Dead Famous People Share New Album Harry

Chris Cudby / Photo credit: Frances Carter
/ Monday 12th October, 2020 1:13PM


Tāmaki Makaurau songwriter Dons Savage‘s long-running project Dead Famous People at last revealed her debut album Harry late last week, following 28 years of artistic activity and surely setting some kind of musical record in the bargain. Joining recent student radio faves ‘Looking At Girls‘ and ‘Goddess Of Chill‘ are eight more guitar-pop hits in switched-on alternate realities. Highlights include celestial anthem ‘Dead Birds Eye’, organ-pop bop ‘Groovy Girl’ and upbeat tear-jerker ‘Dog’, but you’d have to be some kind of straight up sucker to deny the exceptionally catchy and emotionally vast sublimity of it all — listen up to Harry right here…

‘Harry’ is out now via Fire Records.

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