Merk Shares New Album Infinite Youth

Annabel Kean / Friday 9th April, 2021 9:16AM


Park yourself next to the stereo and get comfy, Mark Perkins‘ sophomore Merk album is here and it’s like a big warm hug for your eardrums. Infinite Youth follows Perkins’ 2016 Taite Music Prize Best Debut winning album Swordfish and is his first collection to be released via Humblebrag Records. On the new collection Merk worked with producer Johan Carøe, who Perkins’ says helped him shake off the lighthearted fantasies of Swordfish and pull him further into earnestness.

"In the past it felt like I was hiding, but now I’m trying to wear my heart on my sleeve a little more", Merk explains, and you can hear that in almost every track; there’s a shift from stupidly catchy indie-pop to heart-squeezing sincerity at the drop of a hat. In album single ‘GOD’ it’s the eclectic high-energy instrumentation dropping into the stripped back bridge, a whiplash moment of ‘oh wait, this song really is about God’. Then hidden a little deeper into Infinite Youth there’s ‘Happiness’, which will have you half expecting an inspirational turn around from the gut-punching acoustic guitar and "All of our friends are sadder than they were last year", BUT NO! Merk twists the knife with "Happiness will never come again" — that tragic problem of not remembering how it felt not to be sad. Merk has a way of conveying all this and a hundred other feelings in his songs, while providing just straight up wonderful pop music that can shape-shift into whatever mood you need. Listen to Merk and his tunes of requirement this May on his album release tour, proudly presented by us! Tickets and dates here, the tasty new music just below…

Undertheradar proudly presents…

Merk ‘Infinite Youth’ Album Tour

Saturday 1st May – Jam Factory, Tauranga [tickets available here]
Saturday 15th May – Cassette 9, Auckland*
Thursday 20th May – Meow, Wellington [tickets available here]
Saturday 22nd May – The Loons, Christchurch*
Sunday 23rd May – Dive, Dunedin*

*Tickets on sale HERE via UTR

Merk’s sophomore album ‘Infinite Youth’ is out now via Humblebrag Records.

Merk Shares New Album Infinity Youth

Annabel Kean / Friday 9th April, 2021 9:16AM


Park yourself next to the stereo and get comfy, Mark Perkins‘ sophomore Merk album is here and it’s like a big warm hug for your eardrums. Infinite Youth follows Perkins’ 2016 Taite Music Prize Best Debut winning album Swordfish and is his first collection to be released via Humblebrag Records. On the new collection Merk worked with producer Johan Carøe, who Perkins’ says helped him shake off the lighthearted fantasies of Swordfish and pull him further into earnestness.

"In the past it felt like I was hiding, but now I’m trying to wear my heart on my sleeve a little more", Merk explains, and you can hear that in almost every track; there’s a shift from stupidly catchy indie-pop to heart-squeezing sincerity at the drop of a hat. In album single ‘GOD’ it’s the eclectic high-energy instrumentation dropping into the stripped back bridge, a whiplash moment of ‘oh wait, this song really is about God’. Then hidden a little deeper into Infinite Youth there’s ‘Happiness’, which will have you half expecting an inspirational turn around from the gut-punching acoustic guitar and "All of our friends are sadder than they were last year", BUT NO! Merk twists the knife with "Happiness will never come again" — that tragic problem of not remembering how it felt not to be sad. Merk has a way of conveying all this and a hundred other feelings in his songs, while providing just straight up wonderful pop music that can shape-shift into whatever mood you need. Listen to Merk and his tunes of requirement this May on his album release tour, proudly presented by us! Tickets and dates here, the tasty new music just below…

Undertheradar proudly presents…

Merk ‘Infinite Youth’ Album Tour

Saturday 1st May – Jam Factory, Tauranga [tickets available here]
Saturday 15th May – Cassette 9, Auckland*
Thursday 20th May – Meow, Wellington [tickets available here]
Saturday 22nd May – The Loons, Christchurch*
Sunday 23rd May – Dive, Dunedin*

*Tickets on sale HERE via UTR

Merk’s sophomore album ‘Infinite Youth’ is out now via Humblebrag Records.

Saving Hope Charity Show For Pups Announced Ft Imugi Lvyne More

Annabel Kean / Image: Imugi 이무기 / Friday 9th April, 2021 9:00AM


Go fetch a ticket immediately for an evening of lush local pop in aide of some plush needful pups. Next month Galatos is hosting a wonderful fundraiser for dog rescue initiative Saving Hope, a non-profit charitable trust that’s been rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming sweet pooches since 2017. HERE is where you find the cute photos.

