Daffodils Announce Stay The Night Release Tour with The Lazy Eyes Aus

Chris Cudby / Photo credit: Tom Grut
/ Wednesday 29th June, 2022 8:40AM


Having launched their sparkling new Stay The Night EP into the universe just over a week ago, Tāmaki Makaurau’s Daffodils have announced a five date release tour of Aotearoa, joined for the ride by special guests from Sydney The Lazy Eyes. Produced by Jol Mulholland and feeling not unlike the swoony and epic closing credits music to a half-remembered teen supernatural melodrama, the EP’s title track is currently sitting comfortably in the number 18 spot on the Hot 20 NZ Single Chart. Invited by MP for Auckland Central Chloe Swarbrick to perform at the opening of her Karangahape Road office last year, the guitar-pop foursome of Theodore Spike Salmon, Jade Bryham, Louis Graham and Isaac Keating recently jumped the ditch for dates in Sydney and Melbourne, and played packed-out local gigs earlier this month with fellow rising stars There’s A Tuesday. Don’t miss Daffodils in long-awaited celebration of their new five song collection alongside The Lazy Eyes, who are playing their first ever Aotearoa tour following the launch of debut album SongBook — be sure to snap up tickets for these special events when they go on sale this Thursday…

‘We’re so stoked to be finally touring and playing live for our fans right across NZ. We’re really proud of our new EP and cannot wait to play it live for you all! See you there!” – Daffodils.

UnderTheRadar proudly presents…

Daffodils – Stay The Night Tour
with special guests The Lazy Eyes

Tuesday 23rd August- The Sherwood, Tāhuna / Queenstown

Wednesday 24th August – Dive Bar, Ōtepoti / Dunedin

Thursday 25th August – Loons Bar, Ōtautahi / Christchurch
Friday 26th August – The Hollywood, Avondale, Tāmaki Makaurau / Auckland

Saturday 27th August – Meow, Pōneke / Wellington*

General public tickets available via UTR from 9am, Thursday 30th June

*Wellington tickets available via moshtix.co.nz from from 9am, Thursday 30th June

Experience the video for the title track to Stay The Night…

Check out the clip for The Lazy Eyes’ ‘Fuzz Jam’ from their new album SongBook…


Interview Oliver Tree Elemental Nights 2022

Henessey Griffiths / C.C. / Photo credit: Jimmy Fontaine
/ Tuesday 28th June, 2022 12:45PM


US songwriter and cyberspace star Oliver Tree is playing his first ever Aotearoa headline event in July at Auckland Town Hall, as part of the jam-packed Elemental Nights 2022 winter festival. Promising fans an anything-goes extravaganza including "motivational speaking, storytelling, comedy, performance art, scooter stunts, WWF wrestling, even some belly dancing," Tree got on the blower with Henessey Griffiths for an insightful chat — delving into Tree’s recent shift from dance-pop-punk to country, the relationship between his larger than life image and personal music, Tree’s mad scooter skills, and the pair’s shared dislike for infamous YouTuber Logan Paul. You can catch Oliver Tree on the 25th for Elemental Nights, also starring Jungle, Dope Lemon, Nadia Reid, Diggy Dupé, Mura Masa and more, for full lineup details and ticket info head over HERE.

Oliver Tree – Elemental Nights 2022
Monday 25th July – Auckland Town Hall
For complete tour and ticket information, visit: elementalnights.com & livenation.co.nz

Henessey Griffiths: Kia ora Oliver! Thank you for taking the time out to talk to us, how has your day been going so far?

Oliver Tree: Doing pretty good. Just doing meetings and stuff, nothing too exciting. I’m getting all dolled up here because I’m gonna go film a TV show. It should be exciting for me but I can’t say too much, but it’s good.

I’ve seen that you’ve been real hectic on the festival circuit at the moment, how have all your live shows been going?

They’ve been going pretty good. One of my shows, my band got stuck in the Mexico border, and we rented them a private jet to come to the event but they came five minutes before we finished. Pretty much a nightmare scenario, I hired one guy off the street to play piano, and then I brought in another drummer somewhere else, and it was a disaster. But besides that it’s been smooth sailing.

Nice, cause I saw a video of you online and you were absolutely shredding it on your scooter and it looked sick.

Yeah, I got some mad moves.

You made major waves with your 2020 album Ugly is Beautiful, and that’s where we got to learn more about who Oliver Tree is. I was really surprised to hear that within your new album Cowboy Tears that you took a more country route. I think it played out really well, was this genre shift a natural progression for you, or something you intended on doing?

For me, it was super organic. It was just getting in touch with my roots. I grew up every year going to my grandparents’ ranch, and I know a lot of people don’t know this, but my grandfather was a cowboy, and his grandfather was a cowboy, so it was part of my lineage. Obviously I’m a city slicker and not the traditional cowboy, but I grew up on the ranch feeding the animals. During Covid, I ended up spending some time out there after Ugly is Beautiful came out and I had retired officially from music. It was just the organic thing, after working everyday on the ranch, I just was noodlin’ around on my grandfather’s acoustic guitar and started writing music. Some of the songs I loved so much I thought, “I might as well share this”. It wasn’t something that I intended to do at all.

I feel like a lot of people tend to rag on country music, but it’s generally a genre filled with so much emotion and pain and sorrow; and that definitely seems like a big theme for your album. Was it a cathartic feeling of making the album? Did it feel good to express all those emotions and get it out there?

A hundred percent. For me, I don’t go to therapy, my art is my therapy. I’m sure it’s healthy for everyone to go to therapy, but for me, I’m really grateful I have that place where I can really let it all out, really put my soul into something and turn my negative energy into something positive that I can share with the world. I feel really lucky to have something like that.

I feel like with this album there’s a certain vulnerability to it that I don’t feel like we’ve seen from you before. What would you say is your biggest take away from this whole experience?

For me, it was that I could totally change things up and ultimately I think that a lot of my fans felt like I turned on them. But the truth is that I’m not here to pander to anybody, I’m gonna do whatever the hell I want. So it felt good that I could just do whatever I wanted, and even though when I told my fans I was doing a country album they said “boo, keep it, we don’t want it,” then when ‘Cowboys Don’t Cry’ came out, the first single, people really loved it. It was actually the biggest first release that I had for the first couple of weeks, so it was pretty exciting to see that I could do whatever the hell I want, I could switch it up and people could either learn to appreciate it, leave or embrace it and be stoked on it. I got a wide range of responses… I think the core fan base and the people that are really about it, they mostly stand behind it. The truth is that if they couldn’t, they could go back and see all the stuff I did with that first character in that first album. I released music for years and wore that stupid outfit for five years. There’s a lot of content and interviews that they can go watch if that’s what they’re looking for.

You obviously have such a distinct image that a lot of people would describe as pretty “memey”, especially as we’re living in an age of the attention economy where memes are a form of cultural currency. Do you think that your image of Oliver Tree beforehand is a blessing or a curse in a way?

I would say it’s a blessing. No one ever listened to my music before. It was just a means to an end, a vehicle to pull people to my music. I spent 10 years making music, and no one gave a shit. So it was a blessing to get people to finally pay attention to the art, and see my life’s work. A lot of people didn’t know ‘that guy’ made music, they just thought it was a meme first, and a musician second, but really it was the other way around. It was a really good strategy to pull people, so it was a blessing for sure.

The fact that you still have a dedicated fan base who are supporting you even if you’re going down a different route with your music and style, it’s very limitless in the amount of opportunities that you have and how you can really express yourself. I think that’s so sick.

