Ben Woods Shares New Album Dispeller

Chris Cudby
/ Friday 15th July, 2022 3:24PM


Today’s an exceptional day for local releases, including the avidly awaited new long player Dispeller from Ōtautahi icon Ben Woods. Recorded with co-producer Ben Edwards, the nine track album feels intimate, even rustic as Woods’ adventurous sonic palette embraces unpredictable and noisy forms, intertwined with his own inimitable knack for haunting tender balladry. Featuring contributions from Alastair Galbraith, Charlotte Forrester (Womb), Lucy Hunter (Opposite Sex / Wet Specimen) and Marlon Williams, hit play on Woods’ ensorcelling new creation and don’t miss him touring in September

“I found my voice in trying to make atonality croon… With Dispeller it was less about harmony — the blend was capturing the songs very honestly in the room, and still making each of them to transport you somewhere different.” — Ben Woods

‘Dispeller’ is out today via Melted Ice Cream (NZ) / Shrimper (USA) / Meritorio (EU/UK).

Watch The Beths Video For Expert In A Dying Field

Chris Cudby / Photo credit: Frances Carter
/ Friday 15th July, 2022 2:33PM


Striding confidently towards the release of album number three this coming September, Aotearoa’s The Beths serve up a video for just-released jangle pop title track ‘Expert In A Dying Field‘. The gang of Elizabeth Stokes, Jonathan Pearce, Benjamin Sinclair and Tristan Deck consider the spectre of redundancy and celebrate those hugely important boffins amongst us in director Frances Carter‘s uplifting clip — moving from domestic interiors full of vintage knick-knacks of all types (some highly covetable) to the garage, while Larry Killip attends to some important soldering tasks. Making a lovely comparison between accumulated technical knowledge and long term personal relationships, you can catch Stokes and company touring their record nationwide in September…

“In the course of knowing a person you accumulate so much information: their favourite movies, how they take their tea, how to make them laugh, how that makes you feel. And when relationships between people change, or end, all that knowledge doesn’t just disappear.” – Elizabeth Stokes

The Beths

Friday 23rd September – Opera House, Wellington

Saturday 24th September – Theatre Royal, Nelson

Friday 30th September – James Hay Theatre, Christchurch

Saturday 1st October – Glenroy, Dunedin

Friday 7th October – Auckland Town Hall, Auckland

General public tickets available now via

‘Expert In A Dying Field’ is out on Friday 16th September via Carpark Records and Ivy League — preorders available HERE.

Listen To Long Distance Runners New Album Shadow

Chris Cudby / Photo credit: Simon Wilson
/ Friday 15th July, 2022 1:04PM


Released on a Friday but sounding more like a terminal case of the Mondays, Tāmaki Makaurau / Ōtepoti heavyweights Long Distance Runner have unveiled their remorselessly intense new album Shadow via Sunreturn. Including earlier singles ‘Nothing‘ and ‘On/Off‘, the nine track record’s dissonant, feedback-drenched guitar / drums onslaught paints a craggy backdrop for singer Simon Oswald to lay waste to all comers with vein-popping furiousness. Certainly not for the faint-hearted, hit play on Shadow and don’t miss Long Distance Runner’s album release tour — kicking off tonight in Kirikiriroa / Hamilton with LANDLORDS and Half/Time

Long Distance Runner – Shadow Album Release Tour

Friday 15th July – last place, Hamilton w/ LANDLORDS, Half/Time

Saturday 16th July – Whammy Bar, Auckland w/ TOOMS, LANDLORDS, nxrthwxstkvrdvshivn

Friday 29th July – Hataitai Bowling Club, Wellington w/ Happy Valley, Soda Boyz, POP OD, Unlawful Arise

Saturday 30th July – The Stomach, Palmerston North w/ First Move, Bitch Whistle

Friday 23rd September – The Crown Hotel, Dunedin

Saturday 24th September — venue to be announced, Christchurch

Tickets available HERE via UTR

‘Shadow’ is out on today on major streaming services via Sunreturn.

Benee and Heavy Chest Unveil Dreamy Single Sunday926

Chris Cudby / Heavy Chest photo credit: Cam Hay
/ Friday 15th July, 2022 10:53AM


Aotearoa superstar Benee shows a woozy new side of her pop musical practice on ‘Sunday926‘, a new dreamscape collaboration with Heavy Chest, the project spearheaded by Pōneke songwriter Andre Smith — name checked by Benee as one of her favourite local artists. A tranquil slice of Balearic / trip hop balladry, the pair duet together while drifting though a gentle haze of slo-mo synth washes and pulsing percussion. Listen up to ‘Sunday926’ and don’t miss Heavy Chest continuing their nationwide Super Heavy Tour with Eli Superflyy this winter…

Heavy Chest and Eli Superflyy – The Super Heavy Tour

Friday 29th July – 12 Bar, Christchurch / Ōtautahi

Saturday 30th July – Dive, Dunedin / Ōtepoti

Friday 26th August – Whammy Bar, Auckland / Tāmaki Makaurau

Saturday 27th August – The Yot Club, Raglan / Whāingaroa

Earlybird tickets available HERE via UTR

‘Sunday926’ is out now on major streaming services.

Luke Thompson To Be Warm In This Great Winter Tour Announced

/ Friday 15th July, 2022 10:02AM


Having launched his new album The Trials & Tribulations of Adam & His Seed late last year, Aotearoa folk songwriter Luke Thompson has taken the next logical step and organised an absolutely epic nationwide tour, happening from late July right up to mid-September. A seasoned veteran of the touring life, Thompson shared his exhilaration about finally hitting the dusty trail again…

“New Zealand. I’m really really excited to finally be doing this, I spent so long making this album and now have spent so long waiting to take it on the road. I hope you can come out this winter and we can see what happens as we gather around the modern day fire and stare at the flames together.”

Luke Thompson – To Be Warm In This Great Winter Tour

Saturday 30th July – Kumeu Live

Friday 12th August – Love Music, Taupo

Saturday 13th August – House Show, New Plymouth (tickets from

Thursday 18th August – Nivara Lounge, Hamilton

Saturday 20th August – Remaker, Tauranga

Thursday 25th August – Paisley Stage, Napier

Saturday 27th August – Two Todman, Wellington

Friday 2nd September – Loons, Christchurch

Saturday 3rd September – Bark!, Dunedin

Sunday 4th September – Sherwood, Queenstown

Friday 16th September – Parachute Studios, Auckland

Tickets available HERE via UTR

Watch the lyric video for the title track to Luke Thompson’s new album The Trials & Tribulations of Adam & His Seed…

Press release:

Luke Thompson is finally hitting the road and bringing the magic of gathering for a performance to Queenstown, for an evening at Sherwood*.

