My Vaccine Pass Launched In Aotearoa New Zealand

Chris Cudby / Photo and traffic light drink: Sports Team
/ Wednesday 17th November, 2021 10:01AM


As confirmed by the government in late October, the My Vaccine Pass (formerly referred to as vaccine certificates) has launched in Aotearoa today, to be used with the forthcoming traffic light level system as part of the COVID-19 Protection Framework. Described as "an official record of your COVID-19 vaccination status for use within Aotearoa New Zealand," the pass can be requested by "anyone aged 12 and over who has had two COVID-19 vaccinations administered in New Zealand, or who has been given a medical exemption." Notably the passes have a 6 month expiry date and cannot be used for international travel (once borders reopen again), those heading overseas will need to request a seperate International Travel Vaccination Certificate.

A My Vaccine Pass will guarantee you unrestricted entry to live music events this summer. Under the new traffic light system (red, orange, green), there will be no limits on indoor / outdoor events if passes are required upon entry by organisers — restrictions will be in place where passes are not required. The pass will include your name, date of birth and a QR code which can be saved on your phone and / or printed out and scanned at events. We encourage you to apply for yours as soon as possible, although you might want to hold off until later today as the website is currently moving slow due to high demand.

"Requesting your pass only takes a few minutes and will be emailed to you within 24 hours. The quickest way to get your pass is through your My Covid Record, but if you cannot access this service you can call 0800 222 478 — have your NHI number ready."

Request your My Vaccine Pass HERE

Full official info available on My Vaccine Pass HERE

Our team welcomes the use of vaccination passes in Aotearoa, as they will allow live events to happen under the safest conditions possible for those in our community most at risk from Covid-19. We encourage you to help protect yourself, friends and family by getting vaccinated if you haven’t done so already (our team is now all double vaccinated) — you can get the ball rolling by booking HERE.

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