Weekly Roundup Friday 21st January

Chris Cudby / Image: Bub
/ Friday 21st January, 2022 3:38PM



Friday 21st January

Auckland: Bub, Dbldbl, Samara Alofa, Ben Locke – Whammy Bar

Auckland: Powerfest – New Lynn Community Centre

Auckland: Women About Sound Sweet Mix Music Night – The Thirsty

Hamilton: DARTZ – last place

Hamilton: Butter Wouldn’t Melt – Nivara Lounge

Hastings: Ersatz.Sex, Atlantic Wave, Realthentic – Spaceship

Whanganui: Paul Ubana Jones – Whanganui Musicians Club

Wellington: Gathering Shadows – Valhalla

Wellington: Skram – San Fran

Nelson: Tall Folk – The Boathouse

Christchurch: The Wendys – darkroom
Geraldine: Diablos Caravan – Lodge Theatre

Dunedin: Hot Donnas, Sunflower Scent, Dave And The Dirty Humans – The Crown

Saturday 22nd January

Auckland: DARTZ – Whammy Bar

Auckland: Backroom’s Back w/ Grecco Romank, Van Staden and Bohm – Whammy Backroom

Auckland: Bruci Jordan And The Funky Souls – Ponsonby Social Club
Auckland: Butter Wouldn’t Melt – MoveSpace

Gisborne: Wet Bandits – Smash Palace

New Plymouth: Paul Ubana Jones – 4th Wall Theatre

Wellington: Gathering Shadows – Valhalla

Wellington: After Birth – Newtown Sports Bar

Mapua: DowPdowdow, Spinoza – The Playhouse Theatre and Restaurant

Timaru: Diablos Caravan – Hector Black’s

Dunedin: The Wendys – Dog With Two Tails

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Thorn Dells Unveil Debut Album Silicon Pink

Annabel Kean / Friday 21st January, 2022 2:10PM


The millennial pink doom of Ōtepoti duo Thorn Dells emerges from the void with debut album Silicon Pink, out today on all the usual streaming sites. New from the deep south, Thorn Dells is the grungy, electronic mind meld of Death And The Maiden‘s Lucinda King and Kolya‘s Nikolai Sim, with bonus vocal contribution from Sean Patrick Donald on atmospheric album track ‘The One I Fear’. Serving Air’s The Virgin Suicides pop-gothic drones and moments of *chefs kiss* trip hop, I’m crossing all my fingers and toes that the release of Silicon Pink prompts a show or two in my vicinity…

Thorn Dells’ debut album ‘Silicon Pink’ is out now.


Sets Shares New Album In Memory

Chris Cudby
/ Friday 21st January, 2022 11:30AM


The heavy-hitting post-punk project of Brandon Sayring (the oft-anonymous mastermind behind countless crucial local acts), a entire new album from Sets has emerged today via Papaiti Records. A solemn yet sonically energising reflection on and document of Whanganui’s thriving music community in the early ’10s, In Memory "charts a path through a dark time" following the sudden passing of Alan Robert Cameron aka ALC5, multi-talented co-runner of massively influential DIY venue The Eye of Night (who inspired the founding of Sayring’s venue ARC Theatre). Recently rediscovered on tapes dating back to 2010, the seven track collection confronts raw emotion with unflinching focus, emitting otherworldly qualities that indeed recall the spirit of Aotearoa pioneers Children’s Hour or Nocturnal Projections.

"It was during a time of mental healing. A way to cope with some pretty traumatic stuff that I didn’t know how else to deal with. It didn’t feel right to do anything with it for a long time." – Sets

‘In Memory’ is out now on major streaming services via Papaiti Records.


Die! Die! Die! Unleash Violent Video For Losing Sight Keep On Kicking

Annabel Kean / Friday 21st January, 2022 11:21AM


If you’re mid-meal or squeamish in general this is not the video for you. From Die! Die! Die!‘s forthcoming seventh album This Is Not An Island Anymore, the clip for ‘Losing Sight, Keep On Kicking’ is a gore-packed blood flurry of fitspo YouTuber culture and low budget splatterpunk. Made with support from NZ On Air, the visual feast for Die! Die! Die! lead album track features stunt man Rafik Bobo taking ‘no pain no gain’ to a horrifying new level with help from Belgian director Jonas Govaerts, who says he hopes it "looks a bit like an early Peter Jackson video" and "shouldn’t a band named Die! Die! Die! have at least one horror-themed music video?".

The clip is so violent that we can’t even embed it (because it’s age restricted to 18+), so you’ll have to click this link to view it. Or just listen to the excellent noisy track below…

Die! Die! Die!’s seventh album ‘This Is Not An Island Anymore’ is out 18th February.


Sit Down In Front Drop New EP Fuelling My Rage Video

Annabel Kean / Press release: Brennan Thomas / Friday 21st January, 2022 10:01AM


Whether it’s world leaders condoning dodgy health advice making them see red, or simply the corner dairy selling out of their favourite chewy treat, the Sit Down In Front boys are fizzing with punk-rock fury on their latest drop Fuelling My Rage. The trio’s third collection, Fuelling My Rage features hot 2021 cuts ‘Don’t Drink Bleach’ and ‘Pixie Caramel’ (featuring Tiki Taane!), and introduces three new fiery tracks ‘Person Of Interest’, ‘Stage’ and explosive EP closer ‘Taking Out The Trash’. Recorded at the lauded Roundhead Studios with production hotshot Greg Haver (Manic Street Preachers), bandmates Cory Newman, Jackson Clarke and Rikki Noble will have you hankering for a mosh. Make your way to Punk It Up V this July to get rowdy with the SDIF boys, and get your punk fix with their feisty EP and fuzzy clip for ‘Person Of Interest‘ directed by Josh O’Neill and made with support from NZ On Air

Punk It Up V

Friday 1st July 2022 – The Powerstation, Auckland

Featuring… Proud Scum, No Class, The Bombers, Cootie Cuties, bankRobbers, No Tag + more to be announced

Saturday 2nd July 2022 – The Powerstation, Auckland

Featuring… The Johnnys, Sit Down In Front, Tigers, bankRobbers, No Tag + more to be announced

Festival passes and single night tickets available via aaaticketing.co.nz

Sit Down In Front’s EP ‘Fuelling My Rage’ is out now on Best & Fairest.


