Vaccination Certificates Traffic Light Levels Announced For NZ Live Shows

Chris Cudby / Photo and traffic light drink: Sports Team
/ Friday 22nd October, 2021 3:14PM


Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced this morning details for the much-anticipated vaccination certificates programme, along with a forthcoming new system of three traffic light levels (Green, Orange, Red) that will allow live events to operate at various degrees of restriction. The new COVID-19 Protection Framework will come into effect once 90% of eligible New Zealanders are fully vaccinated. You can read the full details outlined on the official government website HERE — including info on vaccine certificate requirements for each level (Red being most restricted), how to check your Covid-19 vaccination records (which are available now) and more community resources. Notably: "Businesses, events, organisations, community, and a range of sectors may legally choose to implement a vaccination entry requirement for customers. If a business, organisation or service does not wish to request proof of vaccine, they will have to operate with strict limits on capacity and space requirements. They may need to close in Orange and/or Red levels."

Today’s announcement featured excellent news for our struggling venues: "At orange – everything remains open, but because of vaccine certificates, all of the gathering limits currently in place for events, gatherings or hospitality can lift."

Our team welcomes the use of vaccination certificates in Aotearoa, as they will allow live events to happen under the safest conditions possible for those in our community most at risk from Covid-19. We encourage you to help protect yourself, friends and family by getting vaccinated if you haven’t done so already (our team is now all double vaccinated) — you can get the ball rolling by booking HERE.

Listen To Dream Chambers Ethereal Single Infinite Light

Annabel Kean / Photo credit: Wy Wakefield / Friday 22nd October, 2021 1:31PM


Tennessee via Aotearoa electronic artist and APRA award-winner Jess Chambers has unveiled expansive new single ‘Infinite Light‘, her latest creation under the Dream Chambers moniker. The extraterrestrial track is the first peek at her upcoming album The Longest Night, dropping next weekend on experimental imprint Sonorous Circle. Chambers explained ‘Infinite Light’ was "developed as a mantra to generate positive vibes" while touring throughout the Southern US, and was performed in Tennessee, Florida, Louisiana, North Carolina and Kentucky. Serving ethereal Björk energy and layers on layers of beat-driven synthesisers, the new cut is a tantalising glimpse of what’s to come on The Longest Night. Watch this space, and wrap yourself up in the club-ready buzz of ‘Infinite Light’…

Dream Chambers’ album ‘The Longest Night’ is out Thursday 28th October via Sonorous Circle.

Clap Clap Riot Drop New Single Mama

Chris Cudby
/ Friday 22nd October, 2021 12:58PM


Clap Clap Riot‘s recent single ‘It’s Alright‘ was a firecracker of a garage punk tune and they’ve followed up with arms in the air rock rager ‘Mama‘. A timely themed number about how avoiding issues solves absolutely zip, ‘Mama’ is a singalong anthem that’s sure to get crowds moving when the band finally hit local stages again in early February, under Aotearoa’s new traffic light Covid-19 Protection Framework for events. CCR’s Dave Rowland spilled the beans about the track: “It looks at the way we often try and avoid our problems by running away… It’s then about the realisation that we are better to come back to where we all started, and face these problems head on.”

Clap Clap Riot
‘Third Times A Charm’ Tour

Friday 4th February – Meow, Wellington
Saturday 5th February – Whammy, Auckland*
Friday 11th February – Blue Smoke, Christchurch*
Saturday 12th February – Dive, Dunedin*

Tickets available HERE via UTR*

‘Mama’ is out now via major streaming services.

French For Rabbits Share Single Video Walk The Desert

Annabel Kean / Photo credit: Emma Brittenden / Friday 22nd October, 2021 11:44AM


French For Rabbits share another delicious folk-pop morsel from their forthcoming third album The Overflow, complete with introvert mantras and Brooke Singer living her best sailor girl life. The fourth single shared ahead of the band’s November album release, FFR front person and songwriter Singer says new drop ‘Walk The Desert’ is their "biggest, most solid pop song, and I’m really proud of that". Where French For Rabbit’s last dreamy offering ‘The Outsider’ explored the private joys of being an introvert, ‘Walk The Desert’ is about bottling up big emotions and the feeling that "if someone asks if you’re alright, you know you’d burst into tears". French For Rabbit visual collaborators Martin Sagadin and Julian Vares deliver cinematic Canterbury scenes in the ‘Walk The Desert’ video, framing Singer on idyllic shores, a ramshackle row boat, and wandering betwixt maize and camomile. Just a few weeks to go before The Overflow, made with support from NZ On Air, is out in full — for now, enjoy ‘Walk The Desert’…

French for Rabbits’ album ‘The Overflow’ is out Friday 12th November via AAA records, Reckless Yes (UK) and A Modest Proposal (Italy).

Listen To bb gurls Debut Mixtape ttyl 3

Annabel Kean / Friday 22nd October, 2021 11:29AM


Tāmaki Makaurau transcore cyberpunk bb gurl (aka Che Ebrahim) distills digital pop-punk excellence on their smoking hot debut mixtape ttyl <3. Scene-stopping singles ‘spring bb’, ‘outta me’ (Bikini Kill cover), ‘get it get it’ and ‘msn ur luv (club mix)’ are in stunning company on the ten-track collection, with features from AP, Tei, Hans., Amamelia, Theia, Treenurse and Count Pignark (Skody Banks). Mostly self-produced and mixed, ttyl <3 also boasts co-production credits from JHL and album collaborators Amamelia and Count Pignark, with signature bb gurl cover art from Ryan Plaisance. Slip into the shimmering pop universe of bb girl’s latest drop ttyl <3…

bb gurl’s debut album ‘ttyl <3’ is out now on streaming services.