Taking in eleven dates across Aotearoa, this will be fans’ first chance to hear ‘The Trials and Tribulations of Adam and His Seed’ played live in what promises to be a warm, intimate and engaging night of music and unsung stories. With local supports to be announced soon…

SKILAA Share Single I Never Knew Touring This Winter

Samantha Cheong / C.C. / Photo credit: Connor Crawford
/ Friday 15th July, 2022 9:55AM


Tāmaki Makaurau’s neo-soul sensations SKILAA share their latest single ‘I Never Knew’ ahead of a four date tour, taking them nationwide this winter. A collaboration between Chelsea Prastiti and Michael Howell, the celebratory track’s funk-infused guitar work is as playful as its lyrics. Prastiti sings “I never knew love could be like this,” uplifted by melismatic harmonies. A song "about being in love with someone who really feels like your best friend, and makes you and your life better rather than harder," the catchy tune gets hips and footloose fronds moving as the drums breaks things back down — like time slowing down the ecstatic realm of love. You can expect to get lost in such glorious euphony at SKILAA’s upcoming tour, starting in the Wine Cellar alongside Ripship and Eliza Beth

"It meant a lot to me to finally be able to write about the experience of romantic love from the perspective of happiness rather than sadness, so it felt like a milestone in my life to have the opportunity to write this kind of song." — Chelsea Prastiti

SKILAA – Single Release Tour

Friday 29th July – The Wine Cellar, Auckland w/ Ripship, Eliza Beth*
Thursday 4th August – Space Academy, Christchurch w/ Georgie Clifford*
Saturday 6th August – Rogue and Vagabond, Wellington w/ Dawn Diver*
Friday 12th August – Jam Factory, Tauranga

*Tickets available HERE via UTR

‘I Never Knew’ is out today on major streaming services.

Listen To Black Midis New Album Hellfire

Sam Denne / Artwork credit: David Rudnick, Emiel Penninckx and Maharani Yasmine Putri
/ Friday 15th July, 2022 9:22AM


For a band named after a niche sub-genre of music in which composers aim to cram as many as midi notes as possible into a single song – the handle of London progressive outfit Black Midi checks out.

Sounding like an anthropomorphic panic attack that ate a whole months Ritalin script with its Weetbix, Black Midi present their latest offering Hellfire through Rough Trade Records. There really is no better adjective to describe this record than its title. Right of the bat it’s a blistering barrage of polyrhythms, counterpoint and manic prose that gives no quarter until arriving at ‘Still’, a wistful & sparkly acoustic guitar driven ditty. I’m convinced the band composed ‘Still’ for the benefit of their drummer during live sets. Seriously, if drummers were paid by the tom-hit at a rate of one cent per whack, Morgan Simpson would be sitting on the Forbes 500 list.

Ambitious and creative, Hellfire is an undertaking which attests to the virtuosity of the Black Midi’s members both individually and collectively. Producer Marta Salogni has done a remarkable job of capturing a band at its best, their zesty enthusiasm shining through at every moment, which is certainly no easy task given the complexity of the arrangements. Every squeal of a horn, shake of a maraca and instruments I couldn’t even name sit comfortably in a mix that would melt the minds of the most seasoned audio engineers.

Lyrically the songs concern characters as deranged as the manner in which their stories are sung to us. It’ll take a couple of listens to unravel a tale of the exploits of corrupt mining corporation in ‘Eat Men Eat’, but well worth it to appreciate the humour and wit buried in the ravings. Listen closely and you’ll hear about all good sorts such as "Hell… Satan and murder". The band write that beneath the immediately apparent abrasiveness, all the songs are imbued with themes both light and dark. You’d best listen for yourself, I’m sure you’ll take away something new with each spin.

Word of warning: Listen to this album when you’ve pushed your caffeine intake just a little too far and it will put you on a t-shirt.

Unveiled this week, experience director Noel Paul’s video for ‘Sugar/Tzu’…

‘Hellfire’ is out today via Rough Trade Records.

Interview Matthew Young Talks About Debut Album Its A Feeling

Chris Cudby / Photo credit: Rose Hope
/ Friday 15th July, 2022 8:39AM


Created on the road and off the grid while Matthew Young traversed the entire length of Aotearoa, the singer and producer today shares his long-awaited debut album It’s a Feeling. Making a significant splash locally and overseas with 2015’s debut Dive EP and sophomore follow up Fruit, Young has already achieved enviable success, having racked up more than 10 million streams and collaborated with such superstar figures as Cosmo’s Midnight. Teased via winkingly titled prelude collection Good Things, Young’s everyday experiences of living with bipolar disorder are threaded throughout his new long player — an eleven track sonic prism of crisp, club-friendly soul / pop / RnB, with more than a dash of emotive pop-punk. Young kindly answered our questions about the journey to his record’s release, listen up and scroll downwards for his personal reflections on It’s A Feeling…

Chris Cudby: Your debut album It’s a Feeling articulates your own experiences of living with bipolar disorder over the past five years — a complex and highly personal topic to tackle. Did you feel there were any breakthrough moments for you in writing the record?

Matthew Young: It’s so hard to know when something is ‘breakthrough’ for me. It’s not until I really look back and see all the little moments that added up over time, that I feel like I’ve broken through. The main take away from making this album was that, despite all of the ups and downs, and curve balls, I managed to still get it done. That might not seem like that big of deal to some, but this season of my life has been spent mostly working on myself and focusing on learning to function better. Feeling like I have my shit together finally, after so many years is the big breakthrough. All the little moments have finally added up.

Have you drawn inspiration or motivation from any artists who’ve addressed mental health issues in their own works?

Not really, to be completely honest. I love honest pop songs, and moving forward that’s the domain I’m heading toward, but this album was mostly inspired by artists like Joni Mitchell and Peter Gabriel. They write honestly, which I appreciate. Mental health issues are just part of life, like anything else. I think this album ended up the way it did, because it was written during a part of my life that required a lot of introspection. It’s completely self-absorbed, but sometimes that’s the medicine.

I’m told much of the record was originally written on the road and "off-the-grid" as you travelled throughout Aotearoa. Whereabouts did you travel to? Were there any specific places you visited that resonated with you?

I travelled the entire length of country basically, west coast the whole way. The places that most resonated were Opononi and Martinborough. I think it’s because they felt the most serene, they both fed my soul the most during the trip. They’re so relaxed and were two of the more isolated places I stayed. Also I hate the rain, and they were the sunniest places I visited, so easy choices tbh.

You’ve name-checked such late ’90s icons as Sugar Ray and Third Eye Blind as inspiration for songs on the new record, and tracks such as ‘Like Falling’ certainly have more than a touch of nu metal / pop-punk flair. Are those groups / sounds you have nostalgic feelings for?

Kind of, tbh I think that music feels so nostalgic for mostly, because their hits are so heavily synced with movies. They feel really sunny, which I really like. That late ’90s / early ’00s Los Angeles sound. Most songs of that era feel super angry, which is not my vibe. I like music that feels pretty relaxed most of the time.

Matthew Young · Running Up That Hill

How do you feel your own musical and lyrical approach has changed over time? It looks like you were ahead of the pack with your Kate Bush cover!

Haha thanks! 4 years ahead of the trend is too far ahead probably, but I love her music. She’s one of my all time favies. I feel like, with this album, it was the most difficult writing exercise I’ve ever been through. Trying to write honestly and testing my comfort level, with how much I was willing to share was hard. I think, these days, I’m a lot more comfortable with myself, and getting better at letting go of the perfectionist strangle hold I have on everything. I definitely learnt a lot about how I don’t want to do things, moving forward, but had to learn the hard way, as always.

Did you work with any collaborators in completing It’s a Feeling, and what roles did they play on the album?

Only one 3 of the 11 tracks, ‘Who Am I To You?’ and ‘Belong’ were made with a production duo named Trackside in LA and ‘Missing’ is one I started working on with my friend A.C. Freazy, who leant some production chops to the song. Other than that, everything else was written and produced by me. I loooooved working with the collaborators I worked with on this album, few as they may be. I’m definitely going to work collaboratively in the future, with the next songs. I’m done with working solo.