Watch Mild Oranges Video For New Single Oh Yeah

Chris Cudby
/ Friday 21st January, 2022 9:57AM


Just announced for The Others Way mega-festival and performing this Saturday at Tora Bombora fest, guitar pop stars Mild Orange set the scene for hot summery evenings with new single "intentionally about nothing" ‘Oh Yeah‘. Launched with nostalgia-tinted visuals shot entirely on Kodak 16mm film in Biarritz, France — directed and edited by Simon Levalois-Bazer, starring Clothilde Pasquier and Evan Lunven, with titles and editing assistance from Mild Orange singer / guitarist Josh Mehrtens (aka Mehrt) — ‘Oh Yeah’ paints a shimmering romantic image of rejuvenating holiday escapades with loved ones. With new album LOOKING FOR SPACE set to drop on 10th February, Mild Orange have a substantial international tour looming on the horizon for the near future, taking them to the UK, EU and North America. Mehrtens unpacked the zen-like theme of their latest release…

“In an art history paper I did at uni, there was a quote I came across… it went something like this, ‘With art, there is always meaning’. It’s stuck with me for years now. Even the decision not to have meaning has a meaning. I love this irony and found it comical that you can’t escape meaning, so I wanted to write lyrics about nothing, which meant little to me at the time except just to purely feel good.”

UnderTheRadar, Flying Out and 95bFM are proud to present…

The Others Way Festival

Saturday 29th January 2022 – Karangahape Road, Tāmaki Makaurau / Auckland
Backroom, East St Church, Galatos, Mercury Theatre, Neck of the Woods, Soap, The Studio, Whammy and Wine Cellar

General release tickets are on sale HERE via UTR

For full details on Mild Orange’s upcoming festival appearances and tour, head over to their official site HERE.


Fur Patrol Pet 21st Anniversary Tour Postponed

Chris Cudby
/ Friday 21st January, 2022 8:45AM


Julia Deans and the Fur Patrol team have announced their Pet 21st anniversary tour has been postponed due to the latest round of Covid travel restrictions between Aotearoa and Australia. Determined to tour with all core members on board for the ride, Fur Patrol will lock in new dates once Melbourne-based drummer Simon Braxton is able to head back to NZ. All tickets remain valid and refunds are available if required, but gig-goers are encouraged to hold on as new dates will be announced imminently, all UTR ticket holders will be emailed direct with updated details. In the meantime we can all enjoy the new double gatefold vinyl edition of Pet. Multiple Tui award winner Deans articulated the understandable frustration involved in delaying the iconic album’s 21st birthday celebrations for a third time…

"We’re not gonna lie, actual tears were shed. We’ve been looking forward to this for so long now, and to have the goal posts moved yet again is crushing. However, all us humans are walking the same shifting sands right now, and when we finally get to be together — band and audience — it’s going to be an incredibly cathartic experience!"

Fur Patrol Pet 21st Birthday Tour
New dates to be announced – all tickets remain valid

Watch the classic video for ‘Lydia’…


Interview Coolies The Others Way Festival

Interview by Beth Dawson / C.C. / Photo supplied
/ Thursday 20th January, 2022 1:03PM


Acclaimed by Sonic Youth’s Thurston Moore as "the best band in the world," Coolies have blazed their own noisy trail across the globe since joining forces in South Auckland back in the late 90s. In advance of next week’s very rare, can’t-miss appearance at The Others Way festival, Beth Dawson (Ducklingmonster, Futurians) caught up with Coolies co-founders and fellow Uniform collective members Tina Pihema and Sjionel Timu (CUTSS) for a chat at Tanuki’s Cave yakatori bar. They spoke about growing up in Manurewa and Papakura on hip hop and punk, how community sustains their music, finding freedom via having fun on stage and more…

UnderTheRadar, Flying Out and 95bFM are proud to present…

The Others Way Festival

Saturday 29th January 2022 – Karangahape Road, Tāmaki Makaurau / Auckland
Backroom, East St Church, Galatos, Mercury Theatre, Neck of the Woods, Soap, The Studio, Whammy and Wine Cellar

General release tickets are on sale HERE via UTR

Uniform collective’s five questions for talking about process:

What is your uniform?
Tell us about an event that engaged you.
What is your place?
What is your structure to making?
What is motivating about your community?

Tina Pihema: We’ve been going forever. Obviously, me and Sjionel have been best friends and playing together since we were teenagers and then Stefan (Neville) is like our long-lost sister. Our uniform for us is our friendship and making things together, we work really well together and know what each other are thinking. We’ve always had the simple makeup of the band three-piece punk drums with guitar bass vocals situation

Sjionel Timu: How do you sound uniform with that?

T: It can be anything.

S: But have a structure we’ve always liked.

T: Something I notice with our structure is that when we write we write we write in a box.

Beth Dawson: I remember you telling me about the composition box, like riffs forming the box.

T: Yeah, how we play, we unintentionally follow the box. I notice that if I forget something or whatever, it takes me ages to try and figure it out and it always turns out to be so much more simple then I expected and always a box shape on guitar.

S: And tracked with the bass

T: So, if I’m playing around with vocals Sjionel will always play gestures []~ []~[]~[]

S: Always playing like I’m planning.

And is a structure on your mind when you are playing?

T: I don’t think we think about it, it just happens. All through the years it feels like we’ve been writing the same way. On the verge of falling apart.

It seems like there is a desire to simplify and that’s harder?

S: Yeah, to clarify essentially.

T: I prefer to keep it simple and then try and push that out as far as I can take it, with pedals loud and soft etc… and I find The box thing is a safe mode / challenge mode.

S: There’s a security.

T: if we keep it super simple then it gives us some really big landscape to explore.

When you’re describing structure, you’re using hand gestures of returning and repeating that is in the songs. So that uniform structure is important?

T: It’s that relationship that we have to making, that is an unsaid type of simplicity. We’ve always played the same way. It’s like super punky, super simple, but super insane and trying to keep it together, while also trying to fuck it up at the same time. So, it’s lots of contradictions.

And then you’re playing and you’re just right in it.

T: Yeah, sort of like reflects our personalities eh.