The Beths Announce New Dates For Whammy Residency Wellington Shows

Chris Cudby
/ Friday 22nd October, 2021 11:00AM


Aotearoa power-pop superstars The Beths have lined up all their ducks (or should we say pups?), revealing today brand new dates for both their epic run of Tāmaki Makaurau Whammy Bar residency gigs and their headline stint at Pōneke’s San Fran, including a new Friday night show (plus the all-ages gigs has changed locations from CoCA Massey). In what must have been a exceptionally nimble act of rescheduling jiu jitsu, the team of Elizabeth Stokes, Jonathan Pearce, Benjamin Sinclair and Tristan Deck will now be treating fans to their mega-catchy anthems in the summer month of January 2022 — all tickets remain valid and UTR ticket holders have been emailed direct with details (check your promotions and spam folders). You can experience a magical taste of what to look forward to with The Beths’ new concert film created by champs Sports Team, the band shared their excitement about their forthcoming shows…

"Honestly, when we finally get to play these shows… we are going to be very happy. The last few months have been a rollercoaster, and it’s been rough seeing the rest of 2021 crumble away. But next year is looking brighter and we can’t wait to play these songs for you.”

The Beths
w/ special guests

Friday 7th January – San Fran, Wellington [NEW SHOW / 18+]
Saturday 8th January – San Fran, Wellington [all ages matinee / 18+ late]
Tuesday 11th January – Whammy Bar, Auckland 

Wednesday 12th January – Whammy Bar, Auckland 
Thursday 13th January – Whammy Bar, Auckland  [sold out] 
Friday 14th January – Whammy Bar, Auckland [sold out]
Saturday 15th January – Whammy Bar, Auckland [sold out]

Tickets available HERE via UTR

Watch The Beths playing ‘Dying To Believe’ live at Auckland Town Hall…

Mild Orange Unveil Dreamy Single Video The Time Of Our Lives

Chris Cudby / Photo credit: Kenzie Pigman
/ Friday 22nd October, 2021 10:03AM


While we’re all perched on the edge of our seats waiting for news about the oncoming summer events season, Aotearoa’s Mild Orange keep spirits high with their starry-eyed new dream-pop anthem ‘The Time Of Our Lives‘. Stealing a page from the book of their earlier lo-fi hip hop jam ‘Getting Warmer‘ (featuring B.), the single sounds positively woozy as frontman / producer Josh Mehrtens reflects on seemingly distant times skateboarding in Japan, singing through a haze of shimmering guitars and crunchy beats. Starring skateboarder Kento Yoshioka and directed by Tomoyuki Kujirai, the nostalgic accompanying video brings those ideas to visual life as Yoshioka zooms through a cityscape frozen in time. Hugely popular live, Mild Orange will soon be treating audiences in the EU, UK and US to the panoramic new tune in January and February — check out those dates HERE and experience ‘The Time Of Our Lives’ below…

“My favourite skateboarder is Kento Yoshioka. He always looks like
he’s having fun and skates like he’s dancing in the street. Super unique style. So, like the lyrics in
the chorus, I asked the videographer / director Tomoyuki Kujirai on Instagram: "whatcha say, you
and I go for a ride, and have the time of our lives?", all in hopes of making an A to B skate video
in Japan for the song.

Tomoyuki was really keen to work on this, along with his film team at NION Films, and he asked
Kento to star in the video. He took it to another level. It was Tomoyuki’s idea to base the film
around photographs and memories, which is why you see the other small instances of beauty that
occur within these moments with the frozen extras cast. When you skate through the city, time
stands still and you enter a peaceful flow, you see the streets from a unique perspective. This film
captures that feeling.” – Josh Mehrtens

‘The Time Of Our Lives’ is out now via major streaming services.,,

Hollie Smith Shares New Album Coming In From The Dark Interview

Annabel Kean / Photo credit: Steve Dykes / Friday 22nd October, 2021 9:03AM


Five years, countless tours, collaborations, and a Shortland Street cameo later, Aotearoa powerhouse Hollie Smith returns with her fourth album Coming In From The Dark. Although her last solo outing was with 2016 collection Water Or Gold, Smith has been chipping away at the new album since before the last one was even released, giving the eleven songs on LP number four room to breathe, evolve, and even be transformed into New Zealand Symphony Orchestra productions. In addition to her work with composer Jeremy Mayall and the NZSO on the title track, ‘What About‘ and ‘YOU’, Hollie Smith invited first-class local talents Raiza Biza, Teeks and Sol3 Mio to contribute to Coming In From The Dark, calling on them when she felt a song needed their voices. The album has all the trimmings of a chart-topping Smith release, with gospel, hip-hop, soul and RnB elements expertly balanced against her own massive vocals and heart-bearing lyrics.

Amid the chaos of an album release week, Smith took some time to answer a few email questions from us, touching on success, the recording process, and how Coming In From The Dark is like your friendly, deep-thinking uncle. Peep her new tour dates below, and listen to her latest offering while you peruse our email Q and A…

Hollie Smith – Coming In From The Dark Tour

Thursday 18th November — Black Barn, Hawkes Bay

Thursday 25th November — The Playhouse, Nelson

Friday 26th November — Yonder, Queenstown

Sunday 28th November — The Loons, Christchurch

Friday 3rd December — TSB Theatre Royal, New Plymouth*

Sunday 5th December – Totara Street, Tauranga*

Wednesday 8th December — Meow, Wellington*

Sunday 19th December— Hollywood Theatre, Auckland

Tickets on sale HERE via UTR

*Tickets available via

Annabel Kean: Firstly, what a gorgeous album you’ve created. It’s been a little while between solo records — what sparked you to start writing it?

Hollie Smith: I started writing before the last album Water Or Gold released! It wasn’t a conscious break from music by any means, I’m just getting good at procrastination! I was doing lots of shows, tours and collabs etc and to be honest between that, procrastinating, being a bit lazy, life and enter Covid, 5 years flashes by!

If each of your albums were a different family member, who would Coming In From The Dark be to you?

Good question! Im not sure if should relate it to my family specific cause mine are all nuts! First thing to mind is the calm uncle, a deep thinker but always has a friendly smile and shiny eyes. Likes good conversation over a glass of wine.

Which tracks evolved the most over the writing and recording process?

With the addition of the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra, it changed the overall production aesthetic really. Even though they’re just on the three songs, I wanted to create some continuity throughout the whole album. Using strings and featured artists has changed the dynamic of my writing and production style. They’ve added a different tone and texture.

