The Datsuns’ seventh studio album Eye to Eye is out internationally on 28th May, we’re stoked to premiere the record’s sizzling first single ‘Brain to Brain’, releasing on strictly limited 7" vinyl on 26th February, backed with B-side ‘Waking Up Slow‘ — smash play on the stream below to listen…

"’Brain To Brain’ is the first song we wrote for our new album, Eye To Eye back in 2016. It’s a very "Datsuns" type song, if there is such a thing? Pop sensibilities masked behind noise and high energy for two and a half minutes. Excellent guitar action from Phil via Christian’s wonderful world of custom FX. It’s about taking a huge step back from our digital worlds in order to preserve one’s sanity. We have so many amazing toys to communicate with each other but it often feels we don’t get it right, so much gets twisted. There’s a fascination in watching one another bare our souls and devour each other for entertainment that’s kind of horrifying." – Dolf Datsun

‘Eye To Eye’ releases on vinyl LP, digitally and on CD on Friday 28th May, preorders are available now.

Merk Shares Laps Around The Sun Single Video

Annabel Kean / Photo credit: Lily Paris West / Thursday 25th February, 2021 1:01PM


We’ve got another in the series of melancholy Merk songs for celebratory occasions! While we were all thrilled to sing ‘H.N.Y.B’ on December 31st 2020, we can now ditch that chirpy ol’ Happy Birthday refrain for Merk’s heartbreaking new single ‘Laps Around The Sun’. The third track from his sophomore album Infinite Youth, due out in April on Humblebrag Records and brand new signing Native Tongue, Mark Perkins wrote ‘Laps Around The Sun’ some years ago on a particularly glum birthday as a way to turn the existentialness of it all on its head. By taking "everything is meaningless and so am I" and making it "there’s beauty to be found in the never-ending repetitions and rhythms of life", Perkins embraces the cyclical nature of life on earth over simple, building synths and harmonies.

Created with support from NZ On Air, Perkins, Martin Sagadin and Abigail Egde put their talented heads together on the equally beautiful visual element to ‘Laps Around The Sun’. Appropriately shot on Merk’s actual birthday with his actual birthday cake, birthday pizza and birthday friends, we follow him around Tāmaki on what would otherwise be an insignificant day, made extraordinary by taking notice of the beauty in the common and mundane. Roughly this time last year the Merk band was deep in rehearsals for their set at SXSW. Of course the trip to Austin couldn’t happen, but finally there’s an outlet for all the potential performance energy to be channelled into – SXSW Digital this March. Keep an eye out for livestream dates and locations, but for now take a moment to be grateful for your ears, your coffee and Friday eve while listening to ‘Laps Around The Sun’ on repeat…

Merk’s sophomore album ‘Infinite Youth’ is out 9th April via Humblebrag Records.

Louisa Nicklin Shares Single To Be Fine Announces Debut Album

Annabel Kean / Thursday 25th February, 2021 11:21AM


One year since she released her first EP When Are You Home, Tāmaki’s Louisa Nicklin announces her self-titled debut album and shares expansive lead track ‘To Be Fine’. Featuring on the first single are bandmates Mason Fairey (The Naenae Express, Green Grove) on drums, and Pixels’ Eamon Edmundson-Wells on bass and baritone guitars. New Nicklin collaborator, the endlessly talented JY Lee (Avantdale Bowling Club, Yoko Zuna) is also on the low frequency buzz, providing an epic thrum of bass clarinet. Although not on ‘To Be Fine’, classical composer and cellist Antonia Barnett-McIntosh was in the album’s Roundhead recording sessions too, just another thing to look forward to when the full nine song collection comes out in May. Louisa Nicklin is already sounding even more mature than When Are You Home, with selective, booming instrumentation complementing but never overpowering her own rich, soaring voice. The ideas behind the song touch on coming of age too, as Nicklin explains here:

“This song looks at the feeling of leaving a childhood space as an adult. When writing this song it all came together so quickly, each section just seemed to tack on to the next and when I brought it to the band they quickly helped me to develop it into the single it is now”

Enjoy the first taste of Louisa Nicklin’s forthcoming debut album…

Louisa Nicklin’s self-titled debut album is out digitally and on vinyl Tuesday 25th May.