It’s sad that this is going to be my last album. But I do have my deluxe version of the album that’s slowly starting to trickle out a couple more songs: Drown the World in a Swimming Pool of Sorrow is the deluxe version, I’m doing a pop-punk album. Basically it’s a double album with 12 new songs along with the ‘Cowboy Tears’ songs, giving some of the fans who really wanted that rock sound another body of work for that. But this is kind of the end of it for me. I’m grateful for what I did get to make, and I’ll always make music for myself, but I don’t have any more intentions to release it.

That’s fair enough. I would say that one of my favourite tracks off the album is ‘Balloon Boy’, and it got me quite emotional, with the idea of floating away and being free in that regard. I do have to ask, is the title a reference to the infamous Balloon Boy incident of 2009?

Hmm, that’s a really good question. It’s actually based on that poor child.

I thought so! Because I think about that all the time but I feel like no one remembers it.

I was heartbroken by the whole event. I was glad to see what actually ended up happening.

So you’re coming to Auckland on July 25th for Elemental Nights, which is going to be so sick, have you been to New Zealand before?

Sadly no. I’m so excited, it’s always been a dream of mine, so I cannot wait to come. I was hoping to go last time around when I went to Australia but the stars didn’t align. So I’m excited to finally come.

It’s gonna be so much fun, is there anything that we can expect from the live show? Like will there be some Cirque du Soleil type shit?

It’s definitely a traveling circus that we put on. The way that I describe it is that there’s a little bit of something for everyone. We have motivational speaking, storytelling, comedy, performance art, scooter stunts, WWF wrestling, even some belly dancing. Music wise, we have rock, pop, soul, hip-hop, country music, dance music, electronic music. We’ve got a wide range, and I feel like we offer a show that’s eclectic, and offer something for everyone.

That’s the best sales pitch you could ever ask for, like why would you not want to go now?

It’s gonna be our last tour ever, so if you’re even on the fence about it, just know that this is it. We’re not coming back. I could be coming back for my own vacation, but you’re not gonna see the show again, so this is kind of a once in a lifetime opportunity to get to see the show.

You said that after your next album it’s probably going to be your last, what can we expect to see from you in the future? I know that you’ve got a really big interest in filmmaking, would you want to work more on the film side of things?

Yeah, that’s really my dream job, music is just my day job. When your dream becomes a reality, it’s no longer a dream. Obviously there’s so many different levels to it. For me, I was able to take it to a place that I feel proud of, and I feel like I got to do it, whatever scale you want to call it. I don’t know if it’s the top of the underground or the bottom of the mainstream, but I was able to make it somewhere between those worlds. Ultimately, it’s not really a dream to me anymore. I’ve been working on these screenplays, I’ve just finished writing my third feature film.


I’m just really doing it for myself right now, for the passion of it and to get really good at it. These three different films are totally different genres. One of them is a kids movie, one is NC-17, and one of them is somewhere in-between. I’m really exploring the options of where it can go, that’s like really the end goal. I haven’t had time to focus on starting production on any of those because I’m finishing music and playing a hundred different shows this year, so it’s been eating up all my spare time, but that’s really the end goal. To get really into writing and directing and producing my own features.

That’s mean! If you need any colour grading, hit me up. Okay, I have one last question for you. Would you rather get hit in the ankle like, every day for a whole year, or have to go on Logan Paul’s Podcast again?

Jesus. I’m gonna take a scooter to the ankle every time. I would never wanna have to meet Logan Paul again. That guy is bottom of the barrel, scum of the Earth. I can’t really say too much more because my lawyer Jeremiah Jeffery has advised me not to get too deep into this as there’s an impending lawsuit. But, based upon my drink Slime, I make a signature sports drink, he ripped me off, he made some bullshit drink called Prime, and we’re still figuring out the logistics. He rolled his out before I could really roll mine out and my investors are slow with Covid, so I’m actually in the middle of a lawsuit against him, and I can’t say anymore than that.

That’s honestly fair enough, I really don’t like Logan Paul aye.

Well, I’m glad we have that in common because I hate that dude with every bone in my body.

Well, good luck for the lawsuit, and thank you so much for taking the time to talk to us today! We really appreciate it, and good luck for the show as well.

Thank you so much, have a great day.


Baby Zionov Shares Single For Judy Dunaway Mother Of Balloon Music feat Marika Pratley

Chris Cudby / Photo credit: Frances Carter
/ Tuesday 28th June, 2022 9:42AM


Baby Zionov aka Aaliyah Zionov has revealed the final single from her forthcoming new album Henrietta, dropping like an atom bomb this coming Friday 1st July via rising Aotearoa imprint Sunreturn. ‘For Judy Dunaway, Mother Of Balloon Music (feat. Marika Pratley)‘ is a joyous intersection of dancefloor-blazing big beat, prog / psych action and DIY avant jazz expressivity — subversively subbing in Zionov’s signature balloon squeaks in place of traditional sax tooting. The Tāmaki electronic artist provided illuminating info on the use of balloon sounds in experimental music contexts, ahead of next week’s all-killer album release party with special guests A.C. Freazy, deepState and more…

Baby Zionov’s Henrietta Album Release

w/ A.C. Freazy, deepState + special guests

Friday 8th July – Whammy Backroom, Auckland

Tickets available HERE via UTR

"What I love about balloons is that they’re a cheap toy that secretly can be used to make all sorts of ridiculous, diverse unpredictable sounds across basically the entire spectrum of human hearing.

There’s a small but beautiful lineage of experimental musicians using balloons that dates back to at least the 1960s, but Judy Dunaway, who I pay tribute to in the song title, was the first to really develop it and dedicate her life’s work to it.

In this song, I use Dunaway’s techniques by rubbing, squeezing, and deflating balloons over a hot techno beat, and my talented friend Marika (Class War on the Dance Floor, Moody V and The Menstal Cycle) plays the electric violin alongside them. I hope listeners get a kick out the way the two instruments intertwine and blur into each other!" — Baby Zionov

‘For Judy Dunaway, Mother Of Balloon Music (feat. Marika Pratley)’ is out now on major streaming services via Sunreturn.


Listen To Troy Kingis Album P Whenua Hautapu Eka Mumura

Chris Cudby / Photo credit: Abe Mora
/ Monday 27th June, 2022 1:49PM


Launched last Friday during Aotearoa’s first official Matariki holiday weekend, Troy Kingi (Te Arawa, Ngāpuhi, Te Whānau-ā-Apanui) has unveiled Pū Whenua Hautapu, Eka Mumura, a new reworked te reo Māori version of his 2020 Taite Music Prize winning album Holy Colony Burning Acres. Described by Kingi over on Instagram as "Holy Colony on steroids," he explained the original record "has been completely translated and re-mixed taking it I feel into a completely different stratosphere!!!" —and also clarified Pū Whenua Hautapu, Eka Mumura exists outside of his monumentally ambitious 10 10 10 (ten albums, ten genres, ten years) project. Teasing news of a free Wellington performance of the politically charged, dub-infused long player with band in the coming weeks, listen up to Pū Whenua Hautapu, Eka Mumura, head over to Kingi’s Bandcamp page for more info on the project HERE and hit play on the video for ‘Ka Tipu‘ below…

‘Pū Whenua Hautapu, Eka Mumura’ is out now digitally and on limited edition vinyl LP via Troy Kingi’s Bandcamp page HERE.