How did you choose who to collaborate with on this album? How did you link up with Raiza Biza, Teeks, Sol3 Mio, and the NZ Symphony Orchestra?

Very proud to say the the NZSO approached me after seeing me arranging some strings on a social media post! So was pretty amazing to see it come together with them. Teeks and I have worked together in the past and I adore his voice, so essentially just squeezed him in where I thought would work! When ‘What About’ was first "finished" I just thought it was missing something, I love Raiza’s flow & sent it through to see if he would dig. He did. Was stoked! Lastly Sol3 Mio – the final track is called ‘YOU’ and although some people might miss their parts (background vocals) I just wanted their big man voices on the outro, it’s like a medieval orgy mashup. It’s great.

How on earth did you write songs with an orchestra??? That’s too many people to jam on a track with.

Well I would love to say I have got to the point of writing symphonies, but alas. I had the songs established and came up with loose melodic ideas and from then I was incredibly lucky to have a friend and colleague Jeremy Mayall come on board to take on the mammoth task of arranging the orchestra parts to fit. He did so amazing. He also did the subsequent string quartet arrangements which I linked throughout some of the rest of album also.

I saw you posting about hearing yourself on hold music. How do you personally measure success? What will it take for you to feel like Coming In From The Dark is a "success" – or do you feel it already is?

Depends. Really cliché sounding but success is relevant to where you place it. I think it is a great piece of work which is a success. To see it as successful outside of that? I hope that people enjoy it, that they can relate to it & they listen and not push skip!
Success as a musician is a very ‘Chasing the Dragon’ situation.

Do you have a favourite song on Coming In From The Dark at the moment?

I can’t choose between by children, they are all equally beautiful and ugly. To be honest I haven’t listened for a while. It will change again then.

I love your openness and authenticity on social media. Do you enjoy that side of being an artist? I know some musicians find it really hard.

Nope. Super hard. I’ve been pretty lucky to be fair, in that I haven’t been attacked severely over anything, but then I am also super careful to avoid the topics where it can get ugly. I might tip toe around but I just don’t have the energy for the hate and it’s a crazy time — I understand the complexities of the subjects but I ain’t gonna ironically use Facebook as the soapbox.

Hollie Smith’s fourth solo album ‘Coming In From The Dark’ is out now on marbled green vinyl, CD, and streaming services.

Listen To The Crafts Self Titled Debut EP

Chris Cudby / Band photo supplied
/ Thursday 21st October, 2021 1:56PM


While live shows are currently on ice for all denizens of the super city, supernatural new forces are converging within Tāmaki Makaurau’s noisy underbelly. The Craft are the trio of E Bradfield (The Antony Edens, Trendees), P Wits and Josephine Frances K, conjuring a spine-tingling whirlpool of clattering percussion, feedback drenched guitars and distant yowls on their spellbinding four song debut collection. With titles like ‘4 square teatowel man’ and ‘girlboss’ you know they mean witchy business — The Craft may well be the pre-Halloween vibe you’ve been searching for…

Reb Fountain Announces New Dates For IRIS Release Tour

Annabel Kean / Thursday 21st October, 2021 12:32PM


On the one hand, it’s a bit of a kick in the shins every time a tour has to be postponed because of Covid, but on the other hand, it warms my heart to see the music industry putting public health and wellbeing first by pushing shows back to safer dates. Having released her new album IRIS at the start of the month, Reb Fountain‘s celebratory nationwide tour was set to kick off next Friday, but today we can share the brand new, safety first, summer reschedule. In the words of Fountain herself, "I LOVE live music; performing, the mosh pits, the eclectic venues, the camaraderie, the transformative experience WE share when we come together" – all wonderful things that can be your sweet reality come February 2022, when the award-winning folk-punk performer takes her band and exciting new songs on the road, hitting some of the country’s most beautiful venues in the height of summer.

Tickets already purchased are still fully valid, and a few bonus seats have opened up too for those who missed out the first time around. Catch up on the new dates below, and read what Reb had to say about the postponement here…

"We’re in this together folks.

I LOVE live music; performing, the mosh pits, the eclectic venues, the camaraderie, the transformative experience WE share when we come together. The band and I can’t wait to bring IRIS to you all – in order to do that, large events have to be viable and your safety and wellbeing has got to be at the fore, so we’re moving our album release tour to February 2022.

All tickets will remain valid and the good news is further seats have opened up so don’t despair it’s not sold out quite yet. I love you and miss you and am so looking forward to seeing you there.

I don’t want you to miss out on live entertainment. But more importantly, I want you and your loved ones to live. You will most likely need to be vaccinated to be part of the audience for these shows so please for the sake of yourselves and one another #vaxforlive.

x r"

Reb Fountain

IRIS Album Release Tour NZ

Thursday 10th February – Opera House, Wellington

Friday 18th February – The Civic, Auckland

Thursday 24th February – Isaac Theatre, Christchurch

Friday 25th February – Glenroy Auditorium, Dunedin

General public tickets available via Live Nation

Reb Fountain’s album ‘IRIS’ is out now via Flying Nun Records.

Press release:

The songs from IRIS will come to life in iconic New Zealand venues in February 2022. Reb and band – including Dave Khan, Earl Robertson, and Karin Canzek – have been astounding audiences around the country since the release of her criticality acclaimed, award-winning 2020 eponymous album.

Renowned for her spellbinding live performances, Reb’s IRIS tour is a show you don’t want to miss.

Book your passage, and join Reb Fountain and band for these exclusive performances, premiering her highly anticipated new album IRIS along with other favourite material.

