Hip Hop With A Cause Youth Justice Amnesty International Show Announced

Chris Cudby
/ Wednesday 18th January, 2023 2:22PM


Presented by Dirty Mike, Valhalla and Tony Buxton with Amnesty International, Hip Hop With A Cause is an event aiming "to raise awareness and generate traction regarding New Zealand’s current Age of Criminal Responsibility" — happening in the aforementioned legendary Pōneke venue this coming Sunday. Scope out the lineup and read the official statement from the organisers on this crucial issue…


Primary school aged kids shouldn’t be facing life sentences and right now, our government has the power to stop it.

In Aotearoa, our minimum age of criminal responsibility is 10. This is the age that kids can be prosecuted and punished for a crime. 10 sounds too young right? That’s because it is.

Join us and ask the government to end this harmful system by increasing this age to at least 14, with an immediate increase to 12 and then to at least 14 once needed changes ensure that the system caring for these children is effective and appropriate."

Hip Hop With A Cause

Featuring… Tony Buxton (TuOne), Double G, Turner Knows, Mr.Lyrickah, Fiasko, Joshy E, Gimmick, Cozy and Friends, Dirty Mike, MJ Johnstone

Sunday 22nd January – Valhalla, Wellington

Tickets available HERE via UTR

You can read more about the campaign and sign the petition to raise the age of criminal responsibility in Aotearoa HERE

Check out Tony Buxton’s 2015 hip hop anthem ‘Just 4 Your Love’..


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