Long Distance Runner Announce Shadow Album Release Tour

Chris Cudby
/ Monday 27th June, 2022 12:01PM


Based in Tāmaki Makaurau and Ōtepoti, sonic bruisers Long Distance Runner‘s third studio album Shadow is out this month via Sunreturn, launching with a six date tour taking them all across Aotearoa in July and September. The uncompromisingly cacophonous four-piece of Simon Oswald, Jono Glenday, Sam Cussen and Sam Shepherd have gifted fans new single ‘On/Off‘, a charred tumbleweed of distortion drenched guitar, muscular bass, hammering percussion and unholy yowls that gradually escalates in tension towards a scorched earth finale…

"Lyrically On/Off is about the expression of negative emotions and the negative aspect of its repression… Often when discussing heavy music people tend to say things like "oh I don’t like it, ‘it makes me angry’ etc. But for me it’s a cathartic expression of these negative emotions. Through music I can turn them on or off. I can express them, I can exhaust them and I can take away their power." – Simon Oslward

Long Distance Runner – Shadow Album Release Tour

Friday 15th July – last place, Hamilton

Saturday 16th July – Whammy Bar, Auckland
Friday 29th July – Hataitai Bowling Club, Wellington
Saturday 30th July – The Stomach, Palmerston North
Friday 23rd September – The Crown Hotel, Dunedin
Saturday 24th September — venue to be announced, Christchurch

Tickets available HERE via UTR

‘Shadow’ is out on Friday 15th July via Sunreturn.

Press release:

Simon Oswald, Jono Glenday, Sam Cussen and Sam Shepherd make up Long Distance Runner, an aggressive rock group based in Tāmaki Makaurau, and Ōtepoti, Aotearoa. Their music takes influence from 90s shoegaze and East Coast screamo, delivering a dissonant fury unrivalled by most.

To celebrate the release of Shadow, Long Distance Runner have announced they will tour throughout Aotearoa in 2022.


700 Bliss Moor Mother and DJ Haram Auckland Community Garden Show Announced

Chris Cudby
/ Monday 27th June, 2022 10:52AM


Tāmaki Makaurau dancefloor facilitators Community Garden have made a welcome return, announcing this morning an absolutely sizzling lineup of international and local artists set to heat up Whammy Bar on 20th July. Headlining the occasion will be 700 Bliss, the collaborative project of Philadelphia poet / rapper Moor Mother and New Jersey’s DJ Haram, whose debut album Nothing To Declare launched in May to significant acclaim via UK tastemakers Hyperdub. They’ll be joined by Creamy Mami and "brutal stoned witches" Slumbug for a celebration of uncompromising, club-shaking sounds you don’t want to miss – we advise grabbing tickets while you can…

Community Garden Present: 700 Bliss

with Slumbug & Creamy Mami

Wednesday 20th July – Whammy Bar, Karangahape Road

Earlybird tickets available HERE via UTR

Experience the video for ‘Bless Grips’ from 700 Bliss’ new album Nothing To Declare…

Press release:

Community Garden are thrilled to welcome 700 Bliss to Whammy Bar. 700 Bliss are the dream crew. Moor Mother and DJ Haram – teamed up to guide us through the ultimate crumbling and blooming of our era.

Ever since ‘Ring The Alarm’ echoed out, foreshadowing the care needed for our current times, 700 Bliss has slung joyous resilience in sound – an incredibly potent riot of militant punx nrg and cognizant global gal soundsystem works – out of Philadelphia.

Their debut album Nothing To Declare, released on Hyperdub in May, tears apart the assumed universality of virulent systems and cracks up about them all at once. Their sound allows you to feel safe-guarded, but never without vigilance – exercising a new pedagogy of knowledge delivery.


DARTZ Announce Hoons Tour of Aotearoa

Chris Cudby / Image: @yeehawtheboys
/ Monday 27th June, 2022 10:00AM


Not content with ruling the airwaves via their insta-classic reimagining of The Mutton Birds’ ‘Dominion Road‘, Wellington icons DARTZ will be embarking on a full blown nationwide tour of Aotearoa in August, toasting the launch of forthcoming new anthem ‘Hoons‘. Recipients of the first ever SRN Award for Favourite Group and shortlisters for the 2021 Silver Scroll award, the party-punk powerhouse team of Danz, Crispy, Rollyz and Clark Mathews will be joined on their winter journey by a bevy of special guests including Wiri Donna, Deb5000, Mads Harrop (with band), L Hotel and more. Mathews shared a tantalising teaser for ‘Hoons’…

“Hoons came out of this period of time when Danz and our mate The Marlbro were smashing heaps of skating – we’d be hanging out or recording a song together then the two of them would just bounce to go skate at the [Wellington] waterfront, grabbing their boards and yelling ‘HOONS’ a bunch.” — Clark Mathews

DARTZ – Hoons Tour

Friday 5th August – Tuning Fork, Auckland w/ Deb5000, Cold Sweats, The Dawns*

Saturday 6th August – Last Place, Hamilton w/ Static

Saturday 13th August – Space Academy, Christchurch w/ Crustaceanz [all ages early show]

Saturday 13th August – Space Academy, Christchurch w/ This Dog, Model Home [R18]

Friday 19th August – Dive, Dunedin w/ L Hotel, Mads Harrop Band

Saturday 20thAugust – Yonder, Queenstown w/ L Hotel [free show]

Friday 26th August – San Fran, Wellington w/ Wiri Donna, Sure Boy

Saturday 27th August – Snails, Palmerston North w/ Wiri Donna

Earlybird tickets available HERE via UTR

*Auckland tickets at Moshtix

Experience Sports Team’s video for DARTZ’s deliciously catchy ‘Dominion Road (Dumpling House)’…

Press release:

Wellington’s proudest sons DARTZ are back on the road in August, for a seven-city national tour in support of their upcoming single ‘Hoons’. Named NZ Student Radio’s inaugural Favourite Group for 2021 and with a recent seal of approval from NZ music legend Don McGlashan under their belt for their dumpling-centric reworking of his classic tune Dominion Road, the DARTZ boys are taking 2022 by the horns with their biggest shows yet all across Aotearoa.


MOTTE Announces Third Album Shares Single Only I

Annabel Kean / Photo credit: Ebony Lamb / Thursday 23rd June, 2022 4:37PM


Anita Clark‘s solo project MOTTE returns with the cinematic first single from her forthcoming third album Cold + Liquid, the follow up to 2017’s stunning Strange Dreams LP. Having kept busy touring with the likes of The Phoenix Foundation, Luke Buda and Don McGlashan in recent years, as well as soundtracking a myriad of films and theatre performances, MOTTE made her way back to Lyttelton to record again, at first writing purely instrumentally due to a period of vocal cord paralysis. As a listen to lead track ‘Only I’ will make clear, Clark’s voice returned, adding another rich source of sound in addition to field recordings from the Oamaru Freezing Works, beneath the deck of a cement cargo ship, shifting boulders, snapping twigs, and her signature, swooping violin. ‘Only I’ is paired with a jaw dropping clip featuring dancer Jareen Wee and shot by Pōneke filmmaker Will Agnew. Watch and listen below…

MOTTE’S album ‘Cold + Liquid’ is out August via Ba Da Bing! Records.


Pacific Music Awards 2022 Finalists Announced

Annabel Kean / Thursday 23rd June, 2022 2:28PM


With the mighty impressive list of 2022 Pacific Music Awards finalists revealed, now’s the time to familiarise yourself with the country’s top talent as we count down to the big day on August 4th. In the list of our highest achieving Pacific artists you’ll spot names like Diggy Dupé cropping up for his work on The Panthers soundtrack, Team Dynamite for their Tūī-awarding winning album Respect The Process, and Samoan heavy metal outfit Shepherds Reign among others. Onehunga’s own SWIDT have racked up three nominations across the board for their projects over the past year, for Base FM & Island Base FM Best Pacific Hip Hop Artist, APRA Best Pacific Song and Flava Best Pacific Group. Not quite the leading group, SWIDT are out-finalisted (a new word I’ve just made up) by Tomorrow People, who are finalists for Base FM & Island Base FM Best Pacific Hip Hop Artist, APRA Best Pacific Song and Flava Best Pacific Group.