Watch Raw Collectives Live Video For New Album The Good Things

/ Thursday 25th February, 2021 11:17AM


Poneke’s Raw Collective embark on the launch tour for their brand spanking new The Good Things LP tomorrow night, and to give you a taste of what to look forward to, they’ve dropped a live video of the party-starting hip hop crew performing the entire album. Filmed on site at Manky Chops Deckaide Gallery courtesy of Ben Stewert Photography, with footage of recording sessions for The Good Things at Surgery Studios mixed in for maximum effect, the action-packed thirty five minute film somehow crams all ten members into the same frame, proving beyond doubt the big band are in their element both on stage and in the studio. They’ll be bringing it live this weekend in Napier and Tāmaki Makaurau — don’t miss Raw Collective at the dates below (hope they’ve booked a roomy tour bus), including a performance at Whanganui Walls Street Art & Music Festival

Raw Collective – The Good Things LP Release Tour

Friday 26th February – Paisley Stage, Napier*

Saturday 27th February – Tuning Fork, Auckland

Thursday 4th March – Cassels Blue Smoke, Christchurch*

Friday 5th March – Yonder Bar, Queenstown FREE

Saturday 6th March – Starters Bar, Dunedin*

Friday 12th March – Meow, Wellington

Sunday 14th March – Raumati Social Club, Kapiti*

Saturday 20th March – Whanganui Walls Music Stage, Majestic Square, Whanganui (1:30pm – 10pm) FREE

Tickets available HERE via UTR*

Lineup Announced For Feastock 2021 Ft Koizilla Neive Strang Adelaide Cara More

Chris Cudby / Image: Koizilla
/ Thursday 25th February, 2021 10:19AM


Ōtepoti annual tradition, Feastock makes its almighty return this coming April, after taking a year off in 2020 due to stink old Covid. Aotearoa is currently one of the only places in the world where live shows can happen unrestricted, which thankfully means the long-awaited 12th edition of the leafy back yard festie is all go. There’s a super stacked lineup set to bring the party back to Fea St, with the show moving along to Dive Bar for part two from 8pm onwards, via a loop bus service (ticket includes night event entry) — check out the full bill, bring along some food for the free BBQ and snag tickets while you can…

Feastock 2021 – Saturday 24th April

Featuring… Biff Merchants, Filth Wizard, Koizilla, Oscar Ladell & Hoot, Adelaide Cara, Glad Rabbit, Neive Strang Band, Night Lunch, Mia Jay, Purple Hayes Bluegrass, Darcy Kerr, Molly Devine, Bo & The Constrictors, Maddy PC, Blimey!, The Entire Alphabet

Feastock Day 12pm – 3 Fea St

Feastock Night 8pm – Dive Music Venue (354 Great King Street)

Tickets available HERE via UTR

Ticket includes night event entry (retain your wristband for entry to night event)
There will be no door sales for the day event. One way door policy – come prepared!

Shake your stuff to Koizilla’s ‘Boogie Board’ from their latest album I Don’t Surf I Boogie…

Bask in the southern splendour of Adelaide Cara’s 2020 single ‘Eden’…

Press release:

The day will go ahead rain or shine in true Dunedin style. Look forward to an amazing show set in the thick, earthy Pine Hill bush & a cosmic late night party @ Dive!

Mads Harrop Returns With New Single Time

Chris Cudby / Wednesday 24th February, 2021 1:24PM


Apparently autumn starts next month in Aotearoa which seems almost unfair, but rising songwriter Mads Harrop is here to make the transition AOK with her gently psychedelic new song ‘Time‘. Hailing from Kurow (inland from Oamaru), Harrop’s excellent ‘Contagious World‘ was one of the finest anthems to emerge from NZ’s 2020 lockdown era and ‘Time’ is pretty dang swish too — shaking out the cobwebs inside listeners’ minds with reality-warping guitar strum action and deeply reverberant wordplay. Mads Harrop will be playing alongside Ha the Unclear at Ōtepoti’s Dive this weekend, hit play on ‘Time’ and grab the details below…

