Die! Die! Die! Unleash Single Losing Sight Keep On Kicking

Chris Cudby
/ Friday 19th November, 2021 11:06AM


Aotearoa noise-punks Die! Die! Die! have unleashed a searing first salvo from the veteran trio’s forthcoming seventh studio album This Is Not An Island Anymore. Founders Andrew Wilson and Michael Prain with long-term D!D!D! bassist Lachlan Anderson team up with producer Steven Marr on dynamite new track ‘Losing Sight, Keep On Kicking‘, keeping all the band’s unapologetically abrasive edges intact as they explore "losing yourself and finding your Mauri" (life spark or essence). Listen up here, look forward to D!D!D!’s new full length opus out on 18th February 2022 and keep your fingers crossed for live shows…

‘Losing Sight, Keep On Kicking’ is out now via major streaming services.


Track By Track Adam Hattaway And The Haunters New Album Rooster

Annabel Kean / Friday 19th November, 2021 9:55AM


Recorded at Sublime Studios over four long days and weighing in at 22 tracks heavy, Adam Hattaway And The Haunters‘ bluesy new double album Rooster is a magnificent country beast. Out today on all the usual streaming places just eight months after the Ōtautahi outfit shared their third album Woolston, Texas, Rooster is something of a response and antidote to a far longer than desired release schedule last time around, as well as a way to catch up with their own songwriting speed. As is the case with all good country albums, every track on Rooster comes with a story – there’s the improvisational session with Delaney Davidson that birthed ‘Riding The River’, a day spent searching and failing to find an old friend’s grave, leading to the penning of ‘Bring My Body Back Home’, then there’s the four odd tracks that came to Hattaway in his dreams. Read all about those tales and more in our exclusive Rooster track by track below – you’ll surely find a talking point or two to strike up conversation when you see Hattaway and his Haunters on their nationwide tour this summer…

Adam Hattaway And The Haunters

Friday 26th November – Space Academy, Christchurch w/ Anthea De Milo*

Saturday 27th November – Settlers Hall, Barrytown*

Wednesday 1st December – San Fran, Wellington

Friday 3rd December – Whanganui Musicians Club, Whanganui w/ MeanOwls

Saturday 4th December – Space Ship, Hastings*

Sunday 2nd January – The Space At The Free House, Nelson*

Tuesday 4th January – The Golden Bear, Mapua

Friday 7th January – The Grand, Akaroa

Thursday 27th January – The Wine Cellar, Auckland*

Friday 28th January – YOT Club, Raglan w/ Mini Simmons

Saturday 29th January – Lukes Kitchen, Kūaotunu w/ Mini Simmons

Sunday 30th January – Leigh Sawmill, Leigh w/ Mini Simmons

*Tickets available HERE via UTR

∞tickets available HERE via UTR

1. Back In Jail

There is another Adam Hattaway. He’s in and out of prison. He inspired this song – I don’t know what his crimes are, so I made them up. This song features Adam on piano, Elmore on Rhodes, and no Guitars! Oh apart from that acoustic. Damnit!

2. ‘Riding The River’

I wrote this one with Delaney Gaviscon [sic]. We sat down and wrote ten or twelve theoretical song titles. We then pressed record for each song and made them all up on the spot. Although we had enough other tunes for this record, the Haunters had been playing it live and really felt, with its roots vibe and straight rock groove, it’d really fit on Rooster! It also features Ratbert on Cowbell. We panned both the creepy whispers and the lead vocals in the bridge left to right all psychedelic like! This song we went most crazy with on the mix actually. Elmore took 3 passes at a guitar solo and we used all 3! They mesh surprisingly well, along with some glammy "Ahhh ha!” BVs and some other BVs in the bridge which Elmore likes to refer to as “Adam the human theremin”.

3. ‘Honor Lee’

This song was written by our good friend Al Park. We just loved the tune and wanted to include it on our album as although there are a lot of country flavours, we wanted just one tune that was out and out classic country, complete with a cheeky yodel at the end.

4. ‘Waiting For The Chill’

This song was recorded feverishly by Elmore and Adam alone in the studio in less than an hour. We found a demo of this song from the previous year and could barely remember it but we thought it was a cool song. Because this song that we barely knew was recorded and changed so quickly, when we heard it back at the end of the sessions, we could barely remember it – this is for me, one of those magic studio moments and probably partly why it’s my favourite song on the record.

5. ‘It’s Hard’

Written as a kinda throwaway in lockdown, this simple fun straight ahead rocker was smashed out in one take, and is also the only song to keep the original guide vocals. It name drops our friend, Christchurch songwriter Laura Lee Lovely. Why? Why the fuck not!

6. ‘Atlanta’

This song came to me in a dream and I based it around the idea of someone wanting to get back home but being torn between that, and starting a new life. Also, the bad Adam Hattaway comes from Atlanta.

7. ‘The Thing’

We like a bit of silly fun. I was gonna sing ‘Tupelo’ by John Lee Hooker but then this just came outta my mouth – go figure.

8. ‘Only Game In Town’

This track, along with ‘Bring my body back home’, ‘Ivory town’, ‘Dial’, ‘Waiting for the chill’ features just Adam on bass, guitar and vocals, and Elmore on drums, percussion and guitar but this song has no overdubs whatsoever. The bridge attempts to venture into Kinks and Beach Boys territory harmonically. The idea of using a bunch of complex chord moves in a country song but staying away from the putrid stench of JAZZ is interesting to us.

9. ‘Keep Walking’

I woke up with this song in my head one day. We’d tried it lotsa different ways but ended up overcooking it. I then played it solo with an acoustic guitar and realised that it needed to be stripped back to that style where it worked best. Of course we couldn’t resist having the full band on it, but it kept its stripped back vibe.

10. ‘Cold Cold Wind’

I wrote this song in a dream. We played a gig in Dunedin in December last year with our friend Flora Knight on fiddle. This song sounded great with her on it, and partly inspired us to go and do this record as we felt we could pull off an old school country sound. Of course, she smashes it on this track!

11. ‘Honey Don’t Lie’

I wrote this song in my dream and I’d been listening exclusively to Waylon Jennings for a couple weeks, and reading his autobiography – go figure! This track was cut in my favourite evening of recording – around midnight over a couple bottles of Sublime made red wine we cut this track, ‘Mama you made a drinker’, ‘It’s hard’… and… something else, I forget. We added horns to a few songs back in CHCH and Auckland – something we’d been hoping would fit back in our music for a long time.

12. ‘It’s Too Late’

This song is the oldest one on the record – written about a year and half earlier, before the Woolston, Texas sessions, it didn’t fit on that record and was also hard to get right live. We switched the feel from swung to straight and nailed it for this record. Features a killer sax solo from the one and only Nick Atkinson. It’s about NOSTALGIA and trying to move forward past those teenage memories.

13. ‘I Hardly Exist’

This song is one of the only to have very few or no overdubs and very little post studio mixing. Something that recording to 4 track lends itself to. The lyrics are pretty self explanatory and come from being straight up depressed.

14. ‘Blood Moon’

We love playing this song live and due to its classic 12 bar blues form, we feel like it wouldn’t have fit on anything BUT a country rock roots double album.