Pop August 4th in your calendar, and peruse the full run down below…



Emily Muli – ‘Break’

Mo Etc. – Oceanbed

Tree – ‘No Fear ft Junior Soqeta’


Diggy Dupé – ‘WEON’

Kings – Raplist, ‘Young 4Eva’

Poetik – Poetik Justice


SWIDT – ‘Seize the Day ft Savage’, ‘Kelz Garage’, ‘312 Day’

Team Dynamite – Respect The Process

Tomorrow People – 21


Diggy Dupé, choicevaughan & P. Smith – ‘Ain’t The Same ft. Melodownz & Summer
Vaha’akolo’ (Directed by Tom Hern)

House of Misfits – ‘Tā Te Manawa’(Directed by Abigail Dougherty)

Vallé – ‘Swing Low’ (Directed by Connor Pritchard)


Kings – ‘Young 4Eva’

Samson Squad – ‘Amene’

SWIDT ‘Kelz Garage’


Kas Futialo – Grandmasta Kas

Lani Alo – ‘Tua i manu’

Samson Squad – ‘Kainga’, ‘Amene’

Shepherds Reign – ‘Nga Ao E Rua’


Poetik – Poetik Justice

SWIDT – ‘Seize the Day ft Savage’, ‘Kelz Garage’, ‘312 Day’

Team Dynamite – Respect The Process


Emily Muli – ‘Break’

Sam V – ‘Wired’, ‘Biker Boy’

TJ Taotua – Overdue


Foundation – ‘Closer’

Sammielz – ‘Okay’

Tomorrow People – 21

Victor J Sefo – ‘Pele Ea’, ‘Ride’, ‘Shots’


Anthem – Anthem

Tree – ‘No Fear ft Junior Soqeta’

House of Misfits ‘Tā Te Manawa’


Bina Butta & Kennyon Brown – ‘Lady Love’

Jaro Local – ‘Kamanda Amanda’, ‘First Time’, ‘Single Papa’, ‘25 Minutes’

Lisi – ‘Good Life’, ‘Dreams’, ‘Til the Death’, ‘Baby We On’


Diggy Dupé, choicevaughan & P. Smith – The Panthers OST (Producers Diggy Dupé) choicevaughan, P Smith

Team Dynamite – Respect The Process (Producer Harry ‘Haz Beats’ Huavi)

Tomorrow People – 21 (Producers IKON MUSIC – Avina Kelekolio, Hennie Tui, Tana Tupai)


Diggy Dupé, choicevaughan & P. Smith – The Panthers OST

Kings – Raplist

Tomorrow People – 21

Set in the world of The Panthers series, watch the nominated clip for Melodownz and Summer
‘s ‘Ain’t The Same’

From their widely lauded album Respect The Process, here’s Team Dynamite and Louis Baker performing ‘Dragon Fruit’ live…


Aotearoa Gigs For The Weekend

Annabel Kean / Thursday 23rd June, 2022 12:30PM


With not just any old long weekend ahead of us, rather ­the historic first national public holiday to celebrate Matariki, it’s no wonder the next few nights are chocka with excellent events. From Whangarei to Ōtepoti, we’re spoilt for choice when it comes to local gigs, whether you’re after a UHP (fka Upper Hutt Posse) throwback, a boisterous sing-along evening with the Jordan Luck Band, or a night of ’80s nostalgia, we’ve got you covered…

If you’re planning a live show and / or tour in the near future, we’re here to help with our free (for organisers) ticketing service — you can get the ball rolling by adding your gig HERE.

Thursday 23rd June

UHP Album Release – The Wine Cellar, Auckland, tickets HERE

The Cavemen Scorched Earth Tour – Last Place, Hamilton, tickets HERE

Friday 24th June

Brian Baker EP Launch – The Ledge, Whangarei, tickets HERE

The Friday Mixtape Vol. 3 – Cassette Nine, Auckland, tickets HERE

Raylee And The Wildflowers – The Wine Cellar, Auckland, tickets HERE

Xanthe Waters + The Muntas + Quaint – UFO, Auckland, tickets HERE

Jordan Luck Band Winter Road Trip – Meteor Theatre, Hamilton, tickets HERE

Memory Foam ‘Steel Magnolias’ Album Release Party w/ Friends – Common Room, Hastings, tickets HERE

Bored Housewives Club: A Milf In Sheep’s Clothing Tour – Snails, Palmerston North, tickets HERE

Bad Schematics, Holloway And Special Guests – The Cabana, Napier, tickets HERE

Unsanitary Napkin All Billionaires Are Bastards LP Release – Valhalla, Wellington, tickets HERE

UHP Album Release – MOON, Wellington, tickets HERE

Lovely Souls – darkroom, Christchurch, tickets HERE

Jack Page Says Farewell – 12 Bar, Christchurch, tickets HERE

Birdfeeder Presents: The Veiled Isle – The Loons, Lyttelton, tickets HERE

Saturday 25th June

Matariki Celebrations Earth Beat In Space – Space Cloud 99, Auckland, tickets HERE

Partitions & Resonances, Johnny Chang & Reuben Jelleyman – Audio Foundation, Auckland, tickets HERE

The Cavemen Surprise Show w/ Alien Hand – Cupid Bar, Auckland, tickets HERE

Alda Rezende performs music from Clube da Esquina – Ponsonby Social Club, Auckland, tickets HERE

Jordan Luck Band Winter Road Trip – Waihi Beach Hotel, Waihi, tickets HERE

Memory Foam ‘Steel Magnolias’ Album Release Party w/ Friends – The Yot Club, Raglan, tickets HERE

Imperial Slave Vinyl Release Tour 2022 – Castle Bar, Palmerston North, tickets HERE

Saturday Night Metal Special Live – Spaceship, Hastings, tickets HERE

Bored Housewives Club: A Milf In Sheep’s Clothing Tour – MOON, Wellington, tickets HERE

Libidinous Metalfest – Valhalla Tavern, Wellington, tickets HERE

ALT80 Alternative 80s Music Night – Darkroom, Christchurch, tickets HERE

Paradiso: The Music Of Joy Division – Dog With Two Tails, Dunedin, tickets HERE

Birdfeeder Presents: The Veiled Isle – Playhouse Theatre, Dunedin, tickets HERE

Sunday 26th June

Sin City ‘Up Close And Personal’ – Freida Margolis, Auckland, tickets HERE

Even if you’re hankering for a mutual mope, you’ll find your crowd at Bored Housewives Club‘s A Milf In Sheep’s Clothing Tour amongst tracks like ‘Pity Party’


Listen Te KuraHuias Debut EP UHA

Annabel Kean / Thursday 23rd June, 2022 10:49AM


Te KuraHuia comes into her own on debut EP UHA, a fierce collision of reo Māori, old school rap and moments of influence from the likes of Doja Cat and Nicki Minaj. The four-track drop features beat-first high energy opener ‘Poia’, fiery stand-out dance single ‘BMW’ (Bad Mana Wahine) and the powerful ‘Te Ira Wahine’ plus snappy radio edit. Te KuraHuia aka Faith Oriwia Henare-Stewart (Ngāti Raukawa ki te Tonga, NgāPuhi, Ngāi Te Rangi, Ngāti Kuia, Ngāi Tahu, Ngāti Apa Ki Te Rā Tō) explains the EP is named for the "ancient Māori word for woman. A word to reconnect us to the first woman, me aro ki te hā o Hineahuone", and says that this project is her way of honouring Hineahuone.

