Listen To Thagomizers Mesozoic Mood Music EP

Chris Cudby
/ Thursday 18th November, 2021 11:58AM


Te Whanganui-a-Tara electronic artist Thagomizer launched their debut take on the emerging (yet already thriving) Dino Synth micro-genre with October’s time-travelling Synth From The Dawn Of Time EP, and they’re already back for round two. Deriving their name from spiky prehistoric origins (by way of Gary Larson’s The Far Side) Thagomizer’s new four track Mesozoic Mood Music draws listeners ever deeper into an evocative sound world ruled over by humongous, slow-moving, earth-shaking reptiles of all varieties. The title Mesozoic Mood Music (inspired by a Hamilton Underground Press writeup of the earlier EP) is 100% on the money, calling to mind NZ vaporwave icon Eyeliner’s similarly transportational 2012 breakout debut album High Fashion Mood Music — listen to Thagomizer here…

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