15. ‘Don’t Touch That Dial’

A double album needs dynamics – peaks and troughs in order to keep the journey interesting. This sweet little love song features just Elmore on acoustic guitar, Adam singing and Mike Kime’s bowed double bass. The track omits Elmore’s outburst when he kept messing up the intro – my one regret being not leaving that on the recording!

16. ‘Crime Of The Century’

Elmore sent this track to me in lockdown and I had a go at the vocals for him and sent it back. A great feeling at the time was that we could work together over the internet and keep writing. He was inspired by all the serial killer books he’d been reading.

17. ‘Whatever This Is’

A classic country song at its core funked up a bit with added horns! Adam drunkenly forgot to sing and his comment halfway through the song is legit. We added a fun little trumpet solo to go with the gag afterwards.

18. ‘Ain’t It My Job’

A Liam Quinn penned number – one of only 2 in the Haunters catalogue so far!! It features him on acoustic and Elmore on Bass. Gina, sitting in the control room said “it sounds bit like Wilco’ So I went in and tried to do a Wilco solo, #noregrets!

19. ‘You Made A Drinking Man’

In this song, I imagine the differences and similarities between me and the bad Adam Hattaway. It features Elmore’s kitty kat.

20. ‘Bring My Body Back Home’

We stopped in Temuka on the way down to try to find the grave of a friend who’d taken his life 2 years earlier. A theme that runs consistent in the Haunters music, I wrote this one for Rat who was very close with the song’s subject. The song was only half written but after the strange and sad experience of wandering around the cemetery and unfortunately failing in locating the grave, I sat down on the first night at the studio and finished the song.

21. ‘Rooster’

Wherever you come and wherever you go, you ain’t got nothing on Elmore Jones.

22. ‘Iv’ry Town’

Ben Woods was telling me how to write songs better and I was getting frustrated and then a little rat swung down on a vine and sung this song in my ear. That of course happened in my dream but this song is as real as blood.

Adam Hattaway And The Haunters’ double album ‘Rooster’ is out today on CD and streaming services.


Interview Summer Thieves Unveil New Album Paradise Down The Road

/ Friday 19th November, 2021 9:24AM


Founded in Dunedin all the way back in 2011, Summer Thieves have prevailed over the past two years worth of madness in Aotearoa to unleash their new album Paradise Down The Road. Written and recorded over multiple lockdowns, and produced with Matt Sadgrove (Sons Of Zion), Tiki Taane, and Alex Wildwood (SACHI, Broods), the genre-spanning ten track long player sounds primed to get local crowds moving again — which is exactly what will be happening when Summer Thieves hit stages at forthcoming festivals Electric Avenue, That Weekend, Bowl Of Brooklands and First We Eat. Packed full of soulful and sun-soaked grooves, Paradise Down The Road arrives today digitally via Loop Recordings, with the limited vinyl edition set to ship in February 2022. Singer / guitarist Jake Barton kindly took time out to answer Chris Cudby‘s probing questions about the record, scroll downwards for their informative Q & A and tuck into the stream below…

Summer Thieves – Aotearoa shows

Saturday 8th January – Bowl Of Brooklands, New Plymouth w/ L.A.B

Saturday 29th January – That Weekend Festival, Tirau w/ Netsky, Leisure + more

Saturday 5th February – First We Eat festival, Tauranga w/ The Black Seeds, Tami Neilson + more

Saturday 26th February – Electric Avenue, Christchurch w/ Subfocus, Drax Project, Teeks & more

Head over to Summer Thieves site HERE for more info + details on upcoming shows

Chris Cudby: Hi Jake, congrats on the new album! Paradise Down The Road was written and recorded over multiple lockdowns, and you’ve talked about how there’s two emotional sides to the album: one contemplative, the other celebratory. What do you feel is worth celebrating in this crazy year that we’ve all been experiencing?

Jake Barton: It’s definitely been an interesting year for us all, with some extreme highs and some serious low points. But I think if anything it’s made us / me realise how important we are to one another, and how the band is such a big part of us. A true family. So I just hope if anything this year’s helped some people realise & find some importance in their lives they may have previously taken for granted.

Did the time you spent in lockdown spark ideas that you didn’t originally envision for the new record?

Yeah for sure, this idea behind the album started at the beginning of the first lock down in 2020, with the track ‘Stuck On You’. That track was the beginning of PDTR. The lockdown gave me a lot of time to write, which I think has helped step my whole game up, and made us all more inspired to do more.

The new songs absolutely sound ready to get summer festival crowds moving. What’s the oncoming sunny season looking like for Summer Thieves, will you be touring the new record?

We have so many shows ‘waiting to be announced’, but yes 100% when it’s all safe to go we are touring. We’ve already been announced to be playing at Electric Avenue, That Weekend, First We Eat in Tauranga, and a few Australian shows in April in Queensland with L.A.B. Keep ya eyes peeled on our socials and website for tour updates coz we’ve got more where that came from for sure.

Is the Summer Thieves membership the same as for last year’s Bandaids and Lipstick EP?

We are now a five-piece. Jarni Blair, one of our oldest musical brothers, has joined us & this is his first full album with us. You can hear the flavour he adds to our sound on this record.

Summer Thieves have worked with some pretty big name producers in the past including Tiki Taane, Alex Wildwood (SACHI, Broods) and Matt Sadgrove (Sons Of Zion). What was the recording process like this time around?

I worked heavily alongside Matt Sadgroove again for this album, and sat in on all the sessions as a co-producer. We also mixed the album together, apart from the track ‘Stuck On You’ which Tiki mixed. We worked with both Tiki (three tracks) and Alex (one track) on this album too.

New to the mix is a good friend of the band Allister Meffan, who worked on the track ‘Floating Away’ with me. Brad Kora, Joel Shadbolt and Tiki joined us for a writing session, which was the creation on the track ‘Saturday Night’. But generally how it goes is we will have a song written and then take it into the studio with a producer or just us. We are starting to produce our own stuff now also and are already deep into working on our next release.

What does the artwork by Taki signify? How did that collab come together?

I found her on Instagram and was instantly drawn to her images. They were very unique, but also had powerful meaning and they looked like classics. Old school album art. We got talking and I explained our vision and the album name PDTR and discussed some lyrics that we wanted to get across, like “Another man down to the machine”. If you look through all the art we’ve done with her, it’s quite a beautiful thing.

Paradise Down The Road brings together a variety of elements including folk-pop, rock, reggae and even trip hop beats, with a strong emphasis on soulful lyricism and hefty grooves. Were there any specific musical inspirations or touchstones for the new record?

To be honest we just wanted to make music that made us feel something. We wanted rawness and we wanted emotion. We still added some zest on some tracks, but overall we just wanted to make some good music, that’s still gonna be good to listen to down the road.

Any plans for Summer Thieves to head overseas once Aotearoa’s border finally reopens?

Australian tour coming in April. Yew!!!

Summer Thieves’ sophomore album ‘Paradise Down The Road’ is today digitally — limited vinyl LP edition ships February 2022.


