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Annabel Kean / Friday 19th November, 2021 1:45PM


Inspired and informed by the vāhine of the Polynesian Panthers, just-dropped album Daughters Of The Dawn shines a spotlight on the voices and unique experiences of women connected to the Panthers movement. Aotearoa artists La Coco, KALALA, MARINA and Vox Dawn worked closely with vāhine Melani Anae, Miriama Rauhihi Ness, Etta Gillon and others on the 10-track album, with single ‘Mother’s Design’ specifically dedicated to these woman and the wisdom of KALALA’s mother Paina Falanika Sione. The four collaborators also honed in on their individual experiences of the Dawn Raids, with the likes of La Coco-led track ‘Gone’ exploring the narrative of migration, and Vox Dawn’s ‘Feagaiga’ which "acknowledges the covenant relationship between the brother and sister within the Polynesian Panthers".

Out today via Oceans Before Me and brought to life by a huge production team of Malachi Samuelu, Christian Mausia, Sonny Tuiletufuga, Diego Villalta, Nigel Mauchline, Hamish Townsend and Ayaluna El Bacha, Daughters Of The Dawn is bursting with soul and vital history. Take your time with this album, it deserves undivided attention…

‘Daughters Of The Dawn’ is out today via Oceans Before Me.

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