Listen To Devils Gate Outfit Jazz from the Underground Nightclubs of Aotearoa Vol 5

Chris Cudby / Image credit: Julien Dyne
/ Thursday 21st October, 2021 12:29PM


Adventurous Aotearoa imprint Kiwijahzz continue to deliver the goods with the fifth volume of their treasure trove-like series Jazz from the Underground Nightclubs of Aotearoa. Recorded live just last month during their  ongoing residency at Pōneke’s Meow, the album showcases Devils Gate Outfit, a star-studded improvisational collective whose membership includes Anthony Donaldson, Steve Roche, David Donaldson, Cory Champion (aka Borrowed cs), Tom Callwood, Blair Latham and Daniel Beban (of Orchestra Of Spheres). Featuring "compositions inspired by Wellington’s rugged and volatile South coast" and adorned once again by Julien Dyne‘s colourful painted geometric abstractions, the masterful performances documented on Vol. 5 feel both solidly grounded in tradition and ready to take flight to explore new galaxies of sound — treat your ears to the tunes below…

Blue Mt Lumber Returns With Single St Lukes Freakout Tuesday 3pm

Chris Cudby
/ Thursday 21st October, 2021 10:59AM


Living in Tāmaki Makaurau, I can tell you I’m absolutely fiending for a mall adventure right now, if only to break up the housebound monotony of Alert Level 3. Helpfully Blue Mt Lumber aka Matthew McAuley (former Brains frontman and member of Emily Edrosa’s band) is here to remind us that the mall can totally suck with new single ‘St Lukes Freakout 3pm Tuesday‘, the Avondale-based artist’s first solo release in nine years. A hip-swivelling jam melding the no-wave / punk funk energy of ESG, Pylon or even The Rapture with contemporary Kmart vibrations, ‘St Lukes Freakout Tuesday 3pm’ keeps it snappy, detailing assorted bad buzz tales from suburban Aotearoa in under three minutes. Word on the street is EP number two 87 Give Up will be out soon, the long-awaited follow up to Blue Mt Lumber’s 2012 debut collection all of this was trees — listen here…

Lineup Announced For WOMAD NZ 2022 Festival

Chris Cudby
/ Wednesday 20th October, 2021 8:13PM


The WOMAD NZ team have overcome the significant challenge of assembling a world-class melting pot of genres while global travel restrictions are in place with this evening’s dazzling lineup unveiling. Joining previously announced headliners Shades of Shakti, Fat Freddy’s Drop, Deva Mahal and Avantdale Bowling Club are a bevy of adventurous talents from all about Aotearoa, including such drawcards as Te Whanganui-a-Tara supergroup Fly My Pretties, neo-soul songwriting icon Hollie Smith (whose new album is out this Friday), festival favourites Salmonella Dub, 2021 Taite Music Prize finalist Ria Hall and music / comedy household names Topp Twins. WOMAD is all about treating your ears to a kaleidoscope of fresh sounds and styles — aiding attendees on their musical journey will be Acopollinations (Bulgarian vocal), Bobby Mukai (DJ), Carnivorous Plant Society (Cinematic Jazz), IPU Kodama Japanese Drum Team (Drum Troupe), Latinaotearoa (Latin soul funk), Lord Echo (DJ), Niko Ne Zna (Balkan gypsy), SWÂMP THÏNG (Americana blues & roots), Weird Together (World fusion beats) and Yaw Asumadu and Ozi Ozaa (Afrofunk).

There’s be even more options to check out on the World of Words Stage, now also featuring internet funster and best selling author Tom Sainsbury (New Zealanders A Field Guide) along with Dick Frizzell, plus there’ll be more to revealed for that zone and the OMV STEAM Lab (featuring Dr Siouxsie Wiles), Taste The World, Kidzone, and Te Pae Pae programmes in the weeks ahead. We are absolutely hankering for diverse live music experiences right now, WOMAD NZ 2022 is primed to deliver the goods at New Plymouth’s TSB Bowl of Brooklands at Pukekura Park from 18th to 20th March — tuck into the updated details right here…


Friday 18th March to Sunday 20th March – New Plymouth, TSB Bowl of Brooklands, Pukekura Park

Featuring… Shades of Shakti, Fat Freddy’s Drop, Deva Mahal, Avantdale Bowling Club, Topp Twins, Salmonella Dub, Ria Hall, Hollie Smith, Fly My Pretties, Tom Sainsbury, Dick Frizzell, Dr Siouxsie Wiles, Acopollinations, Bobby Mukai (DJ), Carnivorous Plant Society, IPU Kodama Japanese Drum Team , Latinaotearoa, Lord Echo (DJ), Niko Ne Zna, SWÂMP THÏNG, Weird Together, Yaw Asumadu and Ozi Ozaa + more to be announced

Earlybird tickets are on sale now at

Aotearoa Level 2 Gigs For The Weekend

Chris Cudby / Image: DARTZ / Photo credit: Vanessa Cone
/ Wednesday 20th October, 2021 1:39PM


We’re stoked to help spread the word that seated live shows are currently flourishing throughout Aotearoa, as displayed in our happily stacked latest UTR weekend gigs roundup (which seems to be getting bigger every week). Highlights include party punks DARTZ in Napier, the second round of Palmerston North’s all-ages Swampfest events, John Halvorsen‘s (Gordons / Skeptics / Bailterspace) solo project Vörsen, the grand opening of Wellington’s Herb’s Mobile Records store and a whole lot more. Under Alert Level 2, gigs are no longer capped at a specific number of attendees but social distancing and mask-wearing is still required — check out the updated Level 2 guidelines for bars HERE and for events / entertainment HERE.

Friday 22nd October

DARTZ – The Cabana, Napier, tickets available HERE
Freedom: A Queer Dance Party! – Spaceship, Hastings, tickets available HERE
SwampFest w/ Polaroids of Polarbears, Stoker, Palotatia – The Stomach, Palmerston North, tickets available HERE
In The Shallows – Space Studio & Gallery, Whanganui

Motoko Kikkawa Performance Residency – Pyramid Club, Wellington, tickets available HERE
Uptakes – Hashigo Zake, Wellington

Symbiotic Metal Fest (Day 1 – Black, Doom, Death) – Valhalla, Wellington

Haight Ashbury Festival – Wellington (Online)

Rubi Du And Pollyhill (Nelson Arts Festival) – East Street Cafe, Nelson

Flavio Plays Frahm (Nelson Arts Festival) – Nelson Centre of Musical Arts, Nelson

Jan Preston – The Playhouse Theatre and Restaurant, Mapua

James Hunter – Wunderbar, Lyttelton, tickets available HERE
Sam Bambery And The Sucrose Kids – Space Academy, Christchurch, tickets available HERE