Solo Ono Drop New Lavender EP

Chris Cudby
/ Thursday 18th November, 2021 2:17PM


Te Whanganui-a-Tara garage-surf-fuzz trio Solo Ono have unleashed their fab new collection Lavender, ahead of this Saturday’s double EP release rager with fellow travellers Once You Know at Vogelmorn Bowling Club. Featuring singer / guitarist Frank Eggleton (Tidal Rave), Birgit Bachler on bass and TOYK’s Jordan Stewart on drumming duties, Solo Ono zoom through four songs crammed full of spiky hooks and hairpin turns, rolling around such pertinent topics as "nights on the town", "the vastness of the universe" and "toxic men". We’re jealous as heck we can’t head along on Saturday, as Tāmaki Makaurau seems to currently be surrounded by some kind of invisible force field — tuck into Lavender here…

Double EP Release: Solo Ono And Once You Know, With Danica Bryant

Saturday 20th November – Vogelmorn Bowling Club, Wellington

Tickets available HERE via UTR

‘Lavender’ is out now via major streaming services.


Listen To Thagomizers Mesozoic Mood Music EP

Chris Cudby
/ Thursday 18th November, 2021 11:58AM


Te Whanganui-a-Tara electronic artist Thagomizer launched their debut take on the emerging (yet already thriving) Dino Synth micro-genre with October’s time-travelling Synth From The Dawn Of Time EP, and they’re already back for round two. Deriving their name from spiky prehistoric origins (by way of Gary Larson’s The Far Side) Thagomizer’s new four track Mesozoic Mood Music draws listeners ever deeper into an evocative sound world ruled over by humongous, slow-moving, earth-shaking reptiles of all varieties. The title Mesozoic Mood Music (inspired by a Hamilton Underground Press writeup of the earlier EP) is 100% on the money, calling to mind NZ vaporwave icon Eyeliner’s similarly transportational 2012 breakout debut album High Fashion Mood Music — listen to Thagomizer here…


Alex Cameron Returns With Single Sara Jo Video

Annabel Kean / Photo credit: Ref Fellner / Thursday 18th November, 2021 11:57AM


Everyone’s favourite Australian is back with a new tune and a new story to tell on gorgeous comeback track ‘Sara Jo’. Last heard spinning pop-rock yarns on 2019 album Miami Memory, the return of Alex Cameron sees the charming crooner embodying a man disillusioned with modern day woes, and setting his sights on finding who to blame for it all. Never one to shy away from rattling the odd cage, Cameron belts out his frustrations over anti-vax scare mongering, toxic masculinity and impossible beauty standards in a chorus ripe for a stadium sing-alongs. Delightfully paired with visuals featuring Cameron’s signature dance moves in idyllic Croatian landscapes, he asks "Who told my brother that his kids are gonna die from this vaccine?", "Who told my father that he doesn’t have to pay for counselling?" and "Who told my sister that she’s never gonna be no beauty queen?". From peek-a-boo beginnings to a glorious belly flop ending, Cameron’s self-directed video for ‘Sara Jo’ is best followed by his own rambling words on the track, which you can read below…

“Man, I used to be such an idiot. I still am an idiot, but I used to be one too. That’s the template of a Mitch Hedberg joke. The sentiment orbits around me constantly. Judgement in retrospect. Evolving identities that change just as much as they stay the same. I can even hate thoughts I’ve had and decisions I’ve made in the past. Cringe at the old me. Oblivious to how I’ll view this enlightened version of myself in hindsight. Cause man, I used to be such an idiot. Good thing I’ve improved since then. I put in the work. I listened. I learned. I’m malleable like that. Good for me. Those awful thoughts are no longer mine. Most likely they never were. Most likely they were learned and fumbled into a shape I could express like some genetic inheritance of a stupid idea – passed down from one idiot to the next. At my best I can convert my stupidity into wisdom. At my worst I hate it, and it’s useless, my short memory means I can’t even locate its origin.

All I know is I hate the dumb fuck that convinced me of it. And so if I can hate the things I used to do, the ideas I used to spill confidently that should have been muttered regretfully then it makes sense that I can hate others for the things they do, and especially for the ideas they might have or have repeated. Cherished totems of dumb contemplation. The inextinguishable torch of bad ideas that will forever flicker as it’s exchanged between proud human hosts. What’s worse than an idiot? Someone who thinks they used to be an idiot – but aren’t anymore. In a clear moment I see it in myself. I’ll say things like ‘I can’t believe people think that’s true.’ Or ‘these fucken idiots.’ You can watch me do it. Watch me distance myself from ideas and actions that I find don’t align. I might have used to think a thing was true, or right, or just – but that was someone else’s idea. That was an idiot’s musing. I was the victim of dumb charm. And the perpetrator is to blame. If I could only remember who that idiot was. And so we have ‘Sara Jo’ – A search for the person responsible for all bad ideas. Cause it sure as hell isn’t me”.

Alex Cameron’s ‘Sara Jo’ is available on streaming services via Secretly Canadian.


Watch Hiatus Kaiyotes Video For And We Go Gentle

Chris Cudby / Thursday 18th November, 2021 11:13AM


All set to return to Aotearoa in 2022 for shows in Auckland and Wellington, Melbourne superstars Hiatus Kaiyote serve up an illuminating feast for your eyeballs with their new video ‘And We Go Gentle‘. Featured on singer / guitarist Nai Palm and the gang’s breakout new album Mood Valiant (which launched in June via Flying Lotus’ imprint Brainfeeder), the song’s playful clip stars a glitzy, lamp-loving moth-person — who brings a touch of glamour to gritty urban streets, makes mischief in a chandelier store and bar, then drunkenly finds heaven through a back alley doorway. The romantic conclusion suits the song’s slinky grooves and luminous lyrics to a tee, experience director Grey Ghost‘s (Jeremy Koren) visuals below…

"’And We Go Gentle’ is a song about why moths are attracted to light. For the video, I wanted to reference the Japanese film style of tokusatsu in celebration of Mothra (an angel moth that can defeat Godzilla). I made the costume myself out of aquarium plants and old tabi boots. The video is a search for love but from a quirky humorous perspective. On the morning of the shoot, there was an earthquake, which added to the mystery and epic-ness of the shoot. It was such a dream to work with director Grey Ghost again. He is such a creative champion." – Nai Palm

Hiatus Kaiyote

Friday 11th February – Opera House, Wellington

Saturday 12th February – The Powerstation, Auckland

Tickets on sale via Live Nation

For complete tour and ticket information, visit: livenation.co.nz

‘Mood Valiant’ is out now via Brainfeeder.


New Dates Announced For Kendall Elise Let The Night In Album Release Tour

Chris Cudby
/ Wednesday 17th November, 2021 3:18PM


Finalist for the APRA Best Country Music Song 2021 award, Kendall Elise has revealed new dates for her Let The Night In album release tour. Roaming the range from soul stirring country-gothic ballads to full blown barnstormers, the Papakura songwriter launched her second studio record to significant acclaim in late August, and it’ll be well worth the wait when Elise with band The Belgraves and support Beth Torrance finally hit (hopefully unrestricted) stages across the North Island in February, March and April 2022. Check out the updated info below — all UTR ticket holders have been emailed with details (check your promotions and spam folders)

Kendall Elise ‘Let The Night In’ Album Release Tour with Beth Torrance

Saturday 19th February – Kumeu Live (at Kumeu Arts), Kumeu

Friday 25th February – Dome Cinema, Gisborne w/ Maorissey

Friday 11th March – MOON, Wellington w/ Stellarize

Sunday 13th March – The Back Room @ Lotus Realm, Thames

Friday 1st April – The Wine Cellar, Auckland w/ Echo Children

Saturday 9th April – ONEONESIX, Whangarei

Tickets available HERE via UTR*

Kendall Elise vamps it up in the clip for her cover of Suzi Quatro’s ‘Your Mamma Won’t Like Me’, from Let The Night In…