Your music has achieved notable success in the streaming realm — is it a challenge to also maintain a live performance profile as an artist? Do you feel one necessarily requires the other in our contemporary music environment?

I never really think about any of that to be honest. I think, at the end of the day, playing live is what connects your music to people who truly love it, and makes the job really worth doing. Now that this album is finally here, I’m ready to make playing live one of the top priorities. I hope the album translates well in a live setting, but either way, there are plenty more songs to write and a lot more opportunities to play live.

Do you have live shows or any tour plans on the horizon?

Hopefully all of the above. Really what I want now is to travel and make music with as many people as I can, and live wherever it’s warm and doesn’t rain.

‘It’s a Feeling’ is out today via Sony Music New Zealand.

Gilla Band Announce New Album Most Normal Share Single Video Eight Fivers

Chris Cudby
/ Thursday 14th July, 2022 2:46PM


Dublin’s Gilla Band have ditched their former Girl Band moniker and are charting a fresh course, with third album (or first, depending how you look at it) Most Normal launching in October via Rough Trade Records. Sounding a bit like that time I accidentally dropped a fork in the waste disposal unit, the post-punk four-piece whip up an impressive racket on lead track ‘Eight Fivers‘, as frontman Dara Kiely declares "I spent all my money on shit clothes." Director / animators Mortis Studios‘ visual accompaniment for the highly relatable jawns jam feels both jaunty and appropriately discombobulating — smash that play button below…

‘Most Normal’ releases on Friday 7th October via Rough Trade Records — ‘Eight Fivers’ is out now on major streaming services.

Aotearoa Gigs For The Weekend

C.C. / Image: Defeated Sanity / Photo credit: Paul McGuire

/ Thursday 14th July, 2022 11:34AM


A vast variety of live shows are happening all across Aotearoa this coming weekend, from brain-blasting extreme metal to tender folk-pop, raunchy dungeon techno and everything in between (and beyond!). Dive into our stacked selection of shows below (more options HERE) — our favourite band name of this week is The Toadstool Elf. Secure your spot by grabbing presale tickets while you can and please consider masking up at gigs to help minimise the chance of musicians getting sick on tour…

If you’re planning a live event and / or tour in the near future, we’re here to help with our free (for organisers) ticketing service — you can get the ball rolling by adding your gig HERE.

Rāpare / Thursday 14th July

The Preauricular Pit: Gayblade, Jamie Awakshidar, The Toadstool Elf – Whammy Backroom, Auckland, tickets HERE
Bowl Of Muesli Comedy Show – Cassette Nine, Auckland, tickets HERE

Underwire Showcase – Valhalla, Wellington, tickets HERE

Earl Green, Cold Ceiling, Japes – San Fran, Wellington, tickets HERE

Wiri Donna – Space Academy, Christchurch, tickets HERE

Just Another June, Too Woke For Toast, Leah Kelsey – darkroom, Christchurch, tickets HERE

Nadia Reid with NZTrio – Glenroy Auditorium, Dunedin

Arun O’Connor, Jaydin Shingleton – Southland Musicians Club, Invercargill, tickets HERE

Rāmere / Friday 15th July

Jordan Luck Band – The Butter Factory, Whangarei [sold out]

A Live Tribute To Gorillaz – Ponsonby Social Club, Auckland [sold out]

Vera Ellen, Human Resource – Whammy Bar, Auckland

The Backrooms, Late To Chelsea, Melanie, Venom Dolls, Supabad – Whammy Backroom, Auckland, tickets HERE

Coridian, Ben Ruegg – Dead Witch, Auckland, tickets HERE

Neon Knights, Jennie La Bombe, Joe Varella, V!z – UFO, Auckland, tickets HERE

Hi/times: Après Ski Edition w/ Majik Johnson, Sweetpants, Marc Moore – Hi-So Rooftop Bar, Auckland, tickets HERE
Garmonsgig – Winwin Bar, Auckland, tickets HERE

The First Child, Qualms, Take Hold – Underground, Auckland, tickets HERE

Long Distance Runner, LANDLORDS – last place, Hamilton, tickets HERE
Nadia Reid with NZTrio – Old St Paul’s, Wellington

Kind Of Green 3.5 w/ Foxtrot, Patella, Second Skin, Rosetown, Wunner, Trig, Toronja – 12 Bar, Christchurch, tickets HERE

Wiri Donna – Dive, Dunedin, tickets HERE

Daniel Hawkins – Dog With Two Tails, Dunedin, tickets HERE

Arun O’Connor, Jaydin Shingleton – The Thomas Green, Gore, tickets HERE

Rāhoroi / Saturday 16th July

Swampland, Wavepig – The Butter Factory, Whangarei, tickets HERE

Jordan Luck Band – Mangawhai Tavern, Mangawhai, tickets HERE

0800 Belly Up – Leigh Sawmill Cafe, Leigh, tickets HERE

Soul Bossa Duo performs Elis Regina – Ponsonby Social Club, Auckland, tickets HERE

Long Distance Runner, LANDLORDS, TOOMS, nxrthwxstkvrdvshivn – Whammy Bar, Auckland, tickets HERE

Grecco Romank, Kraus, Baby Zionov – Whammy Backroom, Auckland, tickets HERE

Vikae, Velveteen Shakes, Induna, The Man Shamz – Stampede Bar, Auckland, tickets HERE

Ratso, Venom Dolls, Video Nasty – UFO, Auckland, tickets HERE

Te Korakora: Trinity Roots, Aja, Kings & more – Silo Park, Auckland [free event]

Jason Kerrison, Mike Conlon – Stallions, Te Awamutu [sold out]

Winterlude: Bigbada Boom Reggae Sound System Vol 1 – Spellbound Wax Company, Gisborne, tickets HERE

Bad Schematics, The Lost Boys, Holloway – ZEAL, Kapiti, Paraparaumu, tickets HERE

Defeated Sanity – Valhalla, Wellington, tickets HERE

Miles Calder – Vogelmorn Hall, Wellington, tickets HERE

Nadia Reid – Old St Paul’s, Wellington

Crustaceanz, Bear Trap, Anti Stasi, Witchcult – Greenlane, Christchurch, tickets HERE

Monty Bevins, Amiria Grenell – Hillsborough, Christchurch, tickets HERE

Wiri Donna – Yonder, Queenstown

Rātapu / Sunday 17th July

Defeated Sanity – Whammy Bar, Auckland, tickets HERE

Feijoada Do Samba Dos Amigos – Ponsonby Social Club, Auckland, tickets HERE

Orville Peck – The Powerstation, Auckland

Wet Leg – The Tuning Fork, Auckland

Arun O’Connor, Jaydin Shingleton – A Rolling Stone, Christchurch, tickets HERE

Performing this weekend in Auckland and Wellington, experience the intense official video for German death metal quartet Defeated Sanity‘s ‘Imposed Corporeal Inhabitation’ — from their 2020 album The Sanguinary Impetus…

Eyegum Announce Scenic Tours 2 ft Mirror Ritual fka Transistor and Porpoise

Chris Cudby / Mirror Ritual photo credit: Tasha Tziakis / Porpoise photo credit: @speoswald
/ Thursday 14th July, 2022 9:36AM