Now that UHA is out in full, Te KuraHuia shifts her focus to the roll out of the visual side of the EP, with special screenings lined up over the next few weeks. Tāmaki fans can catch the UHA film debut at MA7ARIKI Pictures festival as part of Ngā Whanaunga Māori Pasifika Shorts tomorrow night, and Pōneke punters should head along to Te Papa to see the clip in the Mana o te Kai Film Showcase Sunday July 3rd. In the meantime, get your Thursday dose of Matariki spirit in Te KuraHuia’s killer debut UHA…

Te KuraHuia’s Debut EP ‘UHA’ is out now on streaming services.


Primer Punk It Up V Two Night Tmaki Punk Festival

A.K. / Wednesday 22nd June, 2022 3:56PM


Dust off your tartan and lace up your Docs, the fifth ever Punk It Up festival is coming to Tāmaki Makaurau’s Powerstation this July for not one, but TWO debaucherous nights of A-grade local and international punk rock, and we’ve rustled up a handy cheat sheet ahead of the event. Two years in the making thanks to the decidedly unpunk pandemic, both dates in the foot stomping two-nighter boast sets from punk covers crew bankRobbers and rowdy ’80s troublemakers No Tag, the latter of which are performing their last ever shows as part of this year’s festival. Also in the mix are art-punk pioneers The Plague, Tigers (credited as NZ’s first ever Māori punk band), heavy-hitting Gisborne teens Sit Down In Front, Australian cowpunks The Johnnys and a punk-tonne more…

Punk It Up V

Friday 1st July 2022 – The Powerstation, Auckland

Featuring… Proud Scum, The Plague, No Class, Shotgun The Couch, Cootie Cuties, bankRobbers, No Tag

Saturday 2nd July 2022 – The Powerstation, Auckland

Featuring… The Johnnys, Sit Down In Front, The Bludgers, Memory Foam, Tigers, bankRobbers, No Tag

Tickets available HERE via UTR

Watch The Johnnys flirt with an entire party in the clip for their first single ‘I Think You’re Cute’

Sit Down In Front will take over the Punk It Up stage on night two with shout-a-long hits like ‘Pixie Caramel’

From their ripping album Steel Magnolias, skyrocket your heart rate with Memory Foam‘s ‘Choo Choo Train’ feat. Baby Zionov…

Melbourne via Aotearoa punk troupe No Class will be rarking up the night one crowd with fresh noisy numbers like ‘Here Comes Trouble’


Stella Donnelly Drops New Track Flood Video

Annabel Kean / Photo credit: Olivia Senior / Wednesday 22nd June, 2022 11:13AM


Australia’s Stella Donnelly has struck gold today with the release of lovely pop track ‘Flood’ and its terribly clever video. The second single and title track from her forthcoming album Flood, out in full this August via Secretly Canadian, the new drop follows last month’s driving lead cut ‘Lungs’. As is the case with Donnelly’s previous collections, Flood is "another compilation of diary entries and fictional stories that allow me to expand on moments between humans", and expand on moments between humans she certainly has in the video for ‘Flood’, creating a brand new narrative around a very well known piece of early 2000s media. Ok, go watch the video…

Stella Donnelly’s ‘Flood’ is out August 26th via Secretly Canadian.


Samara Alofa Performs BTTG UTR Trash Recital

Sports Team / A.K. / Image credit: Sports Team / Tuesday 21st June, 2022 5:29PM


We’re thrilled to share the fourth episode of UTR presents Trash Recital Season 2 — starring Samara Alofa, produced by Sports Team and made with support from NZ On Air!

For each episode of Trash Recital we’ve invited some of our favourite Aotearoa artists into the UTR studios to perform one of their signature songs, re-created using everyday items selected from Sports Team‘s stockpile of recycled junk. Trash Recital not only provides a launchpad for stunning reimaginings of recent classic tunes, but also the perfect opportunity for a chinwag with our local musical heroes.

Today’s episode of TR stars the wonderful Samara Alofa (Ngāti Awa) and their supergroup live band of fellow Tāmaki-based artists: Abigail Aroha Jensen, Matt Hunter (Kenny Sterling), Dylan Cook and Navakatoa Tekela-Pule (Schofield Strangelove), plus Trash Recital sound engineer Ruby Walsh (Dateline) who expertly hat-switches between producer and band member throughout. In one of our most thrilling episodes yet, the five-to-six-person group breaks all the rules in their journey to recreate the ethereal soundscape and harmonies of Samara Alofa’s ‘B.T.T.G’. From uncovering some never-before-seen trash, to recitalist Navakatoa Tekela-Pule completely obliterating the fourth wall as he steps behind the camera, you’ll be on the edge of your seat from the moment you hit play.

You can catch Samara Alofa live at the Eastern Women’s Refuge Fundraiser July 9th.

DOP: Callum Devlin

Editor: Callum Devlin

Title Animator: Annabel Kean

Sound Engineer: Ruby Walsh

Sound Mix: Ruby Walsh

Assistant Camera: Tash van Schaardenburg

Theme Tune: Callum Devlin

Project Manager: Annabel Kean

Production Team: Sports Team

UTR Production Team: Daryl Fincham & Chris Cudby

Made with support from NZ On Air


SoundCanvas Ultra Shares Single Video Photomorph

Annabel Kean / Tuesday 21st June, 2022 2:52PM


In a positively hypnotic song and video package deal, Whanganui sonic experimenter SoundCanvas Ultra has blasted vaporwave delight ‘Photomorph’ into the audiosphere. Plucked from their forthcoming album Sound Forge, the new single forges a wormhole into a world of relentless slap bass and classy synth. While ‘Photomorph’ would work a treat soundtracking Jerry Seinfeld stuck in an infinite automatic revolving door, SoundCanvas Ultra pairs the track with a super high-tech face morph how-to. Simply get your mitts on the latest version of PhotoMorph Studio and you’ll be making your very own music videos in no time thanks to SoundCanvas Ultra’s handy guide…


The Dead South Announce Auckland Headline Show

Annabel Kean / Tuesday 21st June, 2022 11:58AM


Currently barrelling through Europe with banjo, cello, mandolin and guitar on hand, Saskatchewan bluegrass four-piece The Dead South have announced they’re heading to our side of the planet in the new year. Known for a penchant for the grittier side of traditional folk, the award-winning group will be making their way to Aotearoa in January, playing a one-off Tāmaki Makaurau summer show at the end of a four date Australia stint. For their debut New Zealand performance, The Dead South will be taking over the Tuning Fork with original tracks from their warmly received 2019 album Sugar & Joy, plus their brand new two-parter EP covers series Easy Listening for Jerks, Parts I & II. For a guaranteed knee-slapping, finger-plucking good time, set your alarms to nab a ticket this Friday…

The Dead South One For The Road Tour

Sunday 29th January – The Tuning Fork, Auckland

Tickets available from 1pm Friday 24th June via moshtix.co.nz

Dip into the clip for The Dead South’s take on classic ‘You Are My Sunshine’

Press release:

THE DEAD SOUTH will bring their unique bluegrass sound to Australia and New Zealand for the first time with their One For The Road Tour in January 2023. The band will perform headline shows in Sydney, Newcastle, Brisbane and Melbourne before headlining across the ditch to Auckland.

Tickets go on sale at 1pm, Friday June 24.

My Live Nation members can secure tickets during the pre-sale which commences at 12pm on Thursday June 23, and concludes at 12pm on Friday June 24. For complete tour and ticket information, visit: livenation.com.au.