Ocean Alley Drop Single Video Touch Back Down

Annabel Kean / Wednesday 17th November, 2021 2:22PM


Psych-rock Sydney-siders Ocean Alley return with a sunny outlook on their first new single since Lonely Diamond, the band’s third studio album that shot up the Australia and Aotearoa charts when it dropped in June last year. Fresh track ‘Touch Back Down‘ emerged from band mates Baden Donegal, Angus Goodwin, Lach Galbraith, Mitch Galbraith, Nic Blom and Tom O’Brien making the conscious decision to take a more positive approach when writing their fourth album, with guitarist Mitch Galbraith explaining "After the craziness of the past two years, we wanted to be less serious and write songs that will get people moving rather than thinking". The accompanying clip to mellow groover ‘Touch Back Down’ takes us on a surreal Ocean Alley road trip, starring lead vocalist Donegal absolutely sodden from existing in his own underwater world, while his bandmates carry on around him oblivious and beaming in warm sepia tones. Catch the six Ocean Alley boys on their biggest Aotearoa tour to date next May, when they hit Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin with stunner surf-rock duo Hockey Dad in tow…


With special guests Hockey Dad 

Saturday 14th May — Spark Arena, Auckland

Sunday 15th May — Michael Fowler Centre, Wellington

Wednesday 18th May — Town Hall, Dunedin

Thursday 19th May — Town Hall, Christchurch*

Tickets available via ticketmaster.co.nz

*Tickets available via ticketek.co.nz

‘Touch Back Down’ is out now via major streaming services.


Listen To The Once You Know EP

Annabel Kean / Wednesday 17th November, 2021 1:00PM


When he’s not drumming up a storm and cooking up boisterous surf-rock tracks with his Solo Ono bandmates, Pōneke artist Jordan Stewart puts on his songwriter hat for days like today and shares lush, fuzzy guitar melodies as Once You Know. Having drip fed singles ‘Highways’ and ‘Voices’ mid-way through the year, Once You Know gave us plenty of warning for their The Once You Know EP and the indie-rock goodness lying within. The five track release spans sparse, dream-pop valleys, all the way to full-band, cymbal crashing highs, reminding me of all my favourite sounds from the likes of New Order and even fellow Wellingtonians Glass Vaults. Stewart and the Once You Know band hit the Vogelmorn Bowling Club this Saturday for a double EP release party with their pals Solo Ono, who are celebrating the release of their new EP Lavender. Snap up tickets below, and hit play on The Once You Know EP…

Double EP Release: Solo Ono And Once You Know, With Danica Bryant

Saturday 20th November – Vogelmorn Bowling Club, Wellington

Tickets available HERE via UTR

‘The Once You Know EP’ is out now on major streaming services.


Big Thief Announce New Album Share Single Time Escaping

Annabel Kean / Wednesday 17th November, 2021 11:23AM


Another heart-punching single has landed from the folk genius that is Big Thief, as well as the official word on their fifth studio album Dragon New Warm Mountain I Believe In You — out in February next year. Today’s offering is ‘Time Escaping’, the fifth track from the upcoming double LP following singles ‘Sparrow’, ‘Little Things’, ‘Change’ and ‘Certainty’, and sees the band shoot off in an exciting new percussive and tonal direction.

Searching for change in their approach to album number five, band members Adrianne Lenker, Max Oleartchik, Buck Meek, and James Krivchenia recorded Dragon New Warm Mountain I Believe In You across four distinct locations: Upstate New York, Topanga Canyon, The Rocky Mountains, and Tucson, Arizona. ‘Time Escaping’ was one of the songs that emerged from their Topanga Canyon sessions, where Lenker fell into writing about her own thought process, which she describes as "unabashedly as psychedelic as I naturally think". Have a moment of folk-rock bliss with ‘Time Escaping’, and keep an ear out for Lenker speaking to her puppy Oso, telling the dog "It’s music!"…

Big Thief’s album ‘Dragon New Warm Mountain I Believe In You’ is out 11th February 2022 via 4AD.


Aotearoa Level 2 Gigs For The Weekend

Chris Cudby / Image: Riki Gooch (Pūoro Tū Festival)
/ Wednesday 17th November, 2021 11:15AM


There’s so many great looking shows happening across Aotearoa this weekend, particularly in and around Pōneke where the seated gigs will clearly be pumping over the next few days. Highlights from this week’s batch include the week-long multi-venue Pūoro Tū Festival – adventures in Māori instruments and sound (full lineup details HERE), the conclusion of Lake South‘s nationwide album launch tour in Gisborne and Hastings, Solo Ono and Once You Know‘s double EP release gig at Vogelmorn Bowling Club, The Broken Heartbreakers at Oamaru’s Grainstore Gallery and lots more.

Don’t forget that masks and social distancing are required under Alert Level 2, but gigs are no longer capped at a specific number of attendees — check out the updated Level 2 guidelines for bars HERE and for events / entertainment HERE. We recommend you secure your spot for the shows below by grabbing presale tickets (where available) while you can…

Wednesday 17th November

Eyegum Presents: Kennys First Set, Funkamodo Dragon, Duckworth Lewis – San Fran, Wellington, presale tickets HERE

Edera, Extra Butter and Lainey – Valhalla, Wellington, presale tickets [sold out]
Pūoro Tū Festival: Panel Kōrero And Performance – Pyramid Club, Wellington

The Billhawks / Spaced Out Sessions – Grater Goods, Christchurch

Thursday 18th November

Pūoro Tū Festival – San Fran, Wellington [sold out]

Jamie Pye Quartet – Lovebite, Wellington

The Champion / Hayles / Lawrence Trio – Rogue and Vagabond, Wellington

Bexy – The Chapel, Christchurch, presale tickets HERE

Friday 19th November

Lake South – Smash Palace, Gisborne, presale tickets HERE

Fraser Mack – The Urban Winery, Napier

Sunday Morning Paper Writer – St Peter’s Hall, Paekakariki, presale tickets HERE

Pūoro Tū Festival – San Fran, Wellington [sold out]
Ainsley Allen – Te Papa, Wellington

James Guilford Trio – Hashigo Zake, Wellington

Coppermine Junction w/ Craig Pritchard – The Boathouse, Nelson, presale tickets HERE

Crash Bandihoot Brass Band – 5 Tapped, Blenheim

The Wendys, Outcomes – darkroom, Christchurch, presale tickets HERE

The Drum And Dance Festival – Little River Campground, Christchurch

Bo And The Constrictors, Brad Staley – Lake Tekapo Hall, Tekapo, presale tickets HERE

The Broken Heartbreakers – Grainstore Gallery, Oamaru, presale tickets HERE

Munted, Gene Haggard, Drug Band, Funeral Burner, Children’s Letters To God – The Crown Hotel, Dunedin

Saturday 20th November

Lake South – Spaceship, Hastings, presale tickets HERE

Chris Armour, Oscar Ladell – St Peter’s Hall, Paekakariki, presale tickets HERE

Pūoro Tū Festival – Futuna Chapel, Wellington, presale tickets HERE

Bored Housewives Club – Moon1, Wellington, presale tickets HERE

Solo Ono, Once You Know, Danica Bryant – Vogelmorn Bowling Club, Wellington, presale tickets HERE