S: It’s like the contradiction of sound. So there’s this gestures box shape [] but then there is these gestures rolling waves ~~~~~~ cutting through. We need all the surroundings.

T: We don’t want to just be that we want to be that and that and that.

And that’s a similarity in the music now that is from what we grew up with liking, the Ronettes and The Shangri-las all those bands that are girl group type of bands but at the same time, loving like fugazi and Crass , stuff like the Ramones, we used to get hassled for liking the Ramones you know how it was back then.

S: We liked different elements.

T: You know, we liked the Dead Boys and stuff like that. That trashy rock and roll as well. And we really like New York Dolls and like Germs, and things like that. Me and Sjionel really liked The Donnas first album that they put out when they were still in high school. That was not that cool, but that’s who we are. We grew up in Manurewa and Papakura so obviously we grew up on hip-hop, it was definitely a mashup.

That’s the whole South Auckland girls in the garage thing. Hearing that evokes that time when there wasn’t heaps of access to this epic range of music to be influenced by so then everything got put in the mix. So, you’re listening to like radio hits of the ’60s but then someone’s got the Germs to chuck on.

S: Yeah, exactly.

T: We were coming into the city when SJ was maybe 15 and like when Mancini was around playing Mancini 500 and we liked all of Roddy (Pain)’s bands, Fake Purr , Goldifox, and Liz (Mathews) and that.

S: All the different music that we run into.

Yeah, but I think Auckland was a wild scene, when you think about it, like we were like getting to see Roddy playing guitar, and that’s just like fuuuuuck.

T: And it was our friends playing.

S: Constant Pain.

T: Insane.

S: And to think how inspirational that was, and we were right in it.

You’re at that age where you’re in sponge mode.

S: And that’s the beginnings.

T: It’s still important.

S: That ’90s noise scene was amazing.

T: I think though people now are like, oh, you must have been limited because there was no Internet, but I actually think it was the other way around. I think it made it so you had to immerse yourself in the scene. Like if you weren’t at a show, you didn’t hear so it didn’t happen for you.

S: It was raw energy.

T: You had to be present.

S: You had to go.

T: And if you didn’t go to the shows, it was really important to read the reviews because it wasn’t like everyone had a camera phone so you could just look at the photos on Instagram. So, you made an effort to go out. It was more active in that you really had to be there for stuff to happen.

And that makes the live context so much more important. I remember coming up from Dunedin one time and seeing you guys play at I guess Edens Bar, and you were stomping on each other’s pedals, and that’s only going to happen live.

T: And we used to do that a lot.

It’s the freedom to fuck around.

T: and the thing that I like about that is that it is amazing to see how people handle things that aren’t planned. Bands practice like crazy.

S: But we aren’t scared of those moments. Now we feel safe in this unpredictable space. Like what Tina is saying is bands practice to make everything perfect but we don’t know what is going to happen. It’s honest and we can bring things in.

Is that also because you’ve been playing together for ages, and you have absolute trust?

S: yeah, we are on the same page, and we are riding the same way.

T: And it’s about ourselves. It’s fun for us. That is where the fun part is playing with each other in a sense of we don’t know what is going to happen. Instead of we are playing with the crowd, and we will play very good. It’s like we are fucking with each other, and we are having a laugh. This shit’s comedy.

S: Stand-up.

T: It has to be ‘cause if you’re gonna be serious you’re gonna be like, what is this?

S: you’re gonna be disappointed. Your expectations are unrealistic.

T: If you’re not having a laugh, there’s not much point. What are you going to do? Go home and give yourself a pat on the back “wow great show tonight”? We usually just say, oh that was funny af when you did that “you’re a funny beep”. That’s what we talk about after we play.

You don’t want be watching and band and know someone’s going to be told off ‘cause they messed up a bit.

T: Oh no you’re going to be laughed at. There’s inside jokes.

S: It’s very funny.

T: It’s pretty funny going around the world to laugh at each other.

S: Yeah, that was cool.

T: That’s what tour is really a big bag of laughs.

You did seem very refreshed when you got back.

S: Just very refreshing.

The last question is, what do you find motivating about your community?

T: We have one.

I was thinking how if it’s a Coolies show, that you know it’s going to be a big catch-up.

T: Yeah, I feel like after all this time we have a certain crowd.

S: Our mates, that’s our community.

T: And we definitely choose the shows we play. We aren’t out there looking to book lots of shows, so when we do play it does feel like a coming together of people that you haven’t seen in ages.

Your last show felt like that. I was looking at some of the photos of the European tour and it was the same as that Krd show where you were playing in the middle of the room and the audience is around you and that’s immediate.

T: And that just keeps us going.

S: It’s sustaining.

T: The band keeps going with the community that supports us, I mean they’re our friends pretty much. They support our practice. The live show is a catch-up and a good time.

S: And its lasted so long because we are friends, and we are tight like that.

T: And it evolves.

S: There’s nothing weird going on. There’s no hierarchy.


DARTZ Unleash Road Trip Video For Toyota Corolla

Chris Cudby / Photo credit: Vanessa Cone
/ Thursday 20th January, 2022 12:17PM


Fresh from tearing it up at Valhalla last night, the DARTZ lads will be cramming into their famed customised Toyota Corolla for the epic drive from their Wellington hometown to Hamilton ‘City Of The Future’ to play Friday’s Waikato leg of their ongoing summer tour. True road dogs, they’ll be bouncing from the Tron for a headline gig at Tāmaki’s Whammy Bar on Saturday, playing all about the South Island next week then returning to the super city on the 29th for The Others Way mega-festival. Giving us all a taste of what to look forward to, DARTZ have unleashed brand spanking new visuals for their beloved car’s titular pop-punk tune, collaged together from on-the-road footage by Sports Team and made with support from NZ On Air.