Now that’s out of your system, please prick up your ears to the excellent slew of bands who are volunteering their talents for an excellent cause. Attendees will be howling for electronic-kissed pop duo Imugi 이무기, tails will wag for up-and-coming power vocalists Lévyne and Amila, and dogs will be barking after a banger set from DJ Bontempo. Rock’n’roll teens The Dawns are ones to watch, with wailing guitars and a growing set of original, velvety tracks, as are fellow youths The Comb, who are garnering a reputation as a party-starting, soul-peddling alt-rock outfit. Have fun, help dogs, what’s not to love? Now who do I have to talk to for Imugi 이무기 to cover the Baha Men

Saving Hope: A charity show for the pups!

Friday 7th May – Galatos, Auckland w/ Imugi 이무기, Lévyne, Amila, The Comb, The Dawns, Bontempo

Tickets available HERE via UTR

Heel. Sit. Stay. Listen to ‘Somebody Else’ by Imugi 이무기…

Flaunting more than one million Spotify streams, catch Amila and her chill-pop tracks at Galatos…

Press release:

Some of New Zealand’s finest upcoming musicians are rallying together for one very special night of music to help raise funds for the Saving Hope Foundation – a dog rescue, rehabilitation and re-homing charitable organisation whose sole mission is to give all dogs a voice, love, happiness, forever homes and good lives.

In the last 2 years alone, 1,543 puppies/dogs have gone through their care and into loving forever homes, but the journey is never easy with many requiring surgery, regular vet visits and ongoing treatment, which is why they rely on donations and need all of the help they can get to continue this incredible work.

100% of the ticket proceeds will go to Saving Hope – so join us for a fantastic night of music and support a very worthy cause all at once!

Listen To The Big Fresh Collectives Project Bluebelt 3

Chris Cudby
/ Thursday 8th April, 2021 1:58PM


Last week’s collision of Bandcamp Friday and Easter Friday bore all sorts of creative fruit, including a third edition of The Big Fresh Collective‘s Project Bluebelt series. Putting a contemporary electronic spin on the musical legacy of the oft-unheralded late-’90s Sega Dreamcast video game console, the Canterbury mavericks proudly declare their new collection to be "INSPIRED BY FRED DURST & PIZZA HUTT & YEAR 1999." Producers Epsile, Paploco, DJ Rugged Shark, Clare La Mer, Liam K. Swiggs and Irv unite to serve up a dazzling selection of fuel-injected FootMahi goodness on the five track compilation, reimagining original soundtracks to Mortal Kombat, WaveRunner and more, in a manner that makes me want to dig out my old XL Recordings ‘ardcore collections — smash play on the stream below…

Watch Leon Vynehalls Video For An Exhale

Chris Cudby / Photo credit: Frank Lebon
/ Thursday 8th April, 2021 12:40PM


British producer and DJ Leon Vynehall has revealed a fresh audio-visual teaser for the long-awaited follow up to his critically lauded 2018 debut album Nothing Is Still, which was praised by none other than Mojo as their #1 ‘Electronic Album of the Year’. Releasing in late April via heavy hitters Ninja Tune, ‘An Exhale‘ is the vaporous latest single Vynehall’s second studio album Rare, Forever, out today with a mesmerising layered blend of digitally animated visuals and irl footage — hinting at occult and new agey elements bubbling up through the artist’s cloud-like composition…

"A relief. A moment of joyful release. This is an optimistic song." – Leon Vynehall

‘Rare, Forever’ releases on Friday 30th April via Ninja Tune.

Creeps 2021 Rad Fest Announced Dick Move End Boss Na Noise More

Chris Cudby / Image: Na Noise / Photo Credit: Annamarie Ott / Thursday 8th April, 2021 11:23AM


Keeping it real since setting up shop in Newtown as Death Ray Records sometime around 2012 (rebranding in 2019), Creeps Record Parlour have put together a kick ass lineup of artists from all around Aotearoa, bringing the party to Moon1 on 1st May. Featuring Dick MoveEnd BossNa NoiseSoft PlasticsTender Moonlight and loads more, guaranteed good times await at Rad Fest 2021 — once again generating intense FOMO for those unlucky to live outside of the capital such as myself. Read our interview with Boss Dude here, lifting the lid on the lifestyle of the proprietor of a super cool record store, and get the full low down below…

"Anyone that knows about a Creeps/Death Ray party, knows that our party is the shit. So you’ve all been hinting and asking when the next party is on. Here it is mate. Rad Fest, featuring a sick selection a bands from Wellies and a few from outta town. Expect dope rock n roll from 12 or so bands. Expect some mean party times."