Saturday 23rd October

A Studio Like Session With Laughing In Bedlam – Level 13, Rotorua
Heavy Grooves Night – Paisley Stage, Napier
In The Shallows – Common Good, New Plymouth, tickets available HERE
SwampFest21 w/ shannengeorgriapetersen, Arbiter, Luci Night Train – The Stomach, Palmerston North, tickets available HERE
Vörsen – Snails, Palmerston North, tickets available HERE
The Dark Eighties – Moon1, Wellington, tickets available HERE
Limbo Carnival – Hashigo Zake, Wellington
Symbiotic Metal Fest (Day 2 – Afternoon – Hardcore, Grind) – Valhalla, Wellington
Symbiotic Metal Fest (Day 2 – Evening – Slam, Core, Tech, Heavy) – Valhalla, Wellington
Herb’s Mobile Records Grand Opening – Parrotdog Bar, Wellington
Soundtracks From The Silver Screen (Nelson Arts Festival) – Nelson Centre of Musical Arts, Nelson
Darryl Baser And Daniel Madill Together And Alone – Wunderbar, Christchurch
Ferby, So Queasy, Junus Orca, Toyota – Arts Centre, Christchurch
Monty Bevins – Pigeon Bay Hall, Banks Peninsula

Sunday 24th October

Miss Leading, Zoul Music – Level 13, Rotorua, tickets available HERE
Lucien Johnson Quartet (Nelson Arts Festival) – Nelson Centre of Musical Arts, Nelson

Reb Fountain (Nelson Arts Festival) – Theatre Royal, Nelson

Monty Bevins – Cassels Blue Smoke, Christchurch, tickets available HERE
Layaround, Lafayette Hudson, Too Woke For Toast, Papa Odyssey – darkroom, Christchurch, tickets available HERE
Babies Of 1951 – Dunedin Folk Club, Dunedin

Full info available over on our UTR Gig Guide HERE

Check out DARTZ’s already classic 2020 clip for ‘1 OUTS CAPTAIN COOK’…

Kody Nielson Shares Single ERICAS BIRTHDAY

Chris Cudby
/ Wednesday 20th October, 2021 9:45AM


Two new releases from Kody Nielson (Silicon, Opossum, The Mint Chicks) in the same week is a reason to rejoice. The Taite Music Prize winner casually revealed on Monday that a sequel to his 2018 synth-classical masterpiece Birthday Suite is launching soon along with lead track ‘HUNNYBEE’S BIRTHDAY‘, and now we’re already treated to single number two ‘ERICA’S BIRTHDAY‘. Showcasing twelve instrumentals recorded in tribute to friends and whānau, the playfully arranged, time-warping electronics of Birthday Suite in many ways anticipated the present-day popularity of Canadian synthesist Mort Garson — Plantasia fans should find much to enjoy if they haven’t listened already. The new track evokes to these ears heartstring-tugging themes to melodramatic daytime television programmes, library music and woozy space disco — listen up to ‘ERICA’S BIRTHDAY’ and stay tuned for more emerging details on Birthday Suite Vol. II

Listen To The Melancholies Self Titled Debut EP

Annabel Kean / Tuesday 19th October, 2021 3:07PM


Like a fine wine or Highland scotch, shoegaze fiends The Melancholies have waited for the perfect moment to bottle their debut EP, dropping progress reports here and there since debut single ‘Cute Aggression‘ hit the airwaves in 2018. Now freshly corked and primed for imbibing, the Ōtepoti via Orewa duo share all four tracks on The Melancholies, a collection of devilishly dark synth-pop — mixed, mastered and co-produced by Aaron Short (The Naked And Famous). Bandmates Holly Coogan and Tom Young (Leisure) sing in distorted unison throughout the EP, draped across the spacey percussion of newly released ethereal electronic opener ‘Love Herself’ and dark, driving depths of Cool Magic’s stripped-back bass and drums. The Melancholies are bringing the moody Halloween energy that October desperately needs, let their debut collection spookify your day…

‘The Melancholies’ debut EP is out now via major streaming services.

Blue River Baby Share Single Green Cones

Annabel Kean / Tuesday 19th October, 2021 12:54PM


Purveyors of slick licks and mellow grooves, Pōneke’s Blue River Baby step into the spotlight with ‘Green Cones’, the second single from their forthcoming 2022 sophomore album. The six-piece set an unreal scene on the new dub track, describing it as "a cheeky smokey daydream that floats us over the weight of others expectations", with killer summery horns punching in through the chorus and bridge, and bubbly, lilting vocals from lead singer Marie Thomson. ‘Green Cones’ sees the band expanding their collaborative horizons too, bringing on Toby Lloyd (Shapeshifter, Hollie Smith, Rob Ruha) for production duties and Chris Chetland for mastering.

Known for their high energy live shows, the latest Blue River Baby tunes land in plenty of time for sweltering days and sun-soaked festivals. This December the eclectic crew are hitting the stage at Sanctuary Sounds Music Festival in Hawkes Bay as part of the 30 act line up across three stunner days. Catch up on the new BRBB, and find out how to catch them live…

Sanctuary Sounds Music Festival

Friday 3rd December – Takapau, Hawkes Bay

Tickets available HERE via UTR

Blue River Baby’s sophomore album is due out next year via FireFlower Records.