Te Whanganui a Tara’s tireless Eyegum collective have announced the second in hopefully long run of Scenic Tours, taking up ‘n’ coming local combos to venues all around beautiful Aotearoa. Eyegum Scenic Tours #2 stars capital city guitar-fuzz pychonauts Mirror Ritual, the new (and much more Google-able) moniker of Transistor, squeezing into the van for five double headline dates with Ōtepoti student radio faves Porpoise. A much-needed initiative bringing together regional music communities following a dormant period for tours of any kind, show your support and grip the gig details for Eyegum Scenic Tours #2 below…

Eyegum Scenic Tours #2: Mirror Ritual (Wgtn) and Porpoise (Dun)

Friday 19th August – San Fran, Wellington

Friday 16th September – Whammy Bar, Auckland

Saturday 17th September – last place, Hamilton

Friday 30th September – darkroom, Christchurch
Saturday 1st October – The Crown Hotel, Dunedin

Tickets available HERE via UTR

Formerly known as Transistor, experience Mirror Ritual’s psyched-out video for ‘Contextualise’…

Watch the video for Porpoise’s 2022 single ‘my life in dreams’…

Press release:

Eyegum is excited to announce the latest in their Scenic Tour series, Scenic Tours are a tour series organised with two bands, to tour the country together. This current round brings together two of our favourite acts, Mirror Ritual and Porpoise.

Mirror Ritual, formerly known as Transistor are a Poneke based kaleidoscopic dream-fuzz band, steadily releasing tunes, while honing their live show.

Porpoise are a new band hailing from Ōtepoti, featuring big dramatic songs, that build and swell till they reach climatic crescendos, they’re the band that touring bands coming through Ōtepoti want to play with. We’re very excited to have them on board.

Sharon Van Etten Returning To New Zealand In December

Chris Cudby
/ Thursday 14th July, 2022 7:31AM


NYC songwriting icon and famously one of John Campbell’s favourite musicians, Sharon Van Etten has announced her imminent return to Aotearoa. She’ll be performing headline dates at Auckland’s opulent Civic Theatre and Wellington’s Opera House with full band in December 2022, hot on the heels of the launch of shadowy new album We’ve Been Going About This All Wrong.

As testament to how beloved she is by her peers, 2021’s epic TEN collection featured Courtney Barnett, Idles, Shamir and Fiona Apple covering tunes from Van Etten’s 2010 album Epic, while the artist’s recent output includes collaborations with Josh Homme, Angel Olsen, and a standout contribution to the soundtrack to Pepe The Frog documentary Feels Good Man. Van Etten’s visits to our shores in 2015 and 2019 garnered rapturous reviews — needless to say attendance will be mandatory for the boundlessly talented actor / musician’s forthcoming summer events. Grip the official details below…

UnderTheRadar are thrilled to present…

Sharon Van Etten – Darkness Fades New Zealand Tour

Monday 12th December – Civic Theatre, Auckland

Tuesday 13th December – The Opera House, Wellington

Tickets on sale from 10am, Thursday 21st July via Ticketmaster

Watch the video for ‘Mistakes’ from Sharon Van Etten’s new album We’ve Been Going About This All Wrong…

Experience the clip for ‘Seventeen’ from Van Etten’s 2019 album Remind Me Tomorrow…

Press release:

Solid Entertainment and Banished Music are thrilled to announce the return of Sharon Van Etten and her full band to New Zealand. The Darkness Fades tour arrives in support of her brilliant brand new sixth album, We’ve Been Going About This All Wrong. “Stunning” is the word most used to describe Sharon Van Etten’s concerts. She’s one of the century’s great songwriters, a truly exceptional lyricist, and as for that voice…

Last in Auckland in 2019, playing a sold-out Powerstation show in support of Remind Me Tomorrow, Sharon Van Etten was a musician at the peak of her powers. The album went on to become one of the year’s most universally praised Albums of the Year and cemented Van Etten as one of the most influential artists of her generation. Her accompanying concerts were breathtaking, her performances a visceral connection with her audiences.

Ben Woods Unveils Dispeller Short Film

Chris Cudby / Photo credit: Emma Wallbanks
/ Wednesday 13th July, 2022 10:33AM


Premiered yesterday by international tastemakers The FADER, Dispeller is a fifteen minute short film from the minds of Ōtautahi musical maverick Ben Woods and director Martin Sagadin. Offering fans a sneak peek at three songs from Woods’ forthcoming new album of the same name (launching this coming Friday), the audio-visual creation combines impressionistic collaged passages with live performance footage of Woods and bandmates Ben Dodd, Charlotte Crone, Lucy Hunter, Luke Towart, Matt Davis, Rory Dalley and Ryan Chin (Ryan Fisherman) — rattling off entrancing renditions of ‘White Leather Again‘, ‘Fame‘ and earlier single ‘Hovering at Home‘. Filmed at The Sitting Room (where the album was recorded), Dispeller conveys strong feelings of place within which to situate Woods’ sonic offerings, closing with an alluring outdoors duet featuring Chin on phone vox. Watch below and don’t miss Woods touring his new record in September…

"Part of making this record for me was experimenting with and understanding space. With recording, it was the studio versus where I felt the songs wanted to transport the listener. And through writing, it looked at the natural projection of where I was geographically and the people I was making music with or whose music I loved.

Making this short with Martin — who’s directed most of my videos and knows me inside out — was how I wanted to share that less abstractly. Piecing the songs with my friends in the spaces where I made the album. Not to paint a portrait of myself, but of all those external forces that built me." — Ben Woods

Ben Woods

Thursday 1st September – Meow, Wellington*

Friday 2nd September – Whammy Bar, Auckland^

Friday 16th September – Dive, Dunedin^

Saturday 17th September – Loons, Christchurch^

*Tickets via

^Tickets via

‘Dispeller’ is out July 15th via Melted Ice Cream (NZ), Shrimper (USA) and Meritorio (EU/UK).

Don McGlashan Announces New Dates For Bright November Morning Tour

Chris Cudby
/ Wednesday 13th July, 2022 9:00AM


Indisputable legend of Aotearoa music Don McGlashan has announced a fresh set of dates for his hungrily awaited Bright November Morning album release tour. Originally scheduled for February before Omicron emerged to muck up everyone’s plans, McGlashan will now be celebrating his chart-topping long player’s launch this coming October and November (aptly enough) with all-star bandmates The OthersShayne P. Carter (Straitjacket Fits, Dimmer), Chris O’Connor (SJD, Phoenix Foundation) and James Duncan (SJD, Dimmer) — joined on stage by multi-instrumentalist Anita Clark (Motte). Helmsman of such landmark groups as the Mutton Birds and Blam! Blam! Blam!, dive into McGlashan’s insightful chat with Clark Mathews of DARTZ (who recently scored a radio hit with their dumpling-obsessed cover of ‘Dominion Road‘) HERE and best move fast to secure your spot at the following dates…

"It’s been a real thrill hearing your responses to the songs on Bright November Morning these past months. I can’t wait to get out and play them to you live. But we don’t need to wait any longer, because at last we’re able to tell you about our Aotearoa Spring Tour!". — Don McGlashan

UnderTheRadar proudly presents…

Don McGlashan & The Others

Thursday 20th October – Sherwood, Queenstown
Friday 21st October – Dunedin Arts Festival, Dunedin (tickets on sale August 3rd)*
Saturday 22nd October – James Hay Theatre, Christchurch*
Sunday 23rd October – Gaiety Hall, Akaroa

Wednesday 26th October – Hawkes Bay Arts Festival, Hastings (tickets on sale July 20th)*
Thursday 27th October – Old St Pauls, Wellington

Saturday 29th October – St Peters Hall, Paekakariki

Sunday 30th October – Nelson Arts Festival, Nelson (tickets on sale August 5th)*

Thursday 3rd November – Sawmill Cafe, Leigh
Saturday 5th November – The Powerstation, Auckland*

Tickets available HERE via UTR

*Tickets available at

Watch Kristina Simons’ lyric video for ‘All The Goodbyes In The World’…

Press release:

Today, Don McGlashan is elated to announce the new Aotearoa tour dates to celebrate his number one album, Bright November Morning. The tour will have the full band that recorded the album with Don, including; Shayne P Carter (Straitjacket Fits, Dimmer), Chris O’Connor (SJD, Phoenix Foundation) and James Duncan (SJD, Dimmer) and joining them will be multi-instrumentalist Anita Clark (Motte).