Ha the Unclear, Mads Harrop

Saturday 27th February – Dive, Dunedin

Tickets available HERE via UTR

Bic Runga Shares Christchurch Earthquake Anniversary Song

Annabel Kean / Wednesday 24th February, 2021 12:49PM


Monday this week marked ten years since Ōtautahi was struck by a 6.3 magnitude earthquake, leading to 185 lives lost and the transformation of an entire city. The anniversary has been acknowledged in every which way, with a service held at the Christchurch earthquake memorial where the Prime Minister spoke, the names of the dead read aloud, and thousands of flowers cast into the city’s rivers and tucked into the tops of road cones. Today Bic Runga, one of Ōtautahi’s most prized gems, shares ‘No One Walks This Night Alone’, a song commissioned by the Christchurch City Council for the ten year anniversary of that life-altering day. Runga and 90-person choir The Vocal Collective will perform the memorial song this Sunday at the Christchurch Botanic Gardens as part of free concert Ōtautahi Together, where locals can also catch Holly Arrowsmith and Surfing USSR. ‘No One Walks This Night Alone’ is a gorgeous example of Runga’s timeless songwriting, bearing tonal hints of both her breakout debut Drive and her sound on 2016 collection Close Your Eyes.

Bic Runga had this to say:

"As a Christchurch person this was a huge honour and I wanted to write something that was both solemn and hopeful. I know the people of Christchurch have suffered a collective trauma and it’s been a really long road, and that the 10 year anniversary of the event was an opportunity to look forward, while of course never forgetting those who died and everything that was lost.

I was especially moved by the news images of the city that day ten years ago, especially after night fall, the loneliness of that first night, hence the title ‘No One Walks This Night Alone’. The message of the song, even though the verses are anguished, is that we are all in this together collectively and that love is what gives us the strength to overcome great adversity.

No one should feel alone in the anguish that has occurred, this is something that has happened to us together as a city."

Listen to ‘No One Walks This Night Alone’ and take a moment to reflect…

Here’s the livestream of Monday’s memorial service…

Dinosaur Jr Team Up With Kurt Vile On Single I Ran Away Announce New Album

Chris Cudby
/ Wednesday 24th February, 2021 11:29AM


Dinosaur Jr. have announced they’ve got a new album named Sweep It Into Space on the way (their twelfth!), co-produced by none other than Philadelphia’s finest Kurt Vile — a synergistic union that surely would’ve provoked forehead-slapping "why didn’t we do this earlier?" moments. The eternally cool J Mascis, Lou Barlow (Sebadoh) and Murph have dropped today the record’s lead single ‘I Ran Away’ featuring Vile on twelve string guitar and guess what: it sounds great, with just a smidge of Vile’s signature twang emerging from the US alt-rock gods’ iconic jangliness. The smog monster style cover art looks 100% t-shirt worthy too, take in the visualiser clip for ‘I Ran Away’ right here and keep praying for tour news…

‘Sweep It Into Space’ releases on Friday 23rd April via Jagjaguwar.

Listen To Pickle Darlings Bigness Instrumentals Album

Annabel Kean / Wednesday 24th February, 2021 10:57AM


Ōtautahi bedroom-pop creator Pickle Darling aka Lukas Mayo is serving us all darling, no pickle today with an instrumental release of their debut album Bigness. It’s been a little over two years since Mayo shared their first LP, which cracked the New Zealand album charts top ten, landed Bandcamp’s ‘Album Of The Day’ and made it into almost everyone’s 2019 end of year lists. Since then the songwriter has been touring their tunes, rustling up a second (and third?) album, and sound tracking RPGs, and as if Mayo hasn’t already given us enough, now we’ve got the entirety of Bigness (Instrumentals) to do with whatever we wish. Literally though, they’ve said "use these in your Youtube videos or movies or TV shows or whatever the heck I dunno, just credit me (not sure this is the professional way to go about this but I don’t have a publishing deal or whatever)". So get to it and make a movie, offers like this don’t often come along with such excellent tunes…