Listen To Thagomizers Synth From The Dawn Of Time EP

Chris Cudby
/ Tuesday 19th October, 2021 12:42PM


Named after the spiky end on the tail of a Stegosaurus, enigmatic Te Whanganui-a-Tara electronic producer Thagomizer has unleashed Synth From The Dawn Of Time, a four track contribution to the little known but rapidly expanding ‘Dino Synth‘ micro genre (which looks to have spun out from the burgeoning online Dungeon Synth community). Listeners may actually feel like they’re a huge prehistoric beast lumbering through the jungles of Pangea when such scene-setting instrumentals as ‘Unequivocal Size’, ‘Apex Herbivore’, ‘March Of The Sauropods’ and ‘The Bone Wars’ hit their earholes, but you won’t need a brain the size of a walnut to grasp the exceptionally vibey, Harryhausen-like appeal of the collection. Peer through time’s eerie mists to experience Thagomizer’s own spin on the idea of Jurassic jams below…

Current Bias Drops Single Manic Signals

Chris Cudby / Cover Design: Thomas Johnston
/ Tuesday 19th October, 2021 11:22AM


Te Whanganui-a-Tara / Boorloo Boodja (Perth) electronic artist Current Bias‘ 2020 Coming Around EP was a head-spinning delight when it dropped via always innovative local imprint Related Articles late last year. There’s been a steady stream of releases from producer Jackie Jenkins since then, whose latest release ‘Manic Signals‘ heralds this coming Saturday’s launch of four track collection Woes Of Subjectivity. Prompting visions of a future-friendly club of the mind while Aotearoa’s nightlife is essentially on ice, the single’s frantic energy is a teeth-rattling teaser for the conceptually driven new EP, set to be ushered into reality with a Twitch launch party.

The accompanying liner notes for Woes Of Subjectivity state: "This EP takes a look at how one mediates between the core self, the peers around them, and the encompassing broader world.

With a plethora of knowledge available, old and new, how does the self emotionally rationalise with the multiple streams of information presented to us? At what point do objectivity and subjectivity blur to become indistinguishable, and to what intention does the media and its author mean to influence? To those around us, collectively we are lucky to strum critical discourse, otherwise we remain lost in our woes."

‘Woes Of Subjectivity’ releases on Saturday 23rd October.

UTR Promoter App New Improved Better Than Ever

Annabel Kean / C.C. / Tuesday 19th October, 2021 9:22AM


As Aotearoa takes baby steps towards restriction-free gig-going, we took the wee lull in live shows to create a bunch of essential updates to our official UTR Promoter App — that’s the app you see the door person use to scan your tickets at shows. The fresh version features new software tech that makes it run a whole lot faster and smoother no matter what the capacity, whether you’re using Android, iOS or even scanning with an iPad. This means speedy queues whether you’re seeing your favourite band at jam-packed festivals like The Others Way or Obey The Riff, or catching a local gem for an intimate Wine Cellar stand-and-sway.

The new edition of the UTR promoter app still does all the usual handy stuff like keeping an up to the moment record of ticket sales and attendees, and making on the night ticket scanning incredibly easy and user friendly. Now it’s a whole lot faster, and will be emerging from lockdown with a hot new look — inspiring!

For all you promoter types, update the app now (the new version is 2.0) and check out the fresh fit while you’re planning your next amazing gig and / or nationwide tour…

Android users
can download the promoter app HERE

iOS users can download the new version of the promoter app HERE

Please note the UTR promoter app is for show organisers — if you’re a ticket holder you’ll be wanting our all-in-one UTR app [available right HERE]

Kody Nielson Unveils Single HUNNYBEES BIRTHDAY Announces New Album

Chris Cudby / Monday 18th October, 2021 2:05PM


Silicon prime mover Kody Nielson‘s 2018 solo album Birthday Suite was a synth-soaked classic, featuring twelve tunes recorded in tribute to friends and whānau. The enigmatic 2016 Taite Music Prize winner has thrilled fans with this afternoon’s announcement that Birthday Suite Vol. II is on the way, heralded by lush lead single ‘HUNNYBEE’S BIRTHDAY‘ — a cinematic funk / soul / fusion instrumental masterpiece you can stream below. No release date info for the record has been revealed yet, but you can presently cast your eyeballs upon a stylish selection of Nielson-designed t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts and more over on his website while we wait for more news to emerge…

Listen To Bruce Russell and Jeff Hendersons Sting Like A Bee

Chris Cudby
/ Monday 18th October, 2021 1:29PM


Champions of Aotearoa experimental and "out there" music / sound, The Dead C‘s Bruce Russell and sax titan Jeff Henderson recently got in the ring (aka Tāmaki’s The Wine Cellar) to create a squalling half hour number named ‘Sting Like a Bee‘. Described by Russell on his Bandcamp page as "One of the things I’ve done in the last five years that I’m most proud of", the gloriously noisy free-roaming duet was recorded live during Audio Foundation‘s 2018 Nowhere! Festival, helping pave the way for both artists’ work in Aotearoa Snuff Jazz Sextet. There’s a full album from that uncompromising unit (whose membership has also included Nick Harte, Matt Middleton, Reuben Derrick and Tom Callwood) on the horizon via Actions for Free Jazz — give your earholes a pleasant pummelling in the meantime with Russell and Henderson’s ‘Sting Like A Bee’ below…

Listen To Skymning x Totems On My Job Lost In Thought

Chris Cudby / Design: Charlie (OPI)
/ Monday 18th October, 2021 11:47AM


Following last week’s contemplative double drop of ‘Te Pō​ / ​Lost a Friend‘, Tāmaki Makaurau electronic producer Skymning has shared a collaborative track created with hugely missed Bankrupt Records co-founder Totems aka Reuben Samuel Winter (Milk), who passed away last September aged 26. Cutting out suddenly at the 2:41 mark, ‘On My Job‘ was the final tune the friends worked on together — a slamming slice of juke built around UK rapper J Hus’ line "I was in a bad mood until I smoked on a bud" (from his single ‘Deeper Than Rap‘). The story of how the track came to be made (including illuminations into Winter’s creative process) and Skymning’s feelings around its release can be found over on the artist’s Bandcamp page, along with shimmering solo breakbeat-driven reflection ‘Lost in Thought‘. We encourage you to read the thoughtful piece, here’s a brief excerpt…

"the file had been called ‘bad schmood’ but after reuben’s death i didn’t want the song to be called that anymore. i still loved the tune, loved the sample, it’s funny to me. that’s why i chose it. but i didn’t want those words slapped on the last thing we did. the other part of the sample j hus says ‘i’m so on my job that i sleep in the lab’. and that’s reuben. boy was on job. every fucking day. working relentlessly at whatever project interested him at the time. and that’s how i’ll remember him." — read Skymning’s liner notes for ‘On My Job’ HERE.