Will McClean & The Zooks, Len Blake – San Fran, Wellington, presale tickets HERE

Birdcage, Tahini Bakini, Oh Dwayno, Planet – House Show, Wellington, presale tickets HERE

Brooklyn Acoustic – Two Todman, Wellington, presale tickets HERE

Grindfist 2021 – Valhalla, Wellington
This Is How The Deaf Speak – The Thistle Inn, Wellington

D, Muss and JLaw – Hashigo Zake, Wellington

What A Shit Year That Was 2.0 w/ Koizilla, Blisspoint, Typical Melan – The Crown Hotel, Dunedin

Tess Liautaud, The Travelling Hearts – Bark @ Dog With Two Tails, Dunedin, presale tickets HERE

Full info available over on our UTR Gig Guide HERE

Each performing this week as part of Pūoro Tū Festival, listen to ‘I Te Rā Ki Te Pō’ from Riki Gooch & Alistair Fraser’s 2020 collaborative album Rangatira…


My Vaccine Pass Launched In Aotearoa New Zealand

Chris Cudby / Photo and traffic light drink: Sports Team
/ Wednesday 17th November, 2021 10:01AM


As confirmed by the government in late October, the My Vaccine Pass (formerly referred to as vaccine certificates) has launched in Aotearoa today, to be used with the forthcoming traffic light level system as part of the COVID-19 Protection Framework. Described as "an official record of your COVID-19 vaccination status for use within Aotearoa New Zealand," the pass can be requested by "anyone aged 12 and over who has had two COVID-19 vaccinations administered in New Zealand, or who has been given a medical exemption." Notably the passes have a 6 month expiry date and cannot be used for international travel (once borders reopen again), those heading overseas will need to request a seperate International Travel Vaccination Certificate.

A My Vaccine Pass will guarantee you unrestricted entry to live music events this summer. Under the new traffic light system (red, orange, green), there will be no limits on indoor / outdoor events if passes are required upon entry by organisers — restrictions will be in place where passes are not required. The pass will include your name, date of birth and a QR code which can be saved on your phone and / or printed out and scanned at events. We encourage you to apply for yours as soon as possible, although you might want to hold off until later today as the website is currently moving slow due to high demand.

"Requesting your pass only takes a few minutes and will be emailed to you within 24 hours. The quickest way to get your pass is through your My Covid Record, but if you cannot access this service you can call 0800 222 478 — have your NHI number ready."

Request your My Vaccine Pass HERE

Full official info available on My Vaccine Pass HERE

Our team welcomes the use of vaccination passes in Aotearoa, as they will allow live events to happen under the safest conditions possible for those in our community most at risk from Covid-19. We encourage you to help protect yourself, friends and family by getting vaccinated if you haven’t done so already (our team is now all double vaccinated) — you can get the ball rolling by booking HERE.


Bored Housewives Club Return With Single Pink Depression

Annabel Kean / Photo credit: Natasha Halliday / Tuesday 16th November, 2021 12:18PM


Te Whanganui-a-Tara bedroom punk two-piece Bored Housewives Club are back in the game with their first new music since EP Iti made waves in 2018. Written for "those days when you can’t get out of bed", twangy track ‘Pink Depression’ features all the joyous, DIY trimmings we’ve come to expect from bandmates Aaron Pyke and Alayne Dick, making for a surprisingly peppy listening experience for a song about mental illness. Equal parts twee and punk, Bored Housewives Club recorded the punchy new song with Pōneke production pro Joel Cosgrove, and handed over mastering duties to Hans Pucket’s Oliver Devlin.

To celebrate the arrival of ‘Pink Depression’, the duo are putting on a Newtown party in Wellington this Saturday, joined by local acts Ingrid And The Ministers and Oscar Jane Doorne. Nab yourself a spot at the hottest Pōneke show below, and pour yourself a zingy cup of ‘Pink Depression’ while you’re at it…

Pink Depression Release Party

Saturday 20th November – Moon1, Wellington w/ Ingrid And The Ministers, Oscar Jane Doorne

Tickets available HERE via UTR


Power Nap Drops Track Out Of The Pit Pizza Man Remix

Annabel Kean / Tuesday 16th November, 2021 10:03AM


Smartly armed and helmeted after his run-in with a gang of dinosaurs last November, Power Nap levels up in 2021 with raging new single ‘Out Of The Pit’ and an Amamelia remix of classic track ‘Pizza Man’ – aka ‘Pizza Man’ (Amamelia’s Bootleg Bonus Slice). The solo project of Tāmaki music scene mainstay (and editor of this very website), Chris Cudby takes us on a synth-laden dungeon adventure this Power Napvember with his new ground-shaking, party-starting track. ‘Out Of The Pit’ is our second journey into the world of DINOSAURS, Power Nap’s hotly awaited mini-album and follow up to debut collection Shaped Canvas, which we can expect to hear in full early next year when it’s released on local label Sunreturn.

Also on the cards for this year’s month long PN celebrations is a rare live-streamed set this Friday as part of the Audio Foundation‘s AFM radio series. Enjoy the millennia spanning universe of Power Nap’s DINOSAURS, taking us from the jurassic era of ‘Club Dinos’, to the middle ages in fresh drop ‘Out Of The Pit’, and all the way back to 2019 with ‘Pizza Man’ (Amamelia’s Bootleg Bonus Slice)…

Power Nap’s ‘DINOSAURS’ mini-album is out early 2022 via Sunreturn.


Abby Wolfe Shares Debut EP Lose Myself

Annabel Kean / Monday 15th November, 2021 2:06PM


Four years, a break-up, and an Auckland songwriting getaway later, Abby Wolfe at last lifts the lid on her hotly-awaited debut EP Lose Myself. Kick-starting the EP’s creation, the stand out title single was written during the Ōtepoti pop up-and-comer’s APRA Songhubs experience in Tāmaki, where she linked up with producers Djeisan Suskov and Nik Brinkman, plus fellow songwriter Ciaran McMeeken. All four tracks on the EP traverse the complexities of first love and first heartbreak by way of super catchy pop melodies and Wolfe’s dreamy vocals. Between the stark acoustic goodness of opener Lose Myself’, radio-ready bops ‘Free Falling’ and ‘Take It Slow’, and piano ballad finale ‘Held By You’, Wolfe’s already racked up hundreds of thousands of streams. Read what the Dunedin songwriter had to say on her debut collection, and add a few more streams to the EP below…

“I feel incredibly proud of these songs … They represent the last few years of my life, from heartbreak to identify crisis to frustration with outsiders’ judgements. I feel they come together so nicely, compliment each other and share the stories.”

Abby Wolfe’s debut EP ‘Lose Myself’ is out now on streaming services.


