Listen To Pink White Terraces Single Lost Brothers Tukana Ngaro

Chris Cudby
/ Tuesday 30th March, 2021 2:38PM


The spellbinding latest release from NZ / Berlin imprint Fantasy Fiction Records, Pink & White Terraces‘ ‘Lost Brothers (Tuākana Ngaro)‘ is an unabashed love letter to the South Pacific. Aotearoa-born multi-instrumentalist and producer PAWS+‘s dreamy project draws on their Maori roots to magic up "a love of lush ’50s guitars, glassy ’80s sounds and Moogy synths" featuring backing vocals from ASO — illustrating idyllic sonic spaces to roam, somewhere between the playful synth-exotica of Japanese innovator Haruomi Hosono and the close to home soulful romance of Tāmaki Makaurau’s Kenny Sterling. There’s an entire album from Pink & White Terraces set to drop on 22nd April, open your ears to ‘Lost Brothers (Tuākana Ngaro)’ here…

Pink & White Terraces’s new album launches on Thursday 22nd April via Fantasy Fiction Records.

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