Don McGlashan released his new album, Bright November Morning, following the release of three singles; ‘Now’s The Place’, ‘Go Back In’ and ‘All The Goodbyes In The World’. The glowing reviews and accolades have been rolling in and the audience have spoken by buying up large with sales pushing Don McGlashan’s album to Number 1 on the New Zealand Recorded Music Album Charts.

Diablos Caravan Announce Spring Nationwide Tour

Chris Cudby
/ Tuesday 12th July, 2022 1:42PM


Could there be any band in Aotearoa that gig harder than Diablos Caravan? We suspect not, as the indefatigable acoustic guitar trio are following up their epic-scale early ’22 summer tour with a Herculean round of new headline shows, taking them all around the country from September to mid-November. Warming your cockles with their own virtuosic takes on "Flamenco, Blues, Latin Jazz and everything in between", don’t miss the team of Doc Sanchez, Jimi Kara and Luke Flanders in action at the following dates…

Diablos Caravan

Thursday 1st September – The Vic , Auckland

Friday 2nd September – Blockhouse Bay Boatclub , Auckland

Saturday 3rd September – ONEONESIX, Whangarei

Sunday 4th September- Nauti Penguin, Russell

Thursday 8th September – Raglan Old School Arts Centre, Raglan

Friday 9th September – Ding Dong Lounge, Auckland

Saturday 10th September – WILD ON WAIHEKE BREWERY, Waiheke Island

Sunday 11th September – Leigh Sawmill Cafe, Leigh

Saturday 17th September – The Cabana, Napier

Sunday 18th September – Common Room, Hastings

Friday 23rd September – The Old Dairy Factory, Norsewood

Saturday 24th September – Bedlam And Squalor, Wellington

Sunday 25th September – Le Cafe, Picton

Tuesday 27th September – St Peter’s Hall, Paekakariki

Thursday 29th September – Milton Street Substation, Christchurch

Friday 30th September – Wunderbar, Lyttelton

Sunday 2nd October – The Wine Cellar, Auckland

Thursday 6th October – Carey’s Bay Historic Hotel, Dunedin
Sunday 9th October – Ground Up Brewing, Wanaka

Thursday 13th October – Yonder, Queenstown

Friday 14th October – Hector Black’s, Timaru

Saturday 15th October – Oamaru Opera House, Oamaru

Sunday 16th October – Austin Club, Christchurch

Friday 21st October – The Grand Hotel, Akaroa

Saturday 22nd October – Waipara Springs Winery, Waipara

Saturday 29th October – Chanel Arts Centre, Motueka

Friday 11th November – The Boathouse, Nelson

Tickets available HERE via UTR

Spotlight Reb Fountain Iris Nationwide Tour of Aotearoa

C.C. / Photo credit: Francis Carter
/ Tuesday 12th July, 2022 10:58AM


Recipient of the 2021 Taite Music Prize, finalist for this year’s award, shortlisted multiple years running for the APRA Silver Scroll, and winner of Tuis for 2018 Recorded Music NZ Best Country Music Artist and APRA Best Country Music Song, it’s no exaggeration to say Reb Fountain is one of our most celebrated contemporary songwriting talents. At the forefront of the Save Our Venues NZ fundraising initiative during 2020’s turbulent lockdown era, Fountain’s own touring schedule has faced significant hurdles due to pandemic issues, now finally happening across Aotearoa this month and next.

Launched late last year via Flying Nun, Fountain is touring her darkly romantic new album Iris nationwide with full band and special guest, Auckland Live Best Independent Debut Award winner Jazmine Mary (for all dates except Tāmaki Makaurau), including a headline Auckland Town Hall performance as part of Elemental Nights 2022. Bracketed by cinematic videos all created in collaboration with Fountain’s daughter, director Lola Fountain-Best, we’ve gathered here in one spot every official clip released for singles from Iris so far — plus spellbinding live footage of Fountain and band performing at Auckland Town Hall last year…

“Iris is in many ways an unsung hero, known as the goddess of the rainbow, sea and sky, she acts as bridge between the gods to humanity with little of her own story known. So many stories go unheard, so many aspects of our humanity are unsung; visibility is a contested and inequitable space where what is essential and of beauty is often ‘invisible’. I wanted and needed to give voice to this essential human spirit; to conjure and hold and commune with the very real, valid and invaluable voices within and around me.” — Reb Fountain

Reb Fountain

with special guest Jazmine Mary (all shows except Auckland’s Elemental Nights)

Friday 22th July – Nivara Lounge, Hamilton

Saturday 23rd July – Totara Street, Tauranga△
Friday 29th July – Town Hall, Auckland (as part of Elemental Nights)*

Wednesday 17th August – Glenroy Auditorium, Dunedin*

Thursday 18th August – Isaac Theatre Royal, Christchurch*

Saturday 20th August – The Opera House, Wellington*

Friday 26th August – The Dome, Gisborne

Saturday 27th August – ToiToi Opera House, Hastings

Tickets for Hamilton and Gisborne available HERE via UTR
*Tickets for Auckland, Dunedin, Christchurch and Wellington shows HERE via Live Nation
△Tauranga and Hastings tickets on sale from

The video for Fountain’s self-professed love song ‘Heart‘ places the artist in a luxurious "makeshift room in the middle of anywhere"….

Fountain asks us to sit with our deep-seated flaws and monstrous truths in ‘Beastie‘..

Watch the lush and playful beachside clip for the title track to Iris…

Experience intimate monochrome visuals for ‘Fisherman‘, inspired by Andy Warhol’s screen tests…

Fountain’s ‘Foxbrite‘ journeys from stark piano and acoustic guitar plucks to heart-squeezing, cinematic strings…

Fountain’s ‘Lacuna‘ (meaning "a blank space or a missing part) is a synth-inflected, dark-toned chugging groover reflecting upon "what’s it like to grow into oneself, to wrestle with the intangible nature of our human condition, to see who we are"…

Watch Reb Fountain performing ‘Psyche‘ with band at Auckland Town Hall as part of 2021’s The Flying Nun 40th Anniversary Show — directed by Peter Brook Bell…

Reb Fountain’s album ‘Iris’ is out now via Flying Nun Records.