Propelled by the momentum of a gold-certified single for ‘In Hell I’ll Be In Good Company’, two Canadian JUNO Award wins for Traditional Roots Album of the Year and sold out tours worldwide with performances at iconic live destinations including Glastonbury, Brixton Academy, and Red Rocks Amphitheater, the finger-picking four-piece offer a highly nonconformist, hugely entertaining take on the traditional string band sound.

The Dead South’s most recent releases are Easy Listening For Jerks, Parts 1 + 2, two companion EPs which explore traditional folk and modern rock anthems alike in The Dead South’s signature boundary-pushing acoustic approach. New videos from the EPs, ‘You Are My Sunshine’ and ‘People Are Strange’ have garnered nearly 10 million views.

Don’t miss The Dead South’s debut tour of Australia & New Zealand in January 2023!


Emily Fairlight The Shifting Sands Announce Joint LP

Annabel Kean / Image credit: Manny Nieto / Tuesday 21st June, 2022 10:33AM


Although they "never meant it to result in an album", alt-folk songwriter Emily Fairlight and The Shifting SandsMike McLeod have gone and done exactly that, with their joint LP Sun Casts a Shadow due out on Ōtepoti imprint Fishrider Records next month. The two met when McLeod joined Fairlight’s live band amidst the roll out of her gorgeous 2018 sophomore album Mother Of Gloom, leading to a recording session with producer Manny Nieto on the back of a trip to SXSW. Recorded and mixed in LA, then mastered by Thomas Bell all the way down in Dunedin’s charming Port Chalmers, the album’s first two singles ‘Head Above’ and ‘Get Through This’ are a winning blend of the songwriters’ knack for entrancing, melancholy folk. Read a few words from Emily Fairlight on the project below, and acquaint yourself with their latest tracks…

“When I first listened to The Shifting Sands, I could hear a similar style in our songwriting. Then Mike and I started playing and touring together, so this colab album felt like a natural progression for our musical relationship. I haven’t done much collaborative work, so was pleased to fall into this album almost by mistake. The songs’ raw, ‘stripped-back’ form is mildly daunting for us both but hey, that’s the sound of some of my favourite artists, so we hope you’ll enjoy the songs in their purest state.”

‘Sun Casts A Shadow’ is out July 8th on streaming services, CD, and as a limited edition 12" LP via Fishrider Records.


Australian Cowpunks The Johnnys Announce Aotearoa Shows

Annabel Kean / Monday 20th June, 2022 4:24PM


Formed a remarkable four decades back in early ’80s Sydney, The Johnnys have glued themselves back together again for an Aotearoa tour and an appearance at the fifth iteration of Tāmaki mini-festival Punk It Up. The legendary rockers are touring as a trio these days, comprised of Slim Doherty on guitar, Graham ‘Hoody’ Hood on bass and vocals, and Billy Pommer Jr on drums, having recently taken their sure-fire blend of punk and country around Australia. Come early next month, the cowpunk three-piece will be making their way to our shores, hitting the second night of Punk It Up V on July 2nd before hurtling through Wellington, Paeroa and Raglan the following week. The last time The Johnnys took on New Zealand crowds was 2018, so snap up a ticket lest you have to wait for their next visit…

The Johnnys 40th Anniversary Tour

Wednesday 6th July – Valhalla, Wellington

Friday 8th July – The Refinery, Paeroa

Saturday 9th July – The Yot Club, Raglan

Tickets available HERE via UTR

Punk It Up V

Friday 1st July 2022 – The Powerstation, Auckland

Featuring… Proud Scum, No Class, The Bombers, Cootie Cuties, bankRobbers, No Tag + more to be announced

Saturday 2nd July 2022 – The Powerstation, Auckland

Featuring… The Johnnys, Sit Down In Front, Tigers, bankRobbers, No Tag + more to be announced

Festival passes and single night tickets available via aaaticketing.co.nz

Prepare yourself for a knees-up with The Johnnys in the buck wild clip for ‘(There’s Gonna Be A) Showdown’


The Black Seeds Drop New Album Love Fire

Annabel Kean / Photo credit: David James / Monday 20th June, 2022 3:45PM


New Zealand roots legends The Black Seeds have lifted the lid on their sunny new collection Love & Fire, the band’s seventh studio album and a dedication to their long time manager Matt McLeod. Chock full of danceable, grooveable tracks and showcasing the eclectic talents of the Pōneke octet, Love & Fire began as a series of jams and demos at The Surgery studios back in 2018. Then came the pandemic, leading The Black Seeds crew to finishing forming the album via video chat, as lead vocalist Barnaby Weir explains "Ideally, each member sent in one or two takes of what they were feeling they wanted to add to the track, and this worked well. In some ways – without being together gave the lads that creative mind space to lay down something meaningful".

The eight-piece dub team take their sun-soaked tunes on the road this month and next, warming up the country with new tracks and old beginning this Thursday in hometown venue San Fran…

The Black Seeds – LOVE & FIRE tour

Thursday 23rd June – San Fran, Wellington

Saturday 25th June – Theatre Royal, New Plymouth

Thursday 30th June – Powerstation, Auckland

Friday 1st July – Totara St, Mount Maunganui

Saturday 2nd July – Woolbrokers Pavilion, Hastings

Friday 8th July – Ngaio Marsh Theatre, Christchurch

Saturday 9th July – Lake Wānaka Centre, Wānaka

Tickets on sale via Banished Music HERE

‘Love & Fire’ is out now on streaming services.


Watch Tami Neilsons Video For Careless Woman

Samantha Cheong / Monday 20th June, 2022 2:24PM


Award-winning country soul songwriter Tami Neilson shares her third single and accompanying video for ‘Careless Woman’ in anticipation of her forthcoming fifth studio album Kingmaker — set for release Friday 15th July. Directed by Abe Mora and created with support from NZ On Air, the music video is “inspired by a 1938 collection of ‘Dating Tips’ in Parade Magazine,” in which one reads: “Careless Women never appeal to gentlemen. Don’t talk while dancing, for when a man dances, he wants to dance”. Co-starring Olivia Tennet (The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, Power Rangers RPM) and Ling Zhang (Royal Family Dance Crew), they turn a bar, disenchanted by a man demanding an empty smile of Zhang, into bursting song, dance and colour as soon as Neilson and her Choir of Careless Women crank into life within a human jukebox stage. The single becomes part of Neilson’s lineage of sparking a revolt against the patriarchal systems that easily make kings of men and servants of women…

“Director Abe Mora was inspired to bring this era to life and built an amazing coin-operated music box for me and my band of Careless Women to perform in, like a human jukebox. As the song plays, the women in the bar are empowered and begin to dance and throw off the oppressive rules of propriety.”

Dance more and care less to the latest high energy track from Tami Neilson…

Tami Neilson’s ‘Kingmaker’ is out Friday 15th July.


deepState Unveils MMXXI The Remixes EP

Annabel Kean / Photo credit: Frances Carter / Monday 20th June, 2022 12:41PM


From the majorly mellow take on ‘Parallel’ to the heart-rate ramping club-ified ‘Redux’, the entirely reimagined MMXXI The Remixes has taken deepState‘s 2021 debut EP MMXXI and flipped it on its head. The project of Tāmaki electronic artist Jessica Morgan, deepstate invited a cornucopia of Aotearoa sound experts to rework her tracks, featuring edits from Ōtautahi producer Liam K Swiggs, songwriter / beatmaker Baby Zionov, party trio Grecco Romank, composer stalwart Sonya Waters, multidisciplinary artist Trapjaw Kelpie, rapper Dbldbl and happy hardcore crew Van Staden & Bohm. On the release Morgan says "I feel so fortunate to have these talented people rework my music so a huge thank you to everyone that contributed". Peep the rest of her words on the new collection and press play…

"I’m so happy to have MMXXI The Remixes out. It was so interesting to hear how each artist reinterpreted the songs, there’s such an eclectic mix of genres and approaches within the record that provide a totally fresh take on the original track."