Listen To Skymnings New Album RELENTLESS

Chris Cudby
/ Monday 15th November, 2021 12:31PM


Following a sterling run of single drops, Tāmaki Makaurau electronic artist Skymning has unleashed thirteen track opus RELENTLESS upon the world. Journeying across a full spectrum of emotions, genres and textures, from bass bin-bashing ragers to refined ambient reflections, the album launched on Saturday via Bankrupt Records, an imprint co-run by Skymning and close friend Reuben Samuel Winter, the much-missed force behind Milk, Totems and so much more. Winter contributed to multiple tracks on the record (plus mastered much of the collection) and his mother, author and poet Iona Winter, is paid tribute to on soundscape ‘A Quiet One for Iona’. Describing the creation of RELENTLESS as a "grieving process" in conversation with Jess Fu for 95bFM’s Long Player show, we recommend you listen to the entirety of that excellent and informative interview with Skymning right HERE and smash that play button below…

‘RELENTLESS’ is out now via major streaming services.


Watch Alien Weaponrys Adult Swim Festival 2021 Livestream Set

Annabel Kean / Monday 15th November, 2021 11:25AM


Through the power of their own divine metal talent, and pure, riff-fuelled determination, Alien Weaponry are one of the few (the only?) Aotearoa acts currently sharing their pulse-pumping musical wares on international stages, including a killer slot at the weekend’s live-streamed Adult Swim Festival. The Northland thrash trio have been dominating North American crowds since September, playing their own headline shows between a string of support dates with French heavy metal crew Gojira and hardcore punks Knocked Loose.

With their blistering new sophomore album Tangaroa up their collective sleeves and a festival line-up shared with the likes of Flying Lotus, Lil Baby and Angel Olsen, brothers Lewis and Henry de Jong (Ngāti Pikiao & Ngāti Raukawa) and Tūranga Morgan-Edmonds busted out a gut-punching studio set for the two day online Adult Swim Festival. Lucky for us, the 25 minute performance is available to watch for free as many times as we please. Not so lucky for us, Alien Weaponry aren’t back on home turf until July 2022 at the earliest, absolutely slammed with US and Europe tours and festivals. Enjoy a heavy dose of Aotearoa’s finest in the up-close and personal clip below…

‘Tangaroa’ is out now on major streaming services via Napalm Records.


Premiere Watch Laura Lee Lovelys Video For Allandale

Chris Cudby
/ Monday 15th November, 2021 10:05AM


Ōtautahi electronic pop starlet Laura Lee Lovely unveiled her new anthem late last week and we’re stoked to give you a first look at the official video for ‘Allandale‘, launching this Tuesday. Bearing no relation to the similarly titled Billy Joel classic, ‘Allandale’ is inspired by a weekend visit to the township and beautiful coastal area located in Governor’s Bay, across the harbour from Lyttelton, a quiet and contemplative time which helped unlock fantastical new worlds within the artist. Co-directed by Anissa Trinder and Laura Watson, the video emanates a darkly romantic, Lynchian aura suitable to the song’s small town origins. Laura Lee Lovely initially appears like a rose-tinted supernatural apparition in the night, switching up settings to belt out her haunting anthem against playfully nostalgic backdrops and bring the boogie to the local laundromat. Co-written by Benjamin Hunt (who also produced the song) and released with stunning cover artwork by lucidluca, experience ‘Allandale’ below — the first song revealed from Laura Lee Lovely’s forthcoming debut album, due to release in 2022…

Laura Lee Lovely explained how lines in the song were inspired by a break from social media: “I make a continuous effort to limit my time on social media but find it addictive and enjoyable too, it’s important to me to have a balance. The scenes reflect the indulgence that goes on behind the scenes. The line “I think you’ve got the better of me” came to me when reflecting on this when I was having a break.

’Allandale’ is an expression of my feelings when reflecting on the surroundings I found myself in. It was a world I could get lost in – having the peace and quiet to reflect on the current demanding social climate. This can be heard in the reflection and nostalgia of the song, and also in some of the ominous undertones found in the lyrics and instrumentation."

‘Allandale’ is out now via major streaming services.


The Big Fresh Collective Remix Grand Theft Auto Tracks On SAN BREAKBEAT

Chris Cudby
/ Friday 12th November, 2021 3:12PM


It’s a big day for millions of Grand Theft Auto enthusiasts across the globe, as Rockstar Games’ mayhem-encouraging classics III, Vice City and San Andreas editions have gotten a fresh lick of digital paint, reissued together in ‘updated’ form as Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition. Marking this auspicious occasion is a pumping new drop of remixes / edits from Canterbury electronic dance dons The Big Fresh Collective, excellently titled SAN BREAKBEAT. Contributors KRUSH JUKE and PAPLOCO comport themselves with considerable aplomb, slicing and dicing GTA station staples Change’s ‘The Glow of Love’ and Dr Dre & Snoop Dogg’s ‘Nuthin’ But A "G" Thang’ into speaker-damaging new FootMahi forms for 2021. Word is there’ll be some BFC-related celebrations in Pōneke tonight, click around label chief Liam K. Swiggs‘ official Facebook page HERE for more info and get amongst below…


Hamburger Haz Pitmaster Pete Drop Inner City Road Trip

Annabel Kean / Friday 12th November, 2021 2:30PM


As short and sweet as the journey they sing of, Hamburger Haz (Hariet Ellis of AMA Best Alternative Artist finalists Na Noise) and Pitmaster Pete (Peter Ruddell of AMA Best Alternative Artist finalists Wax Chattels) share emotional highway hooner ‘Inner City Road Trip‘, the hotly awaited follow-up to singles ‘Sunshine’ and ‘Theme Song’. Their latest drop reveals an edgy new, rock ballad energy, unlike anything we’ve seen before from the Tāmaki power duo as they step beyond the confines of their backyard and take the BBQ tunes into The Wild. The Wild being anywhere within the super city boundaries, while wearing a face covering and socially distancing from other bubbles.

The karaoke clip for ‘Inner City Road Trip’ might be a bit overwhelming for those of us who haven’t driven further than our local JB HiFi in the past three months, but Hamburger Haz and Pitmaster Pete take all the necessary safety precautions – as well as being watched over by their guardian angel The Teletubbies sun baby. Listen below for a bloody good time and a ripper guitar solo "in the style of Jonathan Pearce" of The Beths…


Watch Michael James Keanes Video For New Single Ceramic Tide

Annabel Kean / Friday 12th November, 2021 12:48PM


Personally, a ‘Ceramic Tide‘ is what I call the slow dance me and the other op-shoppers do around the Crown Lynn stand at the local Red Cross, but today it takes on a whole new meaning as the latest gorge folk track from Michael James Keane‘s forthcoming album Wandering Bull. As with the other songs we’ll hear on Keane’s sophomore collection, ‘Ceramic Tide’ was written when the former So Laid Back Country China member made a home in the Wairarapa while training to be a stonemason. Untethered and dark, Keane dwelled on his memories of Pōneke and fell into a reckless era, "getting into trouble with my mental health and drinking", explaining the album title is who is was in that period — "I know The Wandering Bull is me, and I forgive him".

The effortlessly epic track is paired with a Sigrid Berge directed video, featuring charming performances from Wellington actors Samuel Austin and Ella Gilbert, giving ‘Ceramic Tide’ the cinematic treatment it deserves. Step into the surreal slumber-fuelled lives of a couple of dreamers visited by the Good Time Line version of Freddy Krueger (Michael James Keane)…

Michael James Keane’s sophomore album ‘Wandering Bull’ is out early 2022 via Meow The Label.


