Listen To UMOs Remix Of Soccer Mommys Circle The Drain

Chris Cudby
/ Monday 12th October, 2020 11:14AM


Amongst the unprecedented deluge of significant NZ releases last Friday lurked a fresh creation from none other than Unknown Mortal Orchestra, the ongoing project of Ruban Nielson with friends and family, whose staggering international success continues to know no limits. Nielson revealed a remix of US songwriter Soccer Mommy‘s fuzzily emotive 2020 anthem ‘circle the drain‘, honing in on the song’s hypnagogic qualities and scrambling our senses with a healthy dose of crunchy beats, liquid bass and sun-baked sonics. No stranger to being in fine company, UMO was joined on remixing duties by UK electronic innovator Actress, who dropped an excellently gothed-up remix of Soccer Mommy’s ‘crawling in my skin‘, also featured on February’s color theory album — immerse yourself in both tracks below…

‘circle the drain’ and ‘crawling in my skin’ are out now via major streaming platforms.

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