‘MMXXI The Remixes’ is out now via Sunreturn.


Listen To Brandn Shirazs If Ya Need Feat TheWesternGuide

Annabel Kean / Monday 20th June, 2022 10:22AM


Last on our radar for his genius collaboration with Christoph El Truento on the NO WARNING collection in March, Tāmaki Makaurau rap talent Brandn Shiraz (Shiraz & LSJ) returns with a new drop and fresh feature artist TheWesternGuide. Laden with groove-heavy beats, an addicting acoustic guitar hook, and a sing-along chorus, ‘If Ya Need’ is a total ear worm, blending elements of Island Reggae and Afropop. The new track also boasts pop / RnB vocal contributions from fellow Auckland-based songwriter, radio host and part-time pro-wrestler TheWesternGuide who, in addition to releasing his own heavily streamed cuts, provides killer bonus bars on ‘If Ya Need’. Listen to the latest from Brandn Shiraz below, and good luck not listening three more times…

Brandn Shiraz and TheWesternGuide’s ‘If Ya Need’ is out now on streaming services.


Americana Crew T Bone Release Debut Album Good n Greasy

Annabel Kean / Friday 17th June, 2022 3:25PM


Seven years in the making, Pōneke Americana five-piece T-Bone at long last share their debut offering Good ‘n Greasy. Ripe for a hoedown and slow-cooked to perfection, the album hosts a hearty line up of bluegrass and blues tunes "peppered with that T-Bone flavour – acoustic twangs, searing fiddles and just a hint of char-grill", and was recorded at Newtown’s Surgery Studios late last year. The band, who ritualistic meet-up to rehearse every Monday night, describe themselves as an eclectic lot, with "a mandolin playing ex-chef from the Far North, a fiddle playing wine importer from New Jersey, a Dublin-born spearfishing songwriter, a guitar slinging laboratory assistant from Taranaki and a gardening double bassist from Karori".

The whole band, joined by internationally renowned US act John Oszajca, are heading on tour to mark the arrival of Good ‘n Greasy, with shows planned for Wellington, New Plymouth, Whangateau, Tāmaki, Kerikeri and Napier this month and next…

Good ‘n Greasy Release Tour with T-Bone & John Oszajca

Thursday 30th June – San Fran, Wellington*

Friday 1st July – 4th Wall Theatre, New Plymouth

Saturday 2nd July – Whangateau Hall, Leigh*

Sunday 3rd July – The Tuning Fork, Auckland

Monday 4th July – The Turner Centre, Kerikeri

Saturday 30th July – The Urban Winery, Napier *

Tickets available HERE via UTR*

Tap your foot and slap your knee to T-Bone busting out traditional tune ‘Lucille’…

T-Bone’s debut album ‘Good ‘n Greasy’ is out now on streaming services.


Matthew Young Announces Debut Album Shares Good Things

Annabel Kean / Photo credit: Oli Spencer / Friday 17th June, 2022 2:24PM


Tāmaki producer and songwriter Matthew Young completes the five-piece puzzle of his new EP with aptly named title track ‘Good Things’, and lifts the lid on his fast-approaching debut album plans. Stacked with killer beats and sadboy guitar melodies, Young says the song "feels like a cousin to" EP closer ‘Headcase’, an equally heart-on-your-sleeve pop drop and something of a 2021 bookend to today’s final single. Despite lyrics including "Mr. Depression sir, I need a holiday" and someone from his label team saying "This is the saddest song I’ve ever heard" Young isn’t sure it necessarily is a sad song, adding "I was listening to Sunny Day Real Estate when I wrote it tho, so maybe it is?".

As if releasing Good Things wasn’t enough of a treat, Young has officially announced his debut album It’s A Feeling will be out in full July 15th – just one month away. Take in Matthew Young’s thoughts on ‘Good Things’ and press play…

"’Good Things’ was written piece by piece across the entirety of New Zealand, adding and subtracting parts in each of the different houses I stayed in during the writing trip I took and finished it in a beach house in Tairua, Coromanel. This song feels like a cousin to ‘Headcase’, or maybe like a prequel or something. After sending thru to the label, one of the A&Rs on the team said: ‘This is the saddest song I’ve ever heard’. I don’t really think it’s that sad. I was listening to Sunny Day Real Estate when I wrote it tho, so maybe it is?".

Matthew Young’s debut album ‘It’s A Feeling’ is out July 15th via Sony Music NZ.


Daffodils Drop Stay The Night EP Video

Annabel Kean / Photo credit: Tom Grut / Friday 17th June, 2022 1:27PM


Daffodils have unfurled smangin’ new EP Stay The Night, following up their 2019 release Boys. Featuring warmly received guitar-pop anthem ‘How Do You Know?’, today’s drop introduces fans to four previously unheard tracks, including the super-catchy titular cut ‘Stay The Night’. In what is likely a bang-on representation of many a Daffodils listener’s Friday evening plans, ‘Stay The Night’ lands with an Oscar Keys-directed, hazy house party music vid, created with support from NZ On Air and featuring each Daffodils band member having a rollercoaster of a night on the seltzers. Experience the lush, filmic clip for ‘Stay The Night’ and pop on Daffodils’ new EP for a perfect pre-party hype soundtrack ahead of their Pōneke release show tomorrow…

Daffodils and There’s A Tuesday w/ Wiri Donna

Saturday 18th June – San Fran, Wellington

Tickets available HERE via UTR

‘Stay The Night’ is out now on major streaming services.


Tess Liautaud Shares Self Titled Debut Album

Annabel Kean / Friday 17th June, 2022 11:15AM


No doubt a familiar face and voice to recent Adam Hattaway gig-goers, Ōtautahi-based Franco-American songwriter Tess Liautaud steps out with her own debut album of folk-country heartbreakers. Recorded between Paris, LA, Indiana and Kurow, and produced by Steve Harrop, Tess Liautaud packs an emotional punch across 10 stripped back guitar tracks, touching on everything from nostalgia and grief, to finding a sense of belonging. The first few bars of album opener ‘Lighthouse’ introduces listeners to a melancholy side of Tess Liautaud before flipping a switch into a bittersweet optimism that carries you through the rest of the collection. Enjoy the lovely, lilting tunes and finger-plucked melodies of Tess Liautaud…

Tess Liautaud is out now on vinyl, CD and streaming services.


Ben Woods Reveals Single Video Wearing Divine Announces Tour

Annabel Kean / Photo credit: Emma Wallbanks / Friday 17th June, 2022 10:29AM


Get ready to feel some feelings with the latest slice of warped-out folk goodness from Ōtautahi’s Ben Woods. The second single from his forthcoming album Dispeller, today’s drop ‘Wearing Divine’ boasts vocal features from Dunedin artist Lucy Hunter and none other than the Prince of Lyttelton himself, Marlon Williams. ‘Wearing Divine’ will have you teetering between heart-eyed swooning and having the hairs on the back of your neck stand up with its careful balance of angelic voices and signature Ben Woods unhinged distortion. Directed by Woods and Julian Vares, the visual accompaniment takes us through a series of refracted gothic scenes, culminating in a spooky / cute slow dance between Woods and Hunter.