The Phoenix Foundation Unveil Single Beside Yourself Feat Fazerdaze

Chris Cudby
/ Wednesday 24th February, 2021 10:11AM


Pōneke’s The Phoenix Foundation may have wrapped up their Friend Ship album release tour of Aotearoa, but like a roving pack of sonic Santas they’ve still got plenty of treats tucked up their sleeves for fans. They’ve teamed up with Amelia Murray aka Fazerdaze for a peppy new cut from a forthcoming two song EP nautically named Life Boat, launching on strictly limited "Lovely Turquoise Clear" 7" vinyl in mid April, backed with the enticingly titled ‘Blood On My Hands’ — both of which are drawn from the Friend Ship recording sessions. A new tune of any kind from the Tui award-winning Murray is notably rare, hit play below and catch the Phoenix Foundation playing on home turf at the humongous Newtown Festival this March…

‘Life Boat’ launches digitally and on limited edition 7" vinyl on Tuesday 20th April.

Premiere DOONS Share Video The Importance Of Being Indifferent Live Parrotdog Bar

Chris Cudby / Photo credit: Raphaella Holder-Monk / Wednesday 24th February, 2021 8:49AM


Founded in Waikato and now calling Pōneke their home, DOONS have just wrapped up a nationwide launch tour for their sparkling new EP The Importance Of Being Indifferent and are already back at it. We’re stoked to bring you a first look at a brand new live video from the team of Elliott Dawson, Benji’s Palace, Pierce Higginson and Tom Anderson — filmed last year under Alert Level 2 conditions in the capital’s Parrotdog Bar, while the live favourites were in the process of putting the finishing touches on their new EP. The sumptuous thirteen minute clip captures DOONS performing three songs from that collection, filmed, directed and edited by Finn Lloyd, Raphaella Holder-Monk and Hayden Washington-Smith, with dreamy disco ball dappled lighting by Sebastian Fraser, audio engineering and mixing by Ben Gibbons and mastering by Elliott Dawson. Experience DOONS playing enchanting renditions of the title track to The Importance of Being Indifferent, ‘Stunted Growth‘ and ‘Faultlines‘, and looking pretty dang stylish while doing so…

‘The Importance Of Being Indifferent’ is out now via major streaming platforms.

Listen To Jeff Hendersons Soundtracks Volume 1 Installations Volume 1

Chris Cudby / Photo credit: Connor Crawford
/ Tuesday 23rd February, 2021 1:56PM


Tāmaki Makaurau-based sorcerer of sound, Jeff Henderson has unleashed a treasure trove of fresh collections online via his brand new Bandcamp page. Originally recorded in 2006 as an aural accompaniment for The Arsehole, a play written by Julie Hill and directed by Stephen Bain, Soundtracks Volume 1 was composed, improvised and performed by Henderson with Gerard Crewdson, Alphabethead, Julian Taylor, Chris Palmer and Warwick Donald, rewarding attentive listeners with galaxy brain levels of mind-meld across eight immersive and kaleidoscopically detailed tracks. Created on-site at the Audio Foundation (of which Henderson is Director) in late 2019, Installations Volume 1 – Lite Metal presents 22 tracks of "quiet music" recorded using the artist’s "playable sound sculpture consisting of small metallic objects installed on frames or polystyrene boxes."

Regale your earholes with both albums below, and head over to Henderson’s Bandcamp page for more new releases from the multi-instrumentalist and composer’s groups Dreamville and The Dodecahedrons. Don’t miss him performing at The Wine Cellar on  4th March as part of Bebop, Blues and Beyond group Trioglodyte [tickets available here], featuring special guest Lucien Johnson on sax…

The Single Fin Mingle Village Knees Up Sumner Soiree Lineups Announced

Chris Cudby / Image: There’s A Tuesday
/ Tuesday 23rd February, 2021 10:44AM


It’ll soon be time to hit the Knee’s Up and join the Soiree, as the hugely popular The Single Fin Mingle festival makes its return to the beachside surrounds of Christchurch’s Sumner this coming April. With a bustling programme including a film gala, art shows, surfing displays and prestigious competition, the organisers have revealed not one but two musical extravaganzas to warm your cockles and get you shaking your stuff into the evening.