Watch Georgia Lines New Web Series Intros

C.C. / Monday 11th July, 2022 1:40PM


Georgia Lines has gone and squeezed an entire new web series into the Aotearoa songwriter’s already bustling schedule, revealing late last week the first episode of Intros. Showcasing conversations with and intimate performances by some of her favourite local talents, episode one features a thoughtful sit-down kōrero with Ōtepoti pop artist Judah Kelley (who recently moved to Tāmaki Makaurau) — chatting about new song ‘Can’t Keep Waiting‘, the importance of artist support networks and lots more. The first episode concludes with an impassioned, keys-led rendition of ‘Can’t Keep Waiting’ — watch below and look forward to Georgia Lines’ forthcoming HUMAN EP, out on July 29th along with two live shows…

"I’d like to introduce you to… INTROS! A new series I’ve created to introduce you to my new favourite artists, where we have a chat, talk about life and all things musical and get an intimate live performance." – Georgia Lines

Georgia Lines HUMAN EP Release Tour

Thursday 4th August – Totara Street, Tauranga w/ YAHYAH

Friday 5th August – Galatos, Auckland w/ YAHYAH, Benjamin Mack

Ticket info available HERE

The Napier Death Metal Festival NDMF11 Lineup End Boss Bulletbelt Tuscoma More

Chris Cudby
/ Monday 11th July, 2022 12:41PM


A powerhouse ten band lineup has been announced for the eleventh edition of The Napier Death Metal Festival, happening over two stages at The Cabana on 3rd September. A widely-beloved, eardrum-obliterating Aotearoa extreme metal tradition, the Hawkes Bay fest’s uncompromising bill includes such hellishly intense groups as Bulletbelt, Tuscoma, End Boss, Corpse Feast, Knifed and more — details below…

The Napier Death Metal Festival NDMF11

Featuring… Bulletbelt, Rvkkvs, Tuscoma, End Boss, Abysm, Knifed, Teraset, Inhale, Corpse Feast, Horrendous Disfigurement

Saturday 3rd September – The Cabana, Napier

Tickets available HERE via UTR

Watch the video for Tuscoma’s ‘The Importance of Being Vogue’ from new album Gu-cci…

Experience ‘PUNISHED’ from End Boss’ epic 2022 debut album They Seek My Head…

LANDLORDS Share Single Haunt

Chris Cudby
/ Monday 11th July, 2022 11:50AM


Kirikiriroa / Hamilton’s LANDLORDS have lifted the veil on ‘Haunt’, the second song revealed from their forthcoming Codeine EP, launching on 26th August via UK imprint Church Road Records. Following up on last month’s mesmerising post-rock anthem ‘Clover‘, the new tune indeed lives up to its title — a slow motion midnight crossroads of hushed vocal utterances, luminous guitar jangle and thrillingly heavy fuzz-crunch. Releasing their new five song collection on white and orange splattered vinyl LP and CD (preorders HERE), don’t miss LANDLORDS letting rip in support of Long Distance Runner‘s album launch shows in Tāmaki Makaurau and the Waikato this weekend…

Long Distance Runner w/ LANDLORDS

Friday 15th July – last place, Hamilton

Saturday 16th July – Whammy Bar, Auckland w/ TOOMS, nxrthwxstkvrdvshivn

Tickets available HERE via UTR

‘Haunt’ is out now on major streaming services via Church Road Records.

Live Photos Luke Buda The Wine Cellar Auckland

Chris Cudby
/ Monday 11th July, 2022 10:17AM


The Phoenix Foundation co-founder Luke Buda (Moniker, Teeth) returned to Tāmaki Makaurau on Friday for a two set celebration of his 2021 solo album BUDA. Part of a whiplash, long-awaited nationwide tour squeezed into the latter portion of last week, the 2022 Taite Music Prize finalist was joined on stage for all dates by bandmate / regular collaborator Anita Clark (Motte). Respecting the organisers’ request to not photograph Clark at The Wine Cellar gig, Dave Simpson turned in a superb selection of snaps documenting Buda performing songs from his latest record (plus selected TPF faves and more). Click on the thumbnail pics below to view the full image gallery…

View all photos

Aotearoa Gigs For The Weekend

C.C. / Image: Wiri Donna / Photo credit: Kenzie Pigman
/ Thursday 7th July, 2022 10:46AM


Brave this weekend’s forthcoming weather bomb and feast your eyes and ears on our stacked selection of shows happening throughout Aotearoa below (more options HERE). Secure your spot by grabbing presale tickets while you can and please consider masking up at gigs to help minimise the chance of musicians getting sick on tour…

If you’re planning a live event and / or tour in the near future, we’re here to help with our free (for organisers) ticketing service — you can get the ball rolling by adding your gig HERE.

Thursday 7th July

Tim Batt hosts Muckaround Comedy – Whammy Backroom, Auckland, tickets HERE

Trioglodyte, Abigail Aroha Jensen, Tash Van Schaardenburg – The Wine Cellar, Auckland, tickets HERE

Huglits By Stevi – Neck of the Woods, Auckland, tickets HERE

Luke Buda with Anita Clark, Ebony Lamb – Vogelmorn Hall, Wellington, tickets HERE

Emma Dilemma – Meow, Wellington
A Night With Pickle Darling – Space Academy, Christchurch, tickets HERE
Hollie Smith – Yonder, Queenstown, tickets HERE

Friday 8th July

Emma Dilemma, Jupita, Violet Highway – Whammy Bar, Auckland, tickets HERE

Luke Buda with Anita Clark, Kraus – The Wine Cellar, Auckland (early and later events), tickets HERE

Baby Zionov, A. C. Freazy, deepState + special guests – Whammy Backroom, Auckland, tickets HERE

Winter Warmer w/ Echo Ohs, Dick Move, Warm Leather, Soft Bait – Cupid Bar, Auckland [sold out]

The Vault Fundraiser w/ Deb5000, The Admiral, Burdenz, Cunk, Power Nap – The Vault, Auckland

Wiri Donna, Ringlets, Elliott Dawson – last place, Hamilton, tickets HERE

The Johnnys, The Southern Diplomats – The Refinery, Paeroa, tickets HERE

Jordan Luck Band – Smash Palace, Gisborne, tickets HERE

Strange Behaviour: Label Night w/ BJ Leo, B.lo, Box of Hammers, Japes, Jerry Watts, Ludus, Saint Mercury, Vanessa Worm – Valhalla, Wellington, tickets HERE

Bleeding Star, Fizzface, Hull, Mudgoose – Pyramid Club, Wellington, tickets HERE

Vera Ellen, Linen, Raiden Freeman (DJ) – San Fran, Wellington
Hollie Smith – The Loons, Christchurch, tickets HERE

The Black Seeds – Ngaio Marsh Theatre, Christchurch
Hans Pucket w/ Neive Strang – Dive, Dunedin, tickets HERE

Saturday 9th July

Alargo – Kumeu Live (at Kumeu Arts), Kumeu, tickets HERE

Wiri Donna, Tom Verberne, Judah Kelley – Whammy Bar, Auckland, tickets HERE

Tāmaki Dance Revue Presents: DJ JNETT, Oaariki, Scarlett – The Mothership, Auckland, tickets HERE
Church – Neck of the Woods, Auckland, tickets HERE

Anasetasia – Anthology Lounge, Auckland, tickets HERE

BBQ Noodle Haus, This Machine Means Murder, The Breakup Machines – The Thirsty Dog, Auckland, tickets HERE
Brain Gun, Bazooka, Pineapple Roll – UFO, Auckland, tickets HERE

Eastern Women’s Refuge Fundraiser w/ BBYFACEKILLA, Jazmine Mary, Memory Foam, Phoebe Rings, Samara Alofa & Friends, Van Staden & Böhm – Galatos, Auckland