Following the grandest of Kiwi music video traditions, ‘Toyota Corolla‘ documents Danz, Crispy, Rollyz and Clark Mathews driving all around Aotearoa on tour, spruced up with some incendiary embellishments including a cute mini-version of their car busting through a billboard. You’ll feel the band’s pain as the DARTZ-mobile catches fire near Queenstown (extinguished with beer?) and gasp at the majestic concluding bungy jump — smash that play button below…

"This video is a love story: not just between DARTZ and [their car] Candice, not just between DARTZ and the beautiful country of Aotearoa, but also between the DARTZ boys themselves. That’s one of our main goals in everything we do: to try capture and share with the world the story of the ever-deepening friendship and love between Crispy, Rollyz, Clark and myself. Whether we’re drinking beers on a sunny day in Wellington City, killing it on stage, or crammed into a tiny death machine hurtling over the Crown Range with smoke billowing from our tires, that love will always come through.” – Danz

DARTZ Save Summer Tour

Friday 21st January – last place, Hamilton
Saturday 22nd January – Whammy Bar, Auckland w/ Sure Boy, Cold Sweats
Wednesday 26th January – darkroom, Christchurch
Thursday 27th January – Dive, Dunedin
Friday 28th January – Yonder, Queenstown [free show]

Saturday 29th January – The Others Way Festival, Auckland*

Tickets available HERE via UTR

*The Others Way tickets available HERE via UTR

‘Toyota Corolla’ is out now via major streaming services.


Chelsea Jade Unveils Single Video Optimist Announces New Album

Annabel Kean / Thursday 20th January, 2022 11:12AM


Everything’s coming up Chelsea Jade! The LA via Aotearoa pop princess follows up her 2018 debut Personal Best with forthcoming sophomore album Soft Spot and shares the exciting news of signing to international label Carpark Records (who also release The Beths). Along with the new album announcement, Chelsea Jade today lifts the lid on single ‘Optimist’ and her self-directed, edited, choreographed and animated video to boot. The dreamy, alt-poppy goodness of ‘Optimist’ is paired with Chelsea Jade’s signature off-kilter dance moves and a crème de la crème of local creatives, from award-winning video-makers Alexander Gandar and Amanda Jane Robinson, to The Beths’ Elizabeth Stokes credited with ‘Assistance’. Here’s to embracing sunny outlooks, soft spots and optimism in 2022…

‘The Optimist’ is out now via major streaming services. Chelsea Jade’s sophomore album ‘Soft Spot’ is out April 29th via Carpark Records.


Watch Jazmine Mary Perform Two Songs At 95bFMs Drive Island

Annabel Kean / Wednesday 19th January, 2022 1:58PM


It’s hard to believe it’s been nearly a year since Jazmine Mary and band took to the Drive Island stage at the Ellen Melville centre, injecting haunting melodies into the ears of all within a 500 metre radius but here we are. Organised by the lovely folk at 95bFM, we can now relive moments of the sunny late arvo show in 1080HD, with clips of gothic folk tracks ‘Dancer’ and ‘Fool’ uploaded and available to watch at your leisure. Both plucked from Jazmine Mary’s hypnotic debut album The Licking Of A Tangerine, the live renditions are buzzing with energy from the electricity of Dave Kahn‘s strings, Courtney Rodgers‘ minimalist percussion and Peter Ruddell‘s sparse, rhythmic keys. If you’re kicking yourself for missing out on the real deal after watching said performances, I’ve got great news for you — Jazmine Mary’s doing it all again at The Others Way this month…

UnderTheRadar, Flying Out and 95bFM are proud to present…

The Others Way Festival

Saturday 29th January 2022 – Karangahape Road, Tāmaki Makaurau / Auckland
Backroom, East St Church, Galatos, Mercury Theatre, Neck of the Woods, Soap, The Studio, Whammy and Wine Cellar

Featuring… Anthonie Tonnon, Carnivorous Plant Society, Coolies, Daffodils, Dartz, Dead Famous People, Dianne Swann, Diggy Dupe & Friends Present The Panthers, Don McGlashan & The Others, Earth Tongue, Eden Burns, Erny Belle, Fazerdaze, Francisca Griffin & The Bus Shelter Boys, The Fuzzy Robes, Grecco Romank, Guardian Singles, Hybrid Rose, Jakob, Jazmine Mary, Joe Ghatt, Julia Deans, Juno Is, Kamahumble, Lawrence Arabia Plays Chant Darling, Lips, Lucky Paul, Merk, Mild Orange, Night Lunch, Phodiso, Phoebe Rings, The Plague, PollyHill, Power Nap, Princess Chelsea, Recitals, Repairs, Soft Plastics, Sulfate, Team Dynamite, Theia, There’s A Tuesday, Transistor, Troy Kingi, Vera Ellen, Voom

General release tickets are on sale HERE via UTR

The Others Way – To The Front Stage
Saturday 29th January 2022 – Pitt St Sunday School (all ages, wheelchair accessible)

Tickets available HERE via UTR


Listen To Terry Shores New Album Cyberworld

Chris Cudby
/ Wednesday 19th January, 2022 12:40PM


Pōneke DIY pop songwriter Terry Shore has kicked off the new year with the launch of Cyberworld, his first full length album since 2019’s Poly Rhythm 4. Sounding like twelve catchy hits beamed in from another dimension, Shore ponders our contemporary computer dominated reality on the new record — singing on the title track "here we are living in a Cyberworld," and who could deny it? Cutting an R. Stevie Moore-like figure as he brings together Beach Boys harmonies, spacey synths, epic crunchy guitar rock action and disco beats, Shore will get you boogieing along to such instant groovers as ‘Time Lady‘ before you know it…


Listen To Bad Hagrids New EP Flat Dirt Blue Grass And Other Bits

Annabel Kean / Wednesday 19th January, 2022 11:29AM


In the throes of their nationwide EP release tour, fake-bearded Pōneke bad boys Bad Hagrid unleash four tracks on Flat Dirt, Blue Grass And Other Bits. Dubbed "a psych-rock odyssey trailing through the thick and thin", the collection introduces fan to two previously unreleased songs: Synth-laden epic ‘I Love I (To Bits)’ and spacey slow jam ‘The Shape Of Dirt’. The EP sees Bad Hagrid finding their feet, expanding on all the grooviest elements of debut album Bad Hagrid And The Planet Of The Androgynites and going to town on their knack for evocative lyricism. Catch the lads in Whanganui on February 4th for the last show of their tour, and have a hoon on Flat Dirt, Blue Grass And Other Bits below…

Bad Hagrid’s EP ‘Flat Dirt, Blue Grass and Other Bits’ is out now on streaming services.