Friday night sees the The Single Fin Mingle Sumner Soiree take over Matuku Takotako: Sumner Community Centre’s courtyard with the psych-pop sounds of Auckland’s Joe Ghatt and the dreamy catchiness of Christchurch’s There’s A Tuesday. Sumner Village Mall will be host to the festival’s pinnacle event on Saturday, the annual Village Knees Up in The Mingle Buzz zone, starring Auckland neo-soul groovers Molly and The Chromatics, Christchurch tunesmith Jack Page and band, and rising indie-pop sensation Jed Parsons, whose fab new album BRUNCH launched just last week. Both events are traditionally sold out affairs and punters are encouraged to dress to impress, so don’t be shy — dig out your best / most outrageous outfit from the back of the closet and nab tickets while you can…

The Single Fin Mingle Sumner Soiree
Featuring… There’s A Tuesday, Joe Ghatt

Friday 9th April – Matuku Takotako: Sumner Community Centre, Christchurch

Tickets available HERE via UTR

The Single Fin Mingle Village Knees Up

Featuring… Molly and The Chromatics, Jed Parsons, Jack Page

Saturday 10th April – Sumner Village Mall, Christchurch

Tickets available HERE via UTR

Take in the vid for There’s A Tuesday’s ‘Amsterdam’…

Laugh, cry and sing along to Jed Parsons’ ‘Sad Together’ from his new album BRUNCH…

Get moving to Molly & The Chromatics’ summery 2020 single ‘Hold Tight’…

Press release:

The Single Fin Mingle is an annual multi-faceted festival that celebrates traditional longboarding and the joyous culture that surrounds it. Through our prestigious competition, Film Gala, Art Shows and Musical Soirees, The Mingle is a way of building human connection through having a marvellous time.

Welcome to The Single Fin Mingle Sumner Soiree presented by Jameson. Sophisticated, soulful and sexy this will be a night to remember. Held on Friday the 9th of April, in the beautiful courtyard of Matuku Takotako, the home to one of the most revered Mingle parties of years gone by, we are ready to rewrite history.

The Village Knees up is the pinnacle event of The Single Fin Mingle and one of the most anticipated concerts for hundreds of good time enthusiasts every year. Even before the first band steps a stage, the open air arena, that is erected once a year for this special night, will have attendees beaming in The Mingle Buzz.

Food and beverages available. R18.

Watch Daft Punks Farewell Video Epilogue

Chris Cudby
/ Tuesday 23rd February, 2021 8:59AM


For fans of electronic dance music and those who simply love to boogie on the dance floor, mask-wearing French duo Daft Punk are icons. We’ll be shedding robot tears today, as the hit-making team of Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter have announced Daft Punk (founded in 1993) are no longer. As a parting gift, Daft Punk have shared an ‘Epilogue‘ video featuring the pair strolling into the sunset, largely excerpted from their 2006 sci-fi film Electroma with a fittingly explosive conclusion, a few bonus elements and a glorious sunset to gaze at as we consider their monumental legacy…

Andrew Fagan and The People Youll Be Fine Tour Announced

Chris Cudby / Photo credit: Mark Derricutt
/ Tuesday 23rd February, 2021 8:00AM


Singer of some of the finest tunes to emerge from our shores with his group The Mockers, songwriter and poet Andrew Fagan embarks on a new adventure this coming April. Fagan will at long last be touring his latest album Act Normal, which launched back in February 2020 seemingly a lifetime ago, just before the dreaded Covid scuppered everyone’s plans and sent Aotearoa into lockdown. In his element live (as he’s stated, “Good songs and showing off are not mutually exclusive concepts”), Fagan is set to tour with his latest band The People, whose membership includes Darryn Harkness (New Telepathics, Loud Ghost), Kurt Shanks (stellar*), Joe Dekkers-Reihanna and John Murray. Standout single from Fagan’s new album, ‘On Channel Me’ is a scathing appraisal of our social media obsessed digital age — expect to hear that number plus such Fagan and Mockers gems as ‘Exciting’, ‘Now You Know’, ‘Get Light’, ‘Jerusalem’ and more, throughout the North Island at the following dates…