The Johnnys – The Yot Club, Raglan, tickets HERE

Après Surf w/ Mini Simmons, Sojøurn, The Huney Bee Wild – Ohope Hall, Whakatāne, tickets HERE

Emma Dilemma – Jam Factory, Tauranga, tickets HERE
Jordan Luck Band – The Cabana, Napier [sold out]

The Stomach Session w/ Adam Lee, Hemi Walker, Pretti, Shadowcaster – The Stomach, Palmerston North, tickets HERE

Hollie Smith – Playhouse Theatre, Nelson, tickets HERE

The Black Seeds – Lake Wanaka Centre, Wanaka

Hans Pucket, Minisnap, Richard Dada – The Loons, Lyttelton, tickets HERE

Luke Buda with Anita Clark, Junus Orca & Instant Fantasy – Lyttelton Coffee Company, Lyttelton [sold out]

Haven: Keepsakes B2B Keanu Raves, Liam K. Swiggs, Anima, Chrome Platez – FLUX, Christchurch, tickets HERE
WAY.PNT : ŌTAUTAHI : FEM ENGE w/ Stef Animal, Janaye Henry as Strawberry Bam Bam, MR MEATY BOY, Pothos, Misc – CoCA Centre of Contemporary Art Toi Moroki, Christchurch, tickets HERE

Too Much 2 Tone (Ska Music Night) w/ DJs 59 to 1 & Selecta Buddub – darkroom, Christchurch [sold out]
Eighties Forever: A 1980s Dance Party – Dive, Dunedin, tickets HERE

Aart Smith Project – Dog With Two Tails, Dunedin, tickets HERE

Sunday 10th July

Return To The Inner Landscape – Move Space, Auckland, tickets HERE

Dylan Wade, Nur Peach And David Kohout – The Back Room, Thames, tickets HERE

The Black Seeds – Lake Wanaka Centre, Wanaka
Luke Buda with Anita Clark – Grainstore Gallery, Oamaru, tickets HERE

Arun O’ Connor – Dunedin Folk Club, Dunedin, tickets HERE

Te Whanganui-a-Tara’s Wiri Donna aka Bianca Bailey‘s Being Alone EP release tour with band continues this weekend in Kirikiriroa and Tāmaki Makaurau — marvel at Sports Team’s fantastical video for ‘No Follow Through’…

Listen To Nude Tuesday Soundtrack ft Jemaine Clement Reb Fountain Moniker More

Chris Cudby
/ Friday 8th July, 2022 2:10PM


Flight Of The Conchords co-founder Jemaine Clement scratches his musical itch on the soundtrack to new motion picture Nude Tuesday, co-starring the aforementioned Aotearoa actor / comedian / musician in the role of "relationship and sexual healing guru" Bjorg Rasmussen. In line with the film’s improvised gibberish dialogue, the soundtrack is largely sung in the entirely made-up, Swedish Chef-like language of Zøbftańlik. Featuring music by composers Moniker (aka The Phoenix Foundation’s Lukasz Pawel Buda, Samuel Flynn Scott and Thomas Conrad Wedde) and Cam Ballantyne, the soundtrack showcases reimagined versions of Talking Heads’ ‘Road To Nowhere’, The Zombies’ ‘Time Of The Season’, Cat Power’s ‘Sea Of Love’ (originally by Phil Phillips) and more. Reb Fountain sings in Zøbftańlik on multiple tunes, Clement stays in-character as Bjorg throughout and Australian badman Kirin J. Callinan pops by the studio to help cover ‘Islands In The Stream’ by Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers.

As luck would have it, Moniker’s Luke Buda is touring his solo album BUDA with Anita Clark tonight at Tāmaki Makaurau’s The Wine Cellar, on Saturday at Lyttelton Coffee Company and on Sunday at Oamaru’s Grainstore Gallery [details HERE]. Watch the original motion picture soundtrack trailer starring Clement and hit play below…

‘Nude Tuesday (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)’ is out today on major streaming platforms.

Big Scout Unveil Single How Lovely

Sam Denne
/ Friday 8th July, 2022 12:34PM


If Lonely Planet were looking for prospective authors to pen a chapter about Wellington, I’d say the members of Big Scout would be low down the list of candidates lest they kill the Windy City’s tourism industry. How they wound up in Waiharakeke / Blenheim is anyone’s guess, but judging by the ruckus content described in the lyrics of their new single ‘How Lovely’, the band may have been looking for a slightly less frenetic lifestyle. Detailing smoky bus stops and pinger-fuelled romps about Courtney Place, ‘How Lovely’ is an ode to a “wasted youth” spent in cold flats warmed only by cheap heaters and cheaper beer. Other honourable mentions include the efforts of the capital’s esteemed parking wardens and getting snubbed by men in ‘neo-liberal blue’ or, as I call them, Business Crips.

It’s the third release from an eagerly anticipated debut full length Council Sport which is set to drop August 19th via Christchurch label Melted Ice Cream Records, releasing in conjunction with a nationwide tour. If you plan on giving your liver a hard time this weekend, maybe listen to ‘How Lovely’, as it’s very well what you may be singing when the morning light penetrates the curtains…

‘Council Sport’ launches on Friday 19th August via Melted Ice Cream Records — vinyl preorders available HERE.

Watch Sharon Van Ettens Video For Headspace

Chris Cudby / Photo Credit: Michael Schmelling
/ Friday 8th July, 2022 11:25AM


Confronting dark themes sparked by a turbulent past two years on new album We’ve Been Going About This All Wrong (released in its entirety in May with no advance singles), Sharon Van Etten has unveiled suitably unsettling visuals for standout industrial-pop anthem ‘Headspace‘. Directed by Ashley Connor, the leather-clad US songwriter is joined in her stylishly minimal video by dancers Coco Karol and Miguel Angel Guzmán — writhing around on a bed as Van Etten is consumed by the omnipresent white glow of a monitor screen (reminding this viewer of Mike Teavee’s tragicomic fate in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory). About to embark on an extensive tour of her homeland with Angel Olsen and Julien Baker, experience Van Etten’s ‘Headspace’ below [content warning: strobing imagery]…

“When I was writing this song, I wanted to talk about domesticity and intimacy frustrations under the tensions of working at home and seeking connection while being tied to our devices and still trying to reach each other as lovers, parents, humans… Reminding each other that there is still a primal attraction even in the midst of the mundane and repetition of everyday life.” — Sharon Van Etten

‘We’ve Been Going About This All Wrong’ is out now on vinyl LP, CD and major streaming services via Jagjaguwar.

Colette Rivers Shares Single Heaven Earth

C.C. / Friday 8th July, 2022 10:39AM


Taupō-raised songwriter Colette Rivers has returned with her first official single since 2021’s debut full length album Memory Lake. The soul-powered ‘Heaven & Earth‘ tells a moving tale of a young woman faced with (and overcoming) seemingly insurmountable odds, set against a cinematic backdrop of sweeping, folk-inflected instrumentation. With a bindle full of new songs written in her home studio during Aotearoa’s lockdown months, Rivers will be celebrating today’s release this Sunday with a performance at Te Whanganui a Tara’s MOON1, alongside fellow songwriting talents Sam Fowles and Beans Maries (details HERE) — head along and experience the lushness of ‘Heaven & Earth’ below…

“I work with a lot of young people and young women and I think this song is inspired by that feeling of both wanting to protect and empower against difficulties. It is also in a way a metaphor about my own set-backs in music – and bloody well going around them.” – Colette Rivers

‘Heaven & Earth’ is out now on major streaming services.