Jenny Hval Shares Single Video Year Of Love Announces New Album Classic Objects

Chris Cudby / Photo credit: Jenny Berger Myhre
/ Wednesday 19th January, 2022 11:28AM


Norwegian art-pop musician and novelist Jenny Hval is helping steer 2022 in the right direction with alluring new audio-visual creation ‘Year of Love‘, out today with the announcement her forthcoming album Classic Objects. Sparked by the artist witnessing a marriage proposal while she was performing live (an experience Hval describes as "very troubling"), the video for ‘Year of Love’ (co-directed by Hval, Jenny Berger Myhre, and Annie Bielski) treats our eyes to a multicoloured variety of plasticine-like digital textures and a collage of animated embellishments — creating spaces to ponder somewhere between the handcrafted and the virtual.

Described as "a map of places; past places, like the old empty Melbourne pubs Hval’s band used to play in, public places Hval missed throughout lockdown, imagined, future places, and impossible places where dreams, hallucinations, death and art can take you," we’re looking forward to hearing the entirety of Classic Objects when it launches on 11th March via 4AD…

‘Year Of Love’ is out now via major streaming services.


The Others Way Festival Don McGlashan Mild Orange and Erny Belle Join Lineup

Chris Cudby / Image: Don McGlashan / Photo credit: Dianne Smithers
/ Wednesday 19th January, 2022 9:10AM


The future subtly rearranges itself before our eyes once more, as Tāmaki Makaurau’s The Others Way festival has unveiled a freshly revamped bill ahead of next week’s main event. Joining the jam-packed lineup for the multi-venue fest will be Aotearoa music legend Don McGlashan with his band The Others, rapidly rising Tāmaki / Maungaturoto songwriter Erny Belle, and hugely popular dreamy guitar-pop crew Mild Orange. They’ll be subbing in for Space Waltz, Golden Awesome, and Jay Clarkson, who can no longer perform next week.

"The planets have unexpectedly aligned, and we’re on the bill at Tāmaki Makaurau’s “Others Way” Festival next week! We love The Others Way, and we can’t wait to be part of it." — Don McGlashan

Along with new lineup details, more venue info has been revealed for this summer’s festival, making the most of the sunshine with a significant emphasis on outdoor spaces. Here’s the official low down:

"An additional outdoor stage on Cross Street makes an exciting new precinct with Mercury Theatre and Mercury Plaza Gallery, a unique Hallertau bar on Cross Street and food trucks on Mercury Lane and East Street add to the street-party atmosphere. The festival has also added a new indoor venue in the old Samoan Church on East Street. For the very first time, the festival is moving the Audio Foundation stage outside onto Poynton Terrace which adds a second All-Ages stage alongside the To The Front Stage at the Methodist Church next to the Flying Out store. Percussionist/Beat Maker Lucky Paul will be running his busking set at Pocket Park on Pitt Street early in the day."

UnderTheRadar, Flying Out and 95bFM are proud to present…

The Others Way Festival

Saturday 29th January 2022 – Karangahape Road, Tāmaki Makaurau / Auckland
Backroom, East St Church, Galatos, Mercury Theatre, Neck of the Woods, Soap, The Studio, Whammy and Wine Cellar

Featuring… Anthonie Tonnon, Carnivorous Plant Society, Coolies, Daffodils, Dartz, Dead Famous People, Dianne Swann, Diggy Dupe & Friends Present The Panthers, Don McGlashan & The Others, Earth Tongue, Eden Burns, Erny Belle, Fazerdaze, Francisca Griffin & The Bus Shelter Boys, The Fuzzy Robes, Grecco Romank, Guardian Singles, Hybrid Rose, Jakob, Jazmine Mary, Joe Ghatt, Julia Deans, Juno Is, Kamahumble, Lawrence Arabia Plays Chant Darling, Lips, Lucky Paul, Merk, Mild Orange, Night Lunch, Phodiso, Phoebe Rings, The Plague, PollyHill, Power Nap, Princess Chelsea, Recitals, Repairs, Soft Plastics, Sulfate, Team Dynamite, Theia, There’s A Tuesday, Transistor, Troy Kingi, Vera Ellen, Voom

General release tickets are on sale HERE via UTR

The Others Way – To The Front Stage
Saturday 29th January 2022 – Pitt St Sunday School (all ages, wheelchair accessible)

Tickets available HERE via UTR

Watch the lyric video for Don McGlashan’s November single ‘Come Back In’, produced by Kristina Simons aka Tina Turntables…


Listen To Two Tracks From Vietnams Reunion Album This Quiet Room

Annabel Kean / Tuesday 18th January, 2022 12:39PM


Pōneke post-punks Vietnam return, like a long lost friend showing back up after nearly four decades — except that friend is a band and they’ve got a new album in the works, a casual 37 years after their 1985 self-titled debut. This Quiet Room will be out by the end of the month, available digitally, on CD and on a limited run of vinyl, showcasing the long-awaited grand finale from band members Shane Bradbrook, Cranston Brecht, Barn Coren, Geoff Lerwill, Joe Neufeld and Adrian Workman, plus a cheeky cover of Wire’s ‘Kidney Bingos’. While we lock in pre-orders and twiddle our thumbs, Vietnam provide a sneak peek of This Quiet Room with upbeat, reverb-drenched ‘What Have I Done?’ and heart-punching album closer ‘Where is My Happiness?’. Reacquaint yourself with millennia-spanning, guitar-jangling veterans Vietnam…

Vietnam’s sophomore album ‘This Quiet Room’ is out January 28th.