Listen To Alba Roses Debut EP Silhouette

Chris Cudby / Photography: @mariamemet
/ Friday 12th November, 2021 12:45PM


Rising Te Whanganui-a-Tara songwriter and producer Alba Rose (formerly of Corduroy) has shared with the world her first collection Silhouette, gifting listeners a sparkling platter of jazz-tinted, neo-soul tunes. Joined in the studio by live band Rory Johns, Elijah Mulheron and Rafe Swan, and mixed by Jim Macrae (Jordan Rakei) and Serebii, Silhouette sounds like the accomplished creation of a seasoned veteran — written under the ever-expanding shadow of 2020 / 21’s global pandemic and lyrically reflecting upon time’s bold arrow in the four song offering. Lucky Hawkes Bay residents can catch Rose with full band celebrating the new EP’s launch at Havelock North’s Peak House this Saturday [tickets available HERE], listen up to Silhouette right here…

‘Silhouette’ is out now via major streaming services.


French For Rabbits Share New Album The Overflow

Chris Cudby
/ Friday 12th November, 2021 11:24AM


It seems like a lifetime ago that Pōneke French For Rabbits premiered their dreamy ballad ‘The Overflow’ for our UTR Caught Live web series back in 2019. The world’s changed considerably since that time, so it feels like a reassuring sign things might be getting back on track that Brooke Singer and the gang’s new album of same name is finally out today. It’s certainly been worth the wait, as The Overflow is back-to-back FFR classics — further refining their melodic pop and exploratory electronic sensibilities into a quietly magical, emotionally transporting sound that’s all their own. Earlier singles ‘The Dark Arts’, ‘Middle Of The House’, ‘The Outsider’, ‘Ouija Board’ and ‘Walk the Dessert’ return, alongside four new numbers rounding out the record’s seamless flow. If you move fast you can score a very snazzy vinyl LP / tee gift pack combo direct from the group’s Bandcamp page HERE — listen up to French For Rabbits’ self-described most “immediate and honest” record to date below, recorded with producer Jol Mulholland

‘The Overflow’ is out today digitally, on CD and limited edition vinyl LP via AAA records (NZ/AUS), Reckless Yes (UK) and A Modest Proposal (Italy).


Don McGlashan Unveils Single Go Back In Announces New Queenstown Show

Chris Cudby / Photo credit: Diane Smithers
/ Friday 12th November, 2021 9:57AM


Aotearoa music icon Don McGlashan (Blam Blam Blam, The Mutton Birds) has served up a deliciously catchy new slice of the cake that is his forthcoming album Bright November Morning. A summery studio collaboration with live bandmates The Others, aka the team supreme of Shayne P Carter (Straitjacket Fits, Dimmer), Chris O’Connor (SJD, Phoenix Foundation) and James Duncan (SJD, Dimmer), listeners can definitely hear hints of Straitjacket Fits / Dimmer guitar magic on ‘Go Back In‘, intertwining with McGlashan’s melodic beachside reflections on the notion of getting back amongst it.

McGlashan is celebrating the launch of Bright November Morning with a full-scale nationwide tour with The Others, announcing this morning a new Queenstown date on Friday 11th February to kick off the whole shebang. They’ll also be playing a clutch of festival dates, including Ōtautahi’s Nostalgia Fest on 12th February and Splore in Tāmaki Makaurau on 27th February. McGlashan revealed the origins of his shimmering latest tune…

“‘Go Back In’ showcases Shayne, James and Chris in all their propulsive, loose-limbed glory, and it’s about the joy of jumping up for another dance, another round, another helping. Those times when your appetite for life hits you like a sudden gust of wind, and knocks you off-course. I wrote it looking forward to a Summer when we can all sprint along a beach again. Hopefully, that won’t be far away.” — Don McGlashan

UTR proudly presents…

Don McGlashan & The Others

Bright November Morning

Friday 11th February – Sherwood, Queenstown [new date]*

Thursday 31st March – Opera House, Hastings

Friday 1st April – The Globe Theatre, Palmerston North*

Saturday 2nd April – Opera House, Wellington

Thursday 7th April – Theatre Royal, Nelson

Friday 8th April – James Hay Theatre, Christchurch

Saturday 9th April – Glenroy Auditorium, Dunedin

Wednesday 13th April – The Meteor Theatre, Hamilton*

Thursday 14th April – Powerstation, Auckland

Saturday 16th April – Sawmill Café, Leigh*

*Tickets available HERE via UTR
Tickets available via www.donmcglashan.com

Watch the lyric video for ‘Come Back In’, produced by Kristina Simons aka Tina Turntables…

‘Bright November Morning’ launches on Friday 25th February.


Premiere Proteins Of Magic Shares Single Video Willow

Annabel Kean / Friday 12th November, 2021 8:47AM


Like a big fat cherry atop today’s music news, we are thrilled to premiere the latest single and video from Proteins Of Magic, the ever morphing electronic project of Kelly Sherrod (Punches). ‘Willow‘ reveals an exciting new facet of the Proteins Of Magic world, with Sherrod taking a shimmering alt-pop detour following their self-titled album that dropped in August this year. Out on NZ On Air‘s New Tracks compilation, ‘Willow is pegged as "a pop-twisted romantic delight of sound & vision" and eases in with the familiar Proteins Of Magic ethereal synth and drama, before an infectious beat and Nile Rodgers disco guitar take over for a delightful two minutes of delectable move-your-feet pop.

If Proteins Of Magic was music for winter, ‘Willow’ is music for summer, dancing, and the myriad scorching shows on Sherrod’s horizon. Proteins Of Magic will be a must-see at The Others Way festival come January, then is set to open for Luke Buda’s long-awaited Tāmaki album release show in February, before hitting the road with Shayne Carter for a month long nationwide tour for Dimmer‘s I Believe You Are A Star 20th Anniversary celebrations. Wrap your eyes around the dates below, and wrap your ears around the killer new track and mind-blowing abstract visuals for ‘Willow’…

UnderTheRadar, Flying Out and 95bFM are proud to present…

The Others Way Festival

Saturday 29th January 2022 – Karangahape Road, Tāmaki Makaurau / Auckland

General release tickets are on sale HERE via UTR

UnderTheRadar proudly presents…

Dimmer I Believe You Are A Star 20th Anniversary Tour

with support from Proteins Of Magic

Thursday 17th March – San Fran, Wellington*

Friday 18th March – San Fran, Wellington*

Saturday 19th March – Christchurch Art Gallery Te Puna o Waiwhetū, Christchurch [all ages]*

Thursday 24th March – Regent Theatre, Dunedin
Friday 25th March – Mercury Theatre, Auckland

Saturday 26th March – Mercury Theatre, Auckland

*Tickets available HERE via UTR 
Auckland tickets available HERE

Dunedin tickets available HERE

‘Willow’ is out now via major streaming services.