Undertheradar proudly presents…

Andrew Fagan and The People

Friday 9th April – The Wine Cellar, Auckland*

Saturday 10th April – Jam Factory, Tauranga

Wednesday 14th April – Nivara Lounge, Hamilton*

Thursday 15th April – Two Mile Sailing Club, Taupo*

Friday 16th April – Haumoana Hall, Hawkes Bay*

Saturday 17th April – Meow, Wellington

Sunday 18th April – Snails, Palmerston North*

Tickets available HERE via UTR*

Check out the rock version of ‘On Channel Me’, from 2020’s Act Normal…

Watch the 1993 video for Fagan’s ‘Jerusalem’, from his debut solo album Blisters — directed by Karyn Hay…

Press release:

Andrew Fagan and his band return to venues across the North Island in April to perform songs from his solo and Mockers years, and celebrate acclaimed new album Act Normal.

Fagan’s career spans over 40 years, from his time as frontman of punk group The Ambitious Vegetables, pop-rockers The Mockers, to his ongoing solo career.

His solo material over the years – performed with his band Fagan and The People- includes laconic social commentary classics such as Exciting, Astonishment, Now You Know, Blame Me, Get Light, Religion, Jerusalem, and On Channel Me.

New album Act Normal was released on the cusp of lockdown, so the band are jumping out of their skins for this delayed release tour. To coincide with the tour, new single You’ll Be Fine is released in early March.

Fagan’s band features Darryn Harkness (New Telepathics, Loud Ghost), Kurt Shanks (stellar*), Joe Dekkers- Reihanna, and John Murray.

“Andrew Fagan was king for a day as The People rose, played, and sang along, with him as he rocked the Anthology Lounge with his usual bravado, elegance and regency,” David Boyle, Radio 13, February 2020.

Listen To Imugi s Memories Swimming Feat Hans

Annabel Kean / Monday 22nd February, 2021 12:28PM


Imugi 이무기 have made my heart grow double the size with two new singles in one go, just a few short months after dropping their gold-standard Dragonfruit EP in 2020. The Tāmaki duo of songwriter Yery Cho and producer Carl Ruwhiu have created a couple of killer tracks, with dream collaborator Hans. in the mix for ‘Swimming’, a song that grew from the three friends jamming, and developed into a fully fledged electronic-pop cut about challenging your own coping mechanisms. The pair returned to their bedroom roots to create ‘Swimming’ and ‘Memories’, having started recordings at Redbull Studios before lockdown struck. Not ones to be thrown off by losing the fancy equipment, Imugi 이무기 completed the project from home.

The second single ‘Memories’ explores the unhealthy effects of music industry hype and "the toxic ways in which it affects the psyche of young artists". It’s a high energy response to feeling pigeon-holed and controlled to fit an expectation, Cho singing "I do whatever I please, fuck what you mean, it’s all make-believe". Catch Imugi 이무기 performing these tracks and more at Splore next month…

Opposite Sex Return With New Album High Drama

Chris Cudby
/ Monday 22nd February, 2021 12:11PM


Heard recently on Wet Specimen‘s insta-classic debut album Wet Dreamin’, Ōtepoti songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Lucy Hunter also co-fronts Opposite Sex alongside Tim Player (Ov Pain) and Reg Norris (also of Wet Specimen). They unveiled their first long player in nearly five years High Drama over the weekend — squalling up discombobulating waves of string-tangled (yet somehow also very catchy) guitars and pounding percussive thunks, while dispensing equally brain-peeling lyricism with a casual mastery that’ll send pretenders scrambling for cover. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Tom Bell in the other-dimensional, time-warping realm known as Port Chalmers, High Drama sounds like it could have come from nowhere else. Preorder a limited edition vinyl LP copy via fancy new local imprint Spik & Span and / or grip a tape via Melbourne label Albert’s Basement and listen up here…

‘High Drama’ vinyl LP and cassette preorders are available now via Opposite Sex’s Bandcamp page here.