Easy Off Unveil Debut Album Dark Place

Chris Cudby / Artwork: Michael Clapham
/ Tuesday 18th January, 2022 12:37PM


Kirikiriroa neo-crust crew Easy Off‘s debut album Dark Place isn’t for the faint-hearted. Pummelling earholes with nine abrasive tracks dripping with atmospheric menace and barely restrained teeth-gnashing violence, the sonically intense new collection was laid down at Bagnall Hill, recorded and mixed by Adam Fulton, with mastering by Will Killingsworth at Dead Air. Dark Place is available now on strictly limited edition vinyl via Real Vegan Cult (who recently unleashed a reissue of Ghidrah’s 1996 hands down classic Invincible Deluxe), or if you’re extremely lucky you might be able to score a copy when Easy Off tear it up at Valhalla’s Waste Fest 2022 in early February…


Local Tourist Share Debut Single Undone

Annabel Kean / Artwork: Gemma Syme / Tuesday 18th January, 2022 11:13AM


Written and recorded in Ōtautahi in the days before she was swept back to the States, Erin Umstead announces Other Ways Of Living, her debut album fronting three-piece Local Tourist. We’re also treated to lead single ‘Undone’, a hushed and compelling meld of Umstead’s hypnotic vocals and stripped back instrumentation from bandmates Joe Sampson (Salad Boys, T54) and Rory Dalley (Ben Woods Group). Although a few thousand miles away from Christchurch where the album came to be, Other Ways Of Living will be released this April on local imprint Melted Ice Cream in tandem with Seattle label Lovers Weekend Records. Sink into the lush poetry of debut track ‘Undone’, and admire the Gemma Syme album art while you’re at it…

Local Tourist’s debut album ‘Other Ways Of Living’ is out April 8th via Melted Ice Cream (NZ) and Lovers Weekend Records (US).


The New Loungehead Announce Auckland Reunion Events

Chris Cudby
/ Tuesday 18th January, 2022 10:33AM


Pioneers of jazz-inflected club grooves in Tāmaki Makaurau, The New Loungehead have announced two headline reunion events at Ponsonby Social Club in February, following their recent appearance at Coro Summer Fest. Moving crowds with their innovative melting pot of jazz, funk, dub and live drum ‘n’ bass, The New Loungehead are celebrating the 25th anniversary of their breakout 1997 long player Came a Weird Way, which earned the ensemble a Tui award for Best Jazz Album. Learn all about the rich history of the group via Peter McLennan’s AudioCulture profile HERE (plus some exceptionally swish vintage band snaps) and don’t miss Dan Sperber, Chip Matthews, Godfrey de Grut, Isaac Tucker and Matthias Sudholter back in action together with special guests on Fridays 4th and 18th February…

The New Loungehead Live
w/ special guests

Friday 4th February – Ponsonby Social Club, Auckland

Friday 18th February – Ponsonby Social Club, Auckland

Tickets available HERE via UTR

Experience the vintage late ’90s visuals for The New Loungehead’s ‘Cloth’ featuring Sulata, from Came a Weird Way…


Violet French Shares Break Up EP Gorgeous

Annabel Kean / Monday 17th January, 2022 12:15PM


In the wake of a hectic couple of months for the Ōtautahi multi-disciplinary artist, Violet French emerges from the heartbreak and rubble clutching three new high emotion, lo-fi tracks. Grungy break-up EP Gorgeous, or as French puts it, "three demos detailing the strangest summer on record", is a cathartic listening experience, from the quiet bubbling anger of opener ‘Muggy’, to tongue-in-cheek confessional ‘Miss Dumpty’ with its delightfully droll chorus refrain "took a tumble, took a fucking great fall". A sure win for fans of Tāmaki fuzz-masters Na Noise or Vera Ellen’s songs no​-​one should hear, tuck into French’s raw and raucous Gorgeous here…

Violet French’s latest EP ‘Gorgeous’ is out now on Bandcamp.


Graeme Jefferies DKYT Dick Whyte Auckland Show Announced

Chris Cudby / Photo credit: Dave Simpson
/ Monday 17th January, 2022 12:14PM


Helmsman of The Cakekitchen, co-founder of Aotearoa DIY post-punk pioneers This Kind Of Punishment and author of internationally acclaimed memoir Time Flowing Backwards, Graeme Jefferies returns to Tāmaki’s The Wine Cellar in early February. Following a successful pair of South Island shows back in November, Jefferies will reunite for the super city gig with D.K.Y.T aka Dick Whyte formerly of Pōneke’s Bent Folk, with an opening set by enigmatic newcomers Marxophone Orchestra — featuring three Marxophones (a fretless zither played via a system of metal hammers) on stage and promising "something interesting and unique for both fans of experimental improvisational music and traditional dulcimer melodies accompanied with vocals."

Graeme Jefferies, D.K.Y.T (Dick Whyte), Marxophone Orchestra

Friday 4th February – The Wine Cellar, Auckland

Tickets available HERE via UTR

Watch the video for The Cakekitchen’s 2020 single ‘Trouble Again In This Town’…

Listen to Dick Whyte & Finn Johansson’s 2018 collaboration ‘What Kind Of Bird Am I’…

Press release:

Graeme Jefferies

Graeme and Dick have decided to treat Aucklanders to a glimpse of their successful end of Level 2 November South Island sets. Best known as part of the Flying Nun early eighties movement Graeme has been involved with well respected internationally known groups, This Kind of Punishment, Nocturnal Projections and The Cakekitchen.

He is also known as a solo artist and has toured Europe 9 times and the USA 3 times and has released over 15 albums of material worldwide on such labels as Homestead and Merge in the USA and Hausmusik and Raffmond in Germany via Rough Trade.

His live solo shows are somewhat rare and involve playing a lot of different instruments on stage hopping from one to another as fast as possible to create a sort of underlying tension to the performance. A new album has finally been completed and the show will draw upon material from all of Graeme’s bands as well as showcasing new and unreleased material.

D.K.Y.T (Dick Whyte)

Known as the driving force behind cult favourite Wellington band ‘Bent Folk’ Dick has been bending ears and making the people in the front row nod their heads up and down for quite some time now. He is also well respected as a solo artist and has consistently wowed audiences with his crazy guitar neck vibrato playing and heartfelt honest songs.

Dick has been quietly chipping away at new solo material over the last months and promises to showcase some new surprise tunes from his current new catalogue of material. A rising star to watch his performances are special within themselves and good soul food for these troubled times.

Marxophone Orchestra

The Marxophone is a dulcimer like zither instrument played with metal and wooden hammers and each of the 3 Marxophones on stage has been painstakingly restored and modified to make modern day versions of these out of print for over a 100 years instruments.

We’re keeping our cards fairly close to our chests about this act and not revealing too much about this never seen in Auckland before opening act and their reclaimed from obscurity instruments. But there 45 minute set promises something interesting and unique for both fans of experimental improvisational music and traditional dulcimer melodies accompanied with vocals. It is not known how long the Marxophone Orchestra will exist. So if this sounds like the sort of weird thing you might be interested in please come along and check it out.