Along with today’s song and the announcement of Dispeller, the Christchurch songwriter shares news of a nationwide tour this September to celebrate the release. Get the low down below, and slip into Ben Woods’ ‘Wearing Divine’…

Ben Woods

Thursday 1st September – Meow, Wellington*

Friday 2nd September – Whammy Bar, Auckland^

Friday 16th September – Dive, Dunedin^

Saturday 17th September – Loons, Christchurch^

*Tickets via moshtix.co.nz

^Tickets via banishedmusic.com

‘Dispeller’ is out July 15th via Melted Ice Cream (NZ), Shrimper (USA) and Meritorio (EU/UK).


Recitals Announce New Album Orbit I Share Single Rock Dove

Sam Denne / Photo credit: Matilda Boese-Wong / Friday 17th June, 2022 9:12AM


Who loves a good vocal harmony?

Clearly the good folks over at Flying Nun Records, judging by the sound of the latest addition to their roster: Recitals.

A 7-piece scroggin mix of name-brand talent, Recitals is a project of purpose. According to bassist/vocalist Xanthe Rook, the group formed around Wellington’s Pyramid Club – a space the songwriter was utilising to curate a safe creative environment for women and LGBT+ musicians. After firmly establishing themselves as crowd favourites in the capital and releasing the exceptional made-for-midnight-stargazing single ‘Tongue’ in late 2020, the band and Flying Nun are excited to announce their debut full length LP Orbit I.

“’Orbit I’ was a collective artistic quest, perseveringly born amidst a very strange, and disorderly time to be alive… This record simultaneously shaped us as we shaped it. It represents an initial idea, an opening, that declares ‘parameters’ as ultimately meaningless to us. Now we know, nothing binds friends better than the laborious birth of a beautiful baby.”

Lucky for listeners, the first single from Orbit I titled ‘Rock Dove’ is available now on all streaming platforms. Hauntingly beautiful and weaving its way seamlessly towards a jarring climax, it showcases the adept song writing and musicianship of the unit. It’s hard to believe a piece so cohesive was recorded in separate bedrooms and different cities – a move made necessary by not only geography but also the Covid-curbing lockdowns we all know and love.

“’Rock Dove’ is an ode to the fort and the bedroom. Your room is a shrine; a map, a toy to look at and interact with. It can be enlightening to lie down and view your house from an angle you have never seen before. It is special to light a candle on days when fog blankets the valley you live in. Sometimes vices are your respite when there is an over saturation of presence. Solitary playtime brings you back to the child self you forgot about through busyness and distraction."

Orbit I is set for release on August 26th of this year, digitally and on both clear and black vinyl via Flying Nun Records. In the meantime, you can listen to ‘Rock Dove’ here…

Recital’s ‘Orbit I’ will be out digitally and on vinyl August 26th via Flying Nun.


Australian Pop Trio Telenova Announce New Zealand Shows

Annabel Kean / Photo credit: Clint Peloso / Thursday 16th June, 2022 7:00PM


Fresh faced Melbournites Telenova are heading our way this August for a pair of Aotearoa shows across Te Ika-a-Māui. The trio of Angeline Armstrong, Edward Quinn and Joshua Moriarty are hot off the back of releasing pop hooner ‘Why Do I Keep You?’, their first single since the drop of their debut EP Tranquilize last year. In addition to their New Zealand tour announcement, Telenova share news of their second EP Stained Glass Love. Celebrate with the band at their debut Wellington and Auckland sets by locking in your spot at the link below…

Telenova Stained Glass Love Tour

Friday 19th August – The Tuning Fork, Auckland

Saturday 20th August – Meow, Wellington

Tickets available via moshtix.co.nz

Have a listen to the luxe pop tones of ‘Why Do I Keep You?’…

Press release:

Telenova moved quickly last year. Despite the wider world being forced into hibernation, the Melbourne three-piece released the captivating EPTranquilize which housed triple j favourite Bones, and garnered international praise from BBC 6 Music, KCRW, Vogue Paris and NME. A November lap of Australia promptly sold out, including six triumphant hometown shows in Melbourne; while the band became summer festival favourites, kicking goals at Wildlands and Beyond The City.

2022 has shown the first of Telenova’s upcoming more complex body of work Stained Glass Love EP, with first single ‘Why Do I Keep You?’ and its artistically rich self-directed video by lead singer Angeline Armstrong; and ‘Haunted’ a hypnotic tale of addiction with echoes of Northern Soul amidst dark dub all draped in dramatic synth strings.

To celebrate the EP announcement and new single, the band has shared a run of EP tour dates that includes debut shows in New Zealand.


Interview End Boss Talk About Debut Album They Seek My Head

Annabel Kean / Photo credit: David James / Thursday 16th June, 2022 2:13PM


With one of three album release shows done and dusted, They Seek My Head debuting on the Official New Zealand Top 40 Albums chart, and two major shows ahead of them this weekend, shiny new Pōneke metal group End Boss are absolutely thrashing the roll out of their very first LP. The trio hit Ōtautahi tomorrow night before ripping up to Auckland’s Whammy Backroom for the final stop in their tour. Despite the busy riffing, End Boss front person and vocalist E.J. Thorpe found a moment to respond to a few email questions from yours truly, revealing the delightful term ‘Friend Bosses’, who she’s been listening to lately, and the band’s odorous jam space woes…

End Boss
They Seek My Head album release tour

Friday 17th June – Darkroom, Christchurch w/ Borer, Old Haven

Saturday 18th June – Whammy Backroom, Auckland w/ Demons of Noon, Slumbug

Tickets available HERE via UTR

Annabel Kean: How has End Boss been preparing for the tour?

E.J. Thorpe: To be honest it’s been business as usual for us Friend Bosses! We’re all pretty busy with our day to day lives and getting everyone together for practices can be tricky. We have a sweet wee jam space that is possibly haunted by a poo monster (long story) but we’ve managed to brave the smell and get our proverbial shit together!

What song from the album are you most excited about performing live?

I say this to the guys a lot but the end riff in Heart of The Sickle gets me every single time. Whenever we play that song I feel like I’m standing in front of a huge machine and in that moment I feel so grateful to be in a band that can make such a powerful sound.

You’re high in the charts, the LP sold out, and you’re racking up the positive reviews. Did you have any clue that They Seek My Head would have the response it’s had?

It’s such a privilege to be able to make music with others, to have it professionally recorded is another level of privilege again. It still blows me away that we got to have the experience we did with James Goldsmith at The Surgery. We make music because it’s fun and something we love to do and having it archived so to speak is really special. To have other people dig it is another level again, it’s such a radical bonus to me. You create this stuff without wondering if others will like it, if anything, assuming they won’t – haha! I still feel kinda shocked when people come up to us at shows and say they enjoyed it, so it’s a total buzz that the album has been received as well as it has.

What New Zealand music are you excited about at the moment?

I recently saw the Pōneke based band BODYSIEGE and was absolutely blown away. They play industrial, doomy sludge with a killer bass tone and savage vocals. It’s the most amped a live band has made me in a long time and I’m excited for their release which comes out this month on Deadboy Records. Check them out!

I saw a picture of Greg on your social media literally bleeding from the head from headbanging! Has the band had much in the way of injuries from rocking too hard?

I’m sure the guys have some stories to tell in regards to injuries at gigs over the years! Personally I’ve just had your classic run-of-the-mill close calls in mosh pits. Earrings getting caught on a bogan’s hair, head banging ya face into a spikey, studded jacket – it’s all just part of the fun eh!

Favourite video game End Boss?

I’m not a gamer these days, but Final Fantasy 8 will forever hold a special place in my heart ?