‘On My Job’ is out now via major streaming services. Skymning’s new album RELENTLESS launches on 13th November.

MusicHelps offer a 24/7 Wellbeing Service – an online, on the phone (tollfree 0508MUSICHELP) and in-person counselling service provided free of charge to those that make live or recorded music possible in Aotearoa. For more info head along here.

If you are concerned about yourself or a friend please reach out to Lifeline at 0800 543 354.

Hollie Smith Announces New Dates For Coming In From The Dark Tour

Chris Cudby
/ Monday 18th October, 2021 10:28AM


Hollie Smith‘s long-awaited new album Coming In From The Dark is launching this Friday, the iconic songwriter’s first solo long player since 2016. With Aotearoa’s live gig scene presently in a state of flux due to Covid restrictions, Smith is putting safety first and has announced her forthcoming release tour has shifted to the planned contingency dates, now beginning at Hawkes Bay’s Black Barn in mid-November and wrapping up at Tāmaki Makaurau’s opulent Hollywood Theatre just before Christmas. In a video shared yesterday over on her Facebook page, Smith said she was "really gutted" to have to reschedule and assured fans all tickets remain valid, with "same venues, same cities", plus that if any further Covid-related curveballs emerge the tour will pushed back a bit more, but the shows are definitely still happening. She also reminded prospective punters that venues will likely have vaccination policies in place by the time of the tour. You can check out the new dates below, and support the artist by pre-ordering the new album and / or some swish merch (including beanies and socks) over at her website here — all UTR ticket holders have been emailed with details (check your promotions and spam folders)

Hollie Smith – Coming In From The Dark Tour

Thursday 18th November — Black Barn, Hawkes Bay

Thursday 25th November — The Playhouse, Nelson

Friday 26th November — Yonder, Queenstown

Sunday 28th November — The Loons, Christchurch

Friday 3rd December — TSB Theatre Royal, New Plymouth*

Sunday 5th December – Totara Street, Tauranga*

Wednesday 8th December — Meow, Wellington*

Sunday 19th December— Hollywood Theatre, Auckland

Tickets on sale HERE via UTR

*Tickets available via

Experience the official lyric video for Hollie Smith’s ‘Ko te hīnātoretanga’ from Coming In From The Dark, featuring New Zealand Symphony Orchestra…

Listen To TV2s TVHB Regional Network Album

Chris Cudby / Friday 15th October, 2021 2:01PM


Dreaming of exciting and exotic places practically right on your doorstep? Aotearoa signalwave artist TV2 has the answer for you with TVHB Regional Network, reimagining the central North Island region of Hawkes Bay / Te Matau-a-Māui as a fantastically enticing destination, rendered via a lovingly assembled audio collage of vintage promo material. Seemingly largely sourced from the ’80s and ’90s, our UTR research team tracked down a former Hawkes Bay resident who was bowled over by the flood of nostalgic sensations provoked by the six track collection. Both fun for casual listening and a compelling historical document of a bygone age, put some pep in your step with the chintzy tunes and dreamy vibes of TVHB Regional Network, the sequel to 2020’s Canterbury-themed collection Live From The CTV Building (also featured below)…

Michael Llewellyn Drops Debut Album Oh My Darling

Annabel Kean / Friday 15th October, 2021 1:01PM


For Michael Llewellyn‘s debut album Oh My Darling, the songwriter drew from his Taranaki Maunga surroundings and the sting of post break up blues. Also dealing with the literal lasting pain of a nasty neck injury, Llewellyn found a salve in picking up his guitar and writing an entire album, at one point penning 16 songs in one month. Out now, Oh My Darling sounds like it’s been warming up in the spring sun, with just a faint scar or two left of the physical and emotional pain it’s born from. Pre-released singles ‘Time it ain’t easy’, ‘Whangamata’ and ‘Another Guy’ signposted the earnest, acoustic, tones of the album, with new tracks like ‘Sunny Dayzzz’ and ‘Lady Bug’ laying bare Llewellyn’s soft spot for Leonard Cohen and The Velvet Underground. Oh My Darling was recorded in a "shoebox bedroom" amid a sea of guitar leads, mixed by Toby Lloyd
and mastered by Chis Chetland. Catch Llewellyn and his backing band The Darlings throughout the North Island this month and next — dates and details here…

Michael Llewellyn & The Darlings

supported for all dates by Violet Hirst

Saturday 30th October – Meow, Wellington

Friday 5th November – Leigh Sawmill Cafe, Leigh w/ Mini Simmons*

Saturday 6th November – Whammy Backroom, Auckland w/ Mini Simmons*

Thursday 11th November – Ahu Ahu Beach Villas, Oakura*

Friday 12th November – Common Room, Hastings*

Saturday 13th November – Dome Cinema, Gisborne w/ Seaver*

*Tickets available HERE via UTR

Michael Llewellyn’s debut album ‘Oh My Darling’ is out now on streaming services.

Listen To Greg Malcolms New Album Just Like Jim

Chris Cudby
/ Friday 15th October, 2021 12:44PM


Ōtautahi experimental guitar figurehead Greg Malcolm has a new long player out today courtesy of Ilam Press Records, in partnership with Christchurch Art Gallery Te Puna o Waiwhetu. Entitled Just Like Jim, the nine track instrumental offering was performed entirely using "a 1950s Hofner archtop guitar he inherited from his late grandfather, Jim Spence", recorded live by Jeff Henderson in mid-2020 at Tāmaki Makaurau’s Audio Foundation. Masterfully traversing a variety of styles including traditional rembetika and klezmer music, Just Like Jim offers listeners an accessible portal into Malcolm’s inimitable world of sound. Ilam Press Records’ limited vinyl LP edition looks to be a drool-worthy object to cherish in its own right too — designed by Luke Wood, packaged with a large format 8-page booklet "containing extensive liner-notes by Greg Malcolm and Bruce Russell", and topped off with a bespoke screen-printed cover. Lucky Wellingtonians have the chance to catch Malcolm performing an intimate seated set tonight at Pyramid Club, we strongly advise you grab presales while they’re available…