Listen To White Saucers Album Arbitrary Yeti

Chris Cudby / Photographer credit: P Wits
/ Thursday 11th November, 2021 1:45PM


Aotearoa noise legends White Saucer aka the team of Stella Corkery and Alan Holt have a new album out, and if you move fast you might still be able to cop a limited cassette edition via NO Label (who also released Bodyache’s eardrum-scouring Demonstration Of Intent in late October). A question I’ve been rolling around during Tāmaki Makaurau’s endless lockdown months is "what is time?" — White Saucer squash and stretch that innocent notion into atemporal immersive cosmic dronescapes like an astronaut entering an event horizon, utilising the deceptively "traditional" "rock" instrumentation of guitar and drums. Sounding like you might happily discover the exact resonant frequency of your apartment building (or suburban home) if you crank the volume way up and play around a bit with your hi-fi system’s EQ settings, White Saucer revealed over on Bandcamp how Arbitrary Yeti expands upon their 2019 collection Positive Noir // Gold Scratch

"These tracks are kind of a revisit to Positive Noir // Gold Scratch. They are not the same but after listening to that album the other day I decided that I would like to hear these pieces longer – much longer. This new album is not made up of edits – rather they are revisiting the workflows that created the original tracks and keeping them running for twenty minutes or so. Track 2 is sonically the same as Positive Noir // Gold Scratch #1. The other tracks were created by tweaking the workflows just a bit here and there."


Beach House Share Four New Songs On Once Twice Melody Chapter One

Chris Cudby
/ Thursday 11th November, 2021 12:41PM


Visitors to Aotearoa in the hazy pre-pandemic days of early 2019, Beach House have unveiled four songs from their forthcoming album Once Twice Melody, the Baltimore duo of Victoria Legrand and Alex Scally‘s first new material since 2018’s 7. The title track sets a suitably huge and majestic tone for the pulsing dreaminess that follows on ‘Superstar’, ‘Pink Funeral’ and ‘Through Me’, conveying an emotive cinematic aura not unlike half-remembered horror film soundtracks. Feeling like a substantial musical journey to savour in its own right, reportedly there’ll be three more chapters from the eighteen track record launching over the next few months, leading up to the full official drop in mid-February. Experience the stylish visualiser for Chapter One below…

‘Once Twice Melody’ launches on Friday 18th February via Mistletone.


Daffodils Unveil Single House Across The Street

Annabel Kean / Photo credit: Karen Ishiguro / Thursday 11th November, 2021 11:40AM


A cool two years since they last released new music, Grey Lynn indie-poppers Daffodils have sprung back into the Aotearoa tune-o-sphere with ‘House Across The Street’. Daffs front person Theo Spike Salmon wrote the track early this year at his flat, "as a song to help me work on my understanding of how difficult it is to come to terms with people moving on, and being so close to them but so far away at the same time”, an all too familiar experience for anyone with a heart and a brain. Produced and engineered by Jol Mulholland at Tāmaki’s The Lab studios, ‘House Across The Street’ is a gorgeous slice of summery jangle-pop, drenched in moody lyricism and Salmon’s deep, gravelly crooning. Although it’s been a bit of a wait, Daffodils bloom even brighter on the new single, and there’s more where that came from on a show-packed summer schedule. Listen to the latest here…

‘House Across The Street’ is out now via major streaming services.


Aotearoa Music Awards 2021 Finalists Announced

Chris Cudby
/ Thursday 11th November, 2021 9:52AM


The recently rebranded Aotearoa Music Awards | Ngā Tohu Puoro o Aotearoa (formerly the New Zealand Music Awards until 2020) have announced the star-studded full list of finalists for 2021. Traditionally mainly focussed on celebrating the achievements of our pop musical superstars, it’s heartening to once again see a whole bunch of UTR familiar faces in the mix. Wax Chattels are up against "bitter rivals" Na Noise and Anthonie Tonnon in the Te Kaipuoro Manohi Toa | Best Alternative Artist, the finalists for both the Te Māngai Pāho Te Kaipuoro Māori Toa | Best Māori Artist and Te Kaipuoro Awe Toa | Best Soul/RnB Artist awards are the formidably talented trio of Mara TK, TEEKS and Troy Kingi, and in the running for Te Kaipuoro Hipihope Toa | Best Hip Hop Artist are rap powerhouses Diggy Dupè, SWIDT and Team Dynamite. Dominating this year’s list is the seemingly unstoppable Kingi, who’s up for six nominations, TEEKS who’s being recognised for a hugely successful year with five nominations, live favourites L.A.B who are up for four Tūis, and battling it out in the ring cage match style for both Recorded Music NZ Te Pukaemi o te Tau | Album of the Year and Te Roopu Toa | Best Group will be Crowded House and The Phoenix Foundation.

The Aotearoa Music Awards are confirmed to be taking place in December, to be screened on TVNZ 2 and TVNZ OnDemand from Tāmaki’s Aotea Centre, with the option of being rescheduled to a date in early 2022 if Covid-19 restrictions prevent the ceremony from going ahead. Recorded Music New Zealand CEO Damian Vaughan shared his excitement for the 56th edition of the glitzy annual prize giving event…

"Our artists and our industry have endured massive disruption over the last 18 months. The uncertainty around live music performance has affected livelihoods and has impacted every part of our music industry which is predicated on bringing people together.

One beacon of positivity however has been music fans utterly embracing our artists and their waiata throughout this period.

It is heartening to see we are consuming homegrown music in record numbers across all forms from streaming to vinyl to radio. Let’s keep that positive support going!”


Recorded Music NZ Te Pukaemi o te Tau | Album of the Year

BENEE – Hey u x

Crowded House – Dreamers are Waiting

L.A.B. – L.A.B. IV

The Phoenix Foundation – Friend Ship

TEEKS – Something to Feel

Troy Kingi – The Ghost of Freddie Cesar

Te Waiata Tōtahi o te Tau | Single of the Year

Harper Finn – ‘Dance Away These Days’

L.A.B. – ‘Why Oh Why’

Lorde – ‘Solar Power’

Six60 – ‘All She Wrote’

TEEKS – ‘Remember Me’

Troy Kingi – ‘Sleep (Slumber)’

Te Roopu Toa | Best Group

Crowded House – Dreamers are Waiting

L.A.B. – L.A.B. IV

The Phoenix Foundation – Friend Ship

Shapeshifter – Rituals

Te Kaipuoro Takitahi Toa | Best Solo Artist

Anna Coddington – Beams

BENEE – Hey u x

TEEKS – Something to Feel

Troy Kingi – The Ghost of Freddie Cesar

Spotify Te Kaituhura Puoro Toa o te Tau | Breakthrough Artist of the Year


Harper Finn


Niko Walters

Te Māngai Pāho Te Kaipuoro Māori Toa | Best Māori Artist

Mara TK


Troy Kingi

The Edge Te Kaipuoro Arotini Toa | Best Pop Artist




Te Kaipuoro Manohi Toa | Best Alternative Artist

Anthonie Tonnon

Na Noise

Wax Chattels

Te Kaipuoro Awe Toa | Best Soul/RnB Artist

Mara TK


Troy Kingi

Te Kaipuoro Hipihope Toa | Best Hip Hop Artist

Diggy Dupè


Team Dynamite

Te Kaipuoro Taketake Toa | Best Roots Artist

Grove Roots


Tomorrow People

Te Māngai Pāho Mana Reo Award


Te Nūtube

The Nudge & Troy Kingi

Te Kaipuoro Tāhiko Toa | Best Electronic Artist

Paige Julia


Sola Rosa

Te Kaipuoro Rakapioi Toa | Best Rock Artist

Dead Favours

Ekko Park

Mako Road

Te Kaipuoro Inamata Toa | Best Classical Artist

Claire Cowan

Justin DeHart

Tony Yan Tong Chen