Backrooms Back Announced w Grecco Romank Van Staden Bhm Jess Fu Sam Harmony and ezrar

Chris Cudby / Image: Grecco Romank
/ Monday 17th January, 2022 10:49AM


Biffing the nonsense year that was 2021 into the trash can where it belongs, Tāmaki Makaurau’s Whammy Backroom are reopening their doors for 2022 this Saturday with one heck of a rager, concluding nearly five months of gruelling lockdown-related hiatus. They’ve put together a red hot lineup guaranteed to get you boogieing on everyone’s favourite little dancefloor, starring dungeon power techno trio Grecco Romank and happy hardcore dance duo Van Staden & Böhm, with DJ champs Jess Fu, Sam Harmony and Earth Tongue’s ez.rar spinning tunes until late. This all-killer show will pack out, grab tickets while you can…

Backroom’s Back
w/ Grecco Romank, Van Staden & Böhm, Jess Fu, Sam Harmony and ez.rar

Saturday 22nd January – Whammy Backroom, Auckland

Tickets available HERE via UTR

Get energised with Van Staden & Böhm’s superb dance vid for ‘Spirit Level’…

Grecco Romank’s pulsing and raunchy ‘Get To Work’ will help get you in the swing of things for ’22…


Listen To Tall Folks Debut Album Wiser

Annabel Kean / Monday 17th January, 2022 10:28AM


Lovers of lush folk-country songwriting and lyrical mastery need look no further than Wiser, the debut album from Ōtepoti duo Tall Folk. Both vocalists, guitar players and skilled storytellers, Lara Robertson and Jack Ringhand have poured themselves into Wiser, taking the team of Paul McLennan-Kissel, John Dodd, Cragg Monk, John Egenes, Tom Corrigan and Ryan Finnie along for the ride, adding anything from violin to mandolin to dobro and more into the mix. Robertson and Ringhand are three stops into their celebratory nationwide album release tour, with eight more shows up their sleeve over this month and next. Find your nearest Tall Folk date below, and treat yourself to the two-piece’s expansive country debut Wiser…

Tall Folk

Friday 21st January – The Boathouse, Nelson*

Sunday 23rd January – The Mussel Inn, Onekaka*

Wednesday 26th January – Meow, Wellington w/ Jenny Mitchell

Thursday 27th January – Common Room, Hastings*

Sunday 30th January – The Back Room, Thames*

Monday 31st January – Leigh Sawmill, Leigh w/ Holly McPhee

Friday 4th & Saturday 5th February – Dunedin Craft Beer & Food Festival◻

Sunday 13th February – Christchurch Folk Music Club w/ Port Hillbillies

* Tickets available HERE via UTR

◻ With full band

Tall Folk’s debut album ‘Wiser’ is out now via Long Limb Records.


Live Photos The Beths Dateline Whammy Bar Auckland

C.C. / Photography by Annabel Kean
/ Friday 14th January, 2022 1:18PM


Tāmaki power pop stars The Beths are currently in the end zone of of a historic five night Whammy Bar residency, surpassing King Gizzard’s epic four night run from back in 2017. Elizabeth Stokes, Jonathan Pearce, Benjamin Sinclair and Tristan Deck will be taking care of business in the super city tonight and on Saturday, hot on the heels of a similarly triumphant two night jaunt at Wellington’s San Fran last weekend. Co-creator of many of our favourite Beths music videos and last year’s Auckland, New Zealand, 2020 concert film, UTR’s Annabel Kean (Sports Team) leapt into the pit to deliver snaps from last night’s gig, including vibey images of supports Dateline (of whom Stokes was once a member) — click on the thumbnail images below to view the full gallery…

View all photos

Paul Ubana Jones Walking With My Roots Summer Tour Announced

Chris Cudby
/ Friday 14th January, 2022 10:41AM


Paul Ubana Jones has added a fresh batch of Walking With My Roots summer shows to his ever-expanding event calendar, taking the multiple award-winning Aotearoa guitar legend all around Te Ika-a-Māui and beyond in January and February. Gig-goers can look forward to "a collection of songs, both old and new that reflect on the what has been, the what might have been and the only if scenarios — a landscape of who Paul is." The London-born, international touring artist’s four decade-plus career has seen him share the stage alongside such notables as Taj Mahal, Keb Mo, Norah Jones, BB King, Bob Dylan, Tuck and Patti, Crowded House and more, don’t miss Paul Ubana Jones at the following dates…

Paul Ubana Jones

Friday 14th January – Paisley Stage, Napier*
Sunday 16th January – Jam Factory, Tauranga
Wednesday 19th January – Leigh Sawmill, Auckland*
Thursday 20th January – Hokowhitu Bowling Club, Palmerston North
Friday 21st January – Whanganui Musicians Club, Whanganui*
Saturday 22nd January – 4th Wall Theatre, New Plymouth*
Sunday 23rd January – Pah Homestead Wallace Arts Trust, Auckland
Friday 11th February – Dog With Two Tails, Dunedin

Friday 18th February – St Peter’s Hall, Paekakariki*

*Tickets available HERE via UTR

Listen to Paul Ubana Jones’ soulful 2020 single ‘Every Child Deserves a Home’…


Port Noise Lyttelton Mini Fest Announced Ft Ben Woods Wet Specimen More

Chris Cudby
/ Friday 14th January, 2022 9:46AM


Lyttelton Coffee Company will be host to a mini-festival of top tier local sounds when Port Noise takes over the 1921 historic venue space on 29th January. Spread across two stages, the sonically diverse bill stars southern dynamos Ben Woods, Bruce Fox, Ferby, Kool Aid, Wet Specimen and Zane 2000, rounded out with record selections by Tunnel Control, refreshing Cuba Libres courtesy of Daddy Mateer, plus delish Drifting Table Yakitori to keep bodies from wasting away. Secure you spot while you can and don’t forget to bring along your My Vaccine Pass to ensure entry for the fest…

Port Noise: Lyttelton Mini-fest

Featuring… Ben Woods, Bruce Fox, Ferby, Kool Aid, Wet Specimen, and Zane 2000

Saturday 29th January – Lyttelton Coffee Company, Lyttelton

Tickets available HERE via UTR [Renters & Sole Home Owners $25 / Multiple Property Owners $40]

All attendees are required to be vaccinated and show their ‘My Vaccine Pass’ upon entry. Please stay home if you are experiencing cold or flu symptoms.