Live Photos Hiatus Kaiyote Estre The Powerstation Auckland

C.C. / Photography by Connor Crawford
/ Friday 8th July, 2022 9:55AM


Initially delayed by the looming spectre of Omicron, Melbourne neo-soul superstars Hiatus Kaiyote finally returned to Aotearoa this week for a two date tour, wrapping up at Tāmaki Makaurau’s Powerstation last night with special guest Estère. Celebrating the recent launch of new album Mood Valiant (via Flying Lotus’ imprint Brainfeeder), photography champ Connor Crawford clambered right up front to document singer / guitarist Nai Palm and the gang’s super city headline event. Click on the thumbnail images below to view a selection of his snaps…

View all photos

Spotlight Te Korakora Matariki Festival 2022 ft Trinity Roots KINGS La Coco Mokomokai More

Chris Cudby / Trinity Roots photo credit: Vanessa Rushton
/ Thursday 7th July, 2022 2:30PM


As Aotearoa’s winter skies were illuminated by the Matariki (Pleiades) star cluster this year, we collectively welcomed our first ever official public holiday marking the Māori new year. A time for communities to gather together in remembrance and celebration, Tāmaki Makaurau’s Matariki Festival 2022 hosts an inclusive array of cultural activities, exhibitions, workshops, performances and more, right up until mid-July — concluding with the free, all ages Te Korakora (meaning ignite or spark) musical extravaganza. Happening at Wynyard Quarter on Saturday 16th July from 5pm onwards, Te Korakora’s stellar lineup includes Trinity Roots, AJA, KINGS, Majic Paora, La Coco, Mokomokai and DJ Grantis. Scope out the event details and refresh your ears with selected tunes from each performing act below…

"Don’t miss this jam-packed evening of festivities to celebrate the Māori new year, join us as we connect under the stars with Matariki. Come along with friends and whānau, sing, dance and send your dreams and wishes to Hiwa-i-te-Rangi, the Matariki star of opportunity."

Te Korakora – Matariki Festival 2022

Featuring… Trinity Roots, AJA, KINGS, Majic Paora, La Coco, Mokomokai, DJ Grantis

Saturday 16th July – Wynyard Quarter, Hamer St, Auckland Central (free, all ages, 5pm – 10pm)

Note: There is no ‘rain date’ for this event, so come prepared and wrap up!
More info available on the Matariki Festival 2022 site HERE

Experience Chris Graham’s classic 2001 video for Trinity Roots‘ ‘Little Things’, starring the late Wi Kuki Kaa (Ngāti, Utu)…

Watch the video for AJA and Byllie-Jean’s 2021 single ‘Te Iho’…

Check out the choreographed clip for superstar KINGS‘ 2020 hit ‘Help Me Out’ featuring Sons Of Zion…

Listen to Majic Paora‘s new single ‘Hikaia ngā ahi o Matariki’…

Watch the dazzling animated video for Waiata Māori Music Award winner La Coco‘s 2021 single ‘Gone’…

Written by Dirty (of Aotearoa rap duo Eno x Dirty), produced by Dusty & Ghos, and featuring contributions from Troy Kingi, Chip Matthews, Willie Wes and Tai Walters, Mokomokai‘s 2022 debut album is dedicated "to all the indigenous cultures around the world who have been affected by colonisation and as a result, have lost land, language, culture and identity."

Listen To Baecorps Single Pak N Gap

Chris Cudby
/ Thursday 7th July, 2022 1:48PM


After melting hearts with dream-pop debut single ‘Can I Tick a Feeling?‘, Tāmaki Makaurau’s Baecorp aka Sam Denne (Skody Banks, Babyteeth) and Nirvana Haldar return with snappy fresh stunner ‘Pak N Gap‘. Sparked by the sensory overload of navigating the "Hellscape" of Royal Oak Pak’nSave’s butchery department, the pair rail against our industrialised culture of unending consumption in a shoegazey, guitar-shredding manner that feels somehow uplifting, despite the song’s upsetting implications…

"One day at the supermarket I took a wrong turn. As a vegetarian, there’s not really any reason for me to wind up in the butchery aisle but due to my lacking navigation skills I found myself standing in a corridor of blood and polystyrene..

There was just something about seeing all those shrinkwrapped packages of flesh that got me ruminating on the worth of my own life. I started thinking about where I was at the time: stressed, isolated, in an unhappy relationship, confused about what the rest of my life was going to look like. I felt freakish and alien placing boxes of cereal and tinned tomatoes into the trolley as I navigated the Hellscape of Royal Oak Pak’nSave. Like, how the hell did we get here? What are we doing to each other, to animals, to our planet? I know it sounds silly and I’m ranting like a washed up xEarthCrisisx fan or something but my brain melted and I fell to pieces.

Big shoutout to any other ADHD/ASD people that hate the sensory overload of grocery stores. I feel you <3"

‘Pak N Gap’ is out now on major streaming services.

Listen To ie crazys Single Wetlands

Chris Cudby / Photo credit: Joseph Griffen
/ Wednesday 6th July, 2022 11:49AM


Composer of the soundtrack to 2021’s standout documentary Fiona Clark: Unafraid, Tāmaki Makaurau artist Frances Libeau brings back their i.e. crazy moniker for new single ‘Wetlands‘. Blending industrial-pop textures with a woozy, trip hop-like flow, self-described "Aotearoan swamphag" i.e. crazy contemplates our interstitial roadside marsh-scapes in the soaring tune, featuring flute by Imogen Taylor and mixed / mastered by James Goldsmith. Listen to the melancholic result of Libeau’s wandering Te Wai Orea (Western Springs Lakes) below…

‘Wetlands’ is out now on major streaming services.

Cookie Brooklyn and the Crumbs Announce Wellington Release Party

Chris Cudby
/ Wednesday 6th July, 2022 10:57AM


Te Whanganui-a-Tara’s "beatnik-pop" legends Cookie Brooklyn and the Crumbs have a new record on the way titled Singles 2013-19, bundling together seven years of standalone releases onto a shiny slab of 12 inch vinyl. The incomparable trio of Mark Williams (MarineVille), Nell Thomas and Erika Grant (both of Orchestra of Spheres) are hosting a very special listening and screening event happening at Pyramid Club in late July for their epoch-spanning, ten song release — hand numbered in a limited edition of 100 with a cover designed by Luke Wood (Ilam Press Records). Here’s the official scoop from the band of the various delights to look forward to..

"There will be soup, mulled wine, a full screening of the album WITH A MUSIC VIDEO FOR EVERY SINGLE SONG, the album at a one-night-only special non-retail price plus The Crumbs Soundsystem DJs!

At this listening party the band will screen music videos for the entire album including new videos by Auckland film-maker John Paine, two new videos from Masterton video maverick Alan Sunderland, and more!

This event will be your only chance to nab a copy of the LP from the band members at a special discounted price. Download card included.

$30 gets you into the party + the LP + soup!

$5 entry if you just want the soup."

Cookie Brooklyn And The Crumbs Release Party

Saturday 30th July – Pyramid Club, Wellington

Tickets available HERE via UTR [with LP / entry only options available]

‘Singles 2013​-​19’ launches on Thursday 28th July via Burning Log, preorder your copy HERE.