Greg Malcolm Album Release

Friday 15th October – Pyramid Club, Wellington

Tickets available HERE via UTR

The Broken Heartbreakers Unveil Single Video Were All Looking Up

Annabel Kean / Photo credit: Alex Lovell-Smith / Friday 15th October, 2021 11:01AM


Huge news day for those partial to the lovely folk stylings of The Broken Heartbreakers — the Ōtepoti five-piece have signed to Nadia Reid‘s hometown label Slow Time Records, announced their fifth studio album Imagine If We Could Just Keep Driving is on the way, and shared lush lead single ‘We’re All Looking Up’. Band members Rachel Bailey, John Guy Howell, Craig Monk, Angus McBryde and Paul McLennan-Kissel have brewed a honey-toned blend of uplifting acoustic and electric guitar, violin and viola on the new song, an ode to Kapukataumahaka (Mount Cargill) and the community that hums below it. Kristina Simons (aka Tina Turntables) captures the spirit of Kapukataumahaka and ‘We’re All Looking Up’ in her hypnotising patchwork visuals, crowd sourcing pics of mugs, tea cups and the vivid Ōtepoti sunset. The Broken Heartbreakers tour Te Waka a Māui this month, with a hometown show tonight in the very community the song was written for. See where you can catch the band live below, and enjoy the bubbly new track ‘We’re All Looking Up’…

The Broken Heartbreakers
‘We’re All Looking Up’ Single Release Tour

Friday 15th October – Pioneer Hall, Port Chalmers [sold out]
Sunday 31st October – Nga Maara Hall, Dunedin [matinee, all ages show]

Friday 19th November – Grainstore Gallery, Oamaru

Saturday 20th November – Grainstore Gallery, Oamaru [duo matinee performance]

Tickets available HERE via UTR

The Broken Heartbreakers’ fifth studio album ‘Imagine If We Could Just Keep Driving’ is out 2022 on Slow Time Records.

Luke Buda Shares New Solo Album BUDA

Chris Cudby
/ Friday 15th October, 2021 10:42AM


It’s been thirteen years since his previous solo record, but plenty of sonic adventures in-between, as The Phoenix Foundation co-founder Luke Buda unveils his new album to the world. Unabashedly big-hearted and panoramic in scope, the Te Whanganui-a-Tara songwriter serves up a ten sparkling songs on BUDA, including current radio hit ‘Who Would Want To Be Lonely‘, cinematic lead track ‘Here Comes The Wind‘, lovely dream-pop confection ‘Candy‘ and previously teased contemplative cut ‘Don’t Think In Bed‘. A small army of special guests dropped by Buda’s studio to lend their own magic touches, including Don McGlashan, Fat Freddys Drop’s Joe Lindsay and Toby Laing, Riki Gooch, all the members of The Phoenix Foundation, novelist Damien Wilkins (who wrote lyrics for three songs) and Anita Clark aka Motte — who contributes backing vocals to every track.

Channeling the spirit of timeless guitar pop while sounding fresh like an ocean breeze, Buda conversely doesn’t flinch from tackling the thornier aspects of everyday life on the record, as such highly relatable titles as ‘I’m A Bit Out Of Shape’, ‘My Naked Body’ and ‘Brain Jail’ (featuring the line: "Forgot my levy to the ACC / And now they’re coming after me")
suggest. Adorned with an iconic cover image of Buda paying respect to his Polish roots, the record is indeed a spellbinding journey from top to tail, gathering together what may well be his finest tunes to date. Listen below and help support the artist (whose launch tour has been postponed due to Covid, new dates to be announced) by copping some snazzy merch over on his Bandcamp page here

"I worked on it for about two years, and it has been finished for about two years, so it is with a great big sigh of relief that I finally pushed this baby out.

There’s a lot of different sounds and vibes and also many of the assorted human feels inside the record. It’s fun to listen to it on headphones!" — Luke Buda

‘BUDA’ is out now digitally, on vinyl LP and compact disc over on Luke Buda’s Bandcamp page HERE.

Don McGlashan Announces New Dates For Album Release Tour

Chris Cudby / Photo credit: Diane Smithers
/ Friday 15th October, 2021 9:00AM


With a new solo album on the horizon and venues across Aotearoa presently operating under various alert level restrictions, Aotearoa music icon Don McGlashan (Blam Blam Blam, The Mutton Birds) has announced his keenly awaited nationwide release tour has been rescheduled to early 2022. Featuring contributions from live bandmates / all-stars The Others — aka Shayne P Carter (Straitjacket Fits, Dimmer), Chris O’Connor (SJD, Phoenix Foundation) and James Duncan (SJD, Dimmer) — Bright November Morning will will now launch in late February 2022, to be followed by a bevy of headline events across the nation in March and April. Time-twisting lead track ‘Now’s The Place’ saw McGlashan reunite with his fellow Front Lawn bandmate Harry Sinclair on co-songwriting duties. He’s confirmed more great singles are indeed on the way, encouraging all to get vaccinated and look after each other during these hectic times…

"Hi all. We announced the Bright November Morning release and tour early, thinking that within weeks the restrictions might be lifted, but things haven’t played out as we’d hoped. After a lot of thought, we’ve reluctantly decided to postpone the tour and the album release. We’ve rebooked the release for late Feb 2022, and the tour for March and April. We hope you can join us then. Please stay safe everyone. Get vaccinated, and take care of each other. Watch this space; we’ll be releasing singles and giving updates on the album release." — Don McGlashan

UTR proudly presents…

Don McGlashan & The Others

Bright November Morning
Rescheduled Tour Dates:

Thursday 31st March – Hastings, Opera House

Friday 1st April – Palmerston North, The Globe Theatre*
Saturday 2nd April – Wellington, Opera House

Thursday 7th April – Nelson, Theatre Royal

Friday 8th April – Christchurch, James

Saturday 9th April – Dunedin, Glenroy Auditorium

Wednesday 13th April – Hamilton, The Meteor Theatre*
Thursday 14th April – Auckland, Powerstation

Saturday 16th April – Leigh, Sawmill Café*

*Tickets available HERE via UTR
Tickets available via

All UTR ticket holders have been emailed with details (check your promotions and spam folders)