Experience the video for Ben Woods’ 2021 single ‘Body Rhyme’…

Listen to Wet Specimen’s ‘The Fly’ from their 2021 debut album Wet Dreamin’…

Check out the video for Zane 2000 ft. Haimona’s pulsing new single ‘A Type Of Love’…


Tall Folk Wiser Album Release Tour Announced

C.C. / Photo credit: Lara Vlietstra
/ Thursday 13th January, 2022 12:59PM


Long limbed Ōtepoti-based songwriting duo Tall Folk aka Lara Robertson and Jack Ringhand are launching their debut album Wiser this Friday, ushered into reality with a nationwide release tour during the sizzling summer months of January and February. Recorded with Tom Bell at Chick’s Hotel in Port Chalmers, Tall Folk’s Wiser tour starts this weekend at their hometown’s Dog With Two Tails, Oamaru’s Grainstore Gallery (both with full band) and Lyttelton’s Wunderbar with special guest support Tom Maxwell (Killergrams)…

Tall Folk

Friday 14th January – Dog With Two Tails, Dunedin w/ Killergrams*◻

Saturday 15th January – Grainstore Gallery, Oamaru* w/ Killergrams*◻

Sunday 16th January – Wunderbar, Lyttelton w/ Killergrams*
Friday 21st January – The Boathouse, Nelson*

Sunday 23rd January – The Mussel Inn, Onekaka*

Wednesday 26th January – Meow, Wellington w/ Jenny Mitchell

Thursday 27th January – Common Room, Hastings*

Sunday 30th January – The Back Room, Thames*

Monday 31st January – Leigh Sawmill, Leigh w/ Holly McPhee

Friday 4th & Saturday 5th February – Dunedin Craft Beer & Food Festival◻

Sunday 13th February – Christchurch Folk Music Club w/ Port Hillbillies

* Tickets available HERE via UTR

◻ With full band

Listen to ‘Dani’ from Tall Folk’s debut album Wiser…

Press release:

Tall Folk will celebrate the release of their album Wiser with a performance at The Boathouse. Jack and Lara – both folk of notable height – joined songwriting forces in late 2020, finding in the duo a new space to explore the writing process. As a US-American import, Jack brings song-writing and Midwestern twang hardened in Americana tradition. Lara softens and juxtaposes the raspy edges with warm, resonant harmonies established through years in the Dunedin folk scene. Together, they have have pushed their unique brand of folk to new heights on their debut album Wiser, recorded by Tom Bell at Chick’s Hotel in Port Chalmers. The record displays the duo’s diverse, socially concious writing sensitiblities and a locally sourced band of seasoned players.

Wiser is released on January 14th followed by an eleven date national tour. Tall Folk traverse both islands with their live duo set, presenting the tunes in their most intimate and honest form.


NO CLIP PHF Roy Irwin Return With New Track GRIP THAT

Chris Cudby
/ Thursday 13th January, 2022 11:04AM


With 2022 in their laser sights, Tāmaki’s NO-CLIP aka the titanic collaborative pairing of P.H.F and Roy Irwin have launched their second track ‘GRIP THAT‘, finally following up on 2020’s ultra cute ‘Plushie‘. Sweeping listeners off their feet with angelic vox and synapse-zapping, IMAX-scale electronics, the new tune sounds primed to set clubs and hearts aflame. Listen below and pray for more from NO-CLIP in the near future…

ღ†ChaoGardem†ღ · NO CLIP – GRIP THAT



Erny Belle Announces Venus Is Home Album Release Show

Annabel Kean / Thursday 13th January, 2022 10:04AM


Not even out yet and already a hot contender for my top albums of 2022, Tāmaki / Maungaturoto newcomer Erny Belle has set the date for her Venus Is Home celebratory release show. The musical moniker of Aimee Renata (Ngāpuhi), Erny Belle has so far shared just two singles from her forthcoming debut collection, with alt-folk tracks ‘Burning Heaven’ and ‘Hell Hole’ each making waves on student radio in the past three months. Venus Is Home will be out in full February 11th, giving us a solid week to get cosy with the new songs. Catch Erny Belle perform with her full band and a mystery special guest in 2022…

Erny Belle ‘Venus Is Home’ Album Release Show

Saturday 19th February – Point Chevalier RSA, Auckland

Tickets available HERE via UTR

Press release:

Taking her Debut Album to the stage for the first time at the Point Chev RSA, Erny Belle performs songs off ‘Venus Is Home’. Many years in the making, ‘Venus Is Home’ stands as Belle’s first solo release, with singles ‘Burning Heaven’ and ‘Hell Hole’ proving to be an exemplary introduction to the forthcoming Album. Joining her on the night will be her full band, as well as a Special Guest. ‘Venus Is Home’ is due out on February 11th, 2022.


Aldous Harding Unveils Single Video Lawn Announces New Album Warm Chris

Chris Cudby / Photo credit: Emma Wallbanks
/ Thursday 13th January, 2022 9:15AM


Recently spotted wowing local audiences with a crisp and minimal set for Flying Nun’s 40th Anniversary celebrations at Auckland Town Hall, Aldous Harding has reemerged with new single ‘Lawn‘, launched alongside spellbinding visuals co-directed with regular collaborator Martin Sagadin. Largely eschewing the sharp angles of 2021’s ‘Old Peel‘ but no less enigmatic, ‘Lawn’ heralds the release of Harding’s fourth studio album Warm Chris on 25th March — reuniting for the record with producer John Parish and featuring a guest contribution from Jason Williamson of Sleaford Mods that we’ll definitely be looking forward to hearing. Watch Harding in lizard costume and admire Sagadin’s juggling skills in the clip for ‘Lawn’ below, made with support from NZ On Air

‘Warm Chris’ will be out digitally, on CD and black vinyl gatefold via Flying Nun and 4AD on Friday 25th March, preorders are available now.