Listen To Gayblades Debut Album Craniofacial Pain

Chris Cudby / Artwork credit: Hairy Palm
/ Wednesday 7th April, 2021 1:38PM


Sharing their name with one of the earliest LGBT-themed video games, Tāmaki duo Gayblade soundtrack midnight journeys to the dankest dungeon depths and beyond into mystic forests of yore on their debut album Craniofacial Pain. The collaborative project of Aaliyah Zionov (Baby Zionov) and Amelia Berry (Amamelia, Van Staden & Böhm), Gayblade’s seven track collection is recommended by the pair for "fans of King’s Quest, Roland Sound Canvas SC-88, The Witchfinder General, elves and shit" — launched late last week digitally and on must-cop limited edition cassette during our Easter weekend / pagan ritual festivities via Aotearoa-based dark electronic imprint skaventhrone.

Sporting such evocative track titles as ‘The Living Tunnels of Treerot Deep’ and ‘Upon the Iron Stained Heath Amongst its Restless Dead’, adventurous listeners are advised to armour up and explore the eerily fantastical environments illustrated within, where danger and intrigue lurk around each corner like a mischievous goblin mage. I hear echoes of Bo Hansson, early isometric game themes, vintage UK medieval horror soundtracks and such enigmatic metal entities as Tasmania’s Striborg and / or Mortiis reverberating through Gayblade’s sonic realm — enter their world below and don’t miss them performing at Loud and Proud Queer Music Festival, happening at Audio Foundation on Friday 16th and Saturday 17th April…

‘Craniofacial Pain’ is out now digitally and on limited edition cassette via skaventhrone.

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