Listen To Pickle Darlings Single Blushing

Annabel Kean / Photo Credit: Katie Blows / Monday 29th March, 2021 10:42AM


Pickle Darling has swept me off my feet with their latest single ‘Blushing’, the third track from their forthcoming sophomore album Cosmonaut. Following ‘Rosary’ and ‘A Deep Breath’, ‘Blushing’ feels like the biggest jump from their debut LP Bigness, with hushed backing vocals that sound like a full choir, and songwriter Lukas Mayo playing with pitch shifting their voice (to excellent effect). Cosmonaut is out in full this May on Slovakian label ZTapes, and will be celebrated with a 12-date nationwide tour. Read about the process of writing ‘Blushing’ here…

“It was a bit of a breakthrough for me. It’s kind of about when your fears about the future really paralyse your present. Like at the start of a relationship when you’re worried about not being on the same page and how you project fears and insecurities onto each other instead of actually getting to know each other. It was also the first kind of ‘singer’-y song I’d ever done, the vocals are loud and bold and the lyrics are clear and this was the first time I’d ever really done that.”

Pickle Darling’s sophomore album ‘Cosmonaut’ is out May 21st on ZTapes.

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