Jason Williamson Sleaford Mods and The Bug Drop Tracks Treetop Stoat

Annabel Kean / Wednesday 24th November, 2021 12:03PM


Thanks to a healthy bit of Twitter DM sliding some three years back, today we reap the sweet fruits of a collaboration between Sleaford ModsJason Williamson and UK electronic figurehead The Bug, the production project of Kevin Martin. Both of these iconic Brits have also released their own collections this year, Williamson with Sleaford Mods’ sixth studio album Spare Ribs, and The Bug dropping their first LP in seven years, Fire. Each long time fans of the other, The Bug and Williamson’s two new tracks ‘Treetop’ and ‘Stoat’ are a glorious explosion of dancehall and punk, at once sounding like an old friend and something that could only exist in 2021. A-side ‘Treetop’ lands with a strobe-like graphic clip, a visual translation of the crashing intensity of the double release. As Williamson says in the below words on the new songs, bang into it…

"Both Stoat and Treetop tread the usual path lyrically for me, nonsense mixed in with little micro story’s of whatever. Excuses to get out frustrations and anger. I’ve been talking with Kevin for a few years now as regards doing some tunes. Matching something to The Bugs music was always on the cards, a chance to shape different vocal approaches to a certain degree which is deffo evident on Stoat I think. Love both tunes. Proper. Bang into this collab.”

‘Treetop / Stoat’ is out now via Ninja Tune.


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