Rad Fest

Featuring… Dick Move, End Boss, Na Noise, Zero Cool, Sure Boy, Sea Mouse, Heleyni, Tender Moonlight, Soft Plastics, Ingrid and the Ministers + more to be announced
Saturday 1st May – Moon1, Wellington

Tickets available HERE via UTR

Check out the awesome slasher vid for the title track to Na Noise’s debut album Waiting For You

Take in the hellish riffage of End Boss’ two song Heart Of The Sky EP…

Experience the raw power of a Tender Moonlight live performance

Premiere Interview Theia x Vayne Share Video For CREEP

Annabel Kean / Thursday 8th April, 2021 9:10AM


Sparked by a serendipitous Songhubs collision in 2020, Tāmaki pop / rap queens Theia (Waikato-Tainui, Ngāti Tiipaa) and Vayne (Ngāti Raukawa, Ngā Puhi, Ngāti Porou) have been riding the wave of their fiery debut collaborative single ‘CREEP’. With their Te Ika a Māui CREEP tour less than a month away, Theia and Vayne have unleashed the full noise visuals for the track, shot at Karangahape Road’s G.A.Y. by hot shot clipmaker Connor Pritchard, which we’re proud to premiere here. The pair hung up their songwriting hats for a moment to unpack the energy behind ‘CREEP’ and reflect on the Aotearoa music industry’s problem with racism and sexism. Read their full conversation below the tour details, but be sure to stop by the stomach-dropping visuals for ‘CREEP’ on your way…

Theia x Vayne Te Ika a Māui ‘CREEP’ Tour

Friday 7th May – Nivara Lounge, Hamilton

Saturday 15th May – Whammy Bar, Auckland

Friday 21st May – Moon, Wellington

Friday 28th May – Boiler Room, Whakatāne

Saturday 29th May – Smash Palace, Gisborne

Tickets available HERE via UTR

Theia: So we just made a song together, a video together, and now we’re going on tour together. What else should we do together?

Vayne: I dunno eh, seriously. A world tour!

A world tour yeah. A fashion show. Oh my gosh. But seriously how good does it feel that after one chance meeting at song hubs we’ve done so many cool things these last few months, it’s kind of been nuts.

It feels dope. I feel like everything happens for a reason. The universe aligns things on its own and I feel like ‘CREEP’ was a song that was just waiting to be made. How do you feel the song’s being received? What feeling do you get from the crowd when you perform it?

Like, I know we’re so passionate and we wrote this out of our Māoritanga and passion for wanting to fuse that into our genres. I know that we’re so into it, doing our pūkana in the studio and everything, but I didn’t quite know — I hoped it would be successful live but it’s kind of been next level. The responses from our Māori whānau and kids that come and watch are just brimming, the ihi and the wehi is pouring out of them and they don’t know what to do with the energy. And with Pākehā they’re really feeling it and it’s this whole experience. It just proves, if anyone ever is uneducated enough to think there’s no respect or hunger for our culture, there’s no way you could argue that if someone was to come along and see the response when we perform.

Yeah I’ve definitely seen a lot of the faces in the crowd, especially from Māori to Māori while I’m performing it, they look at each other like ‘wait a minute, is this real?’ and they all run up to the stage and it’s so cool. I feel like they feel that someone sees them and they see a bit of themselves up on the stage. It’s a cool feeling.

Hard out, I feel the same. The energy’s unmatched. It’s more of a spiritual thing aye? You couldn’t necessarily get that from singing in English. It’s amazing. This might be the perfect opportunity to raise something that recently popped up on Instagram about the difference between celebrating Māori culture and mocking it. Do you want to, sister, enlighten those who don’t know the difference? And some of the tikanga around that?

Recently I posted a group photo on Instagram of all of the people that were at our video shoot, sort of just to wrap things up. A celebratory photo (shout out to Connor Pritchard for doing this video), us Māori did a pūkana and some non-Māori joined in as well doing their pūkana and I got a comment from an account saying the photo gave them ‘post World Cup on a yacht’ vibes. That really annoyed me because first off, anyone with a brain can look at both situations and be able to tell which one is mocking Māori culture and which one is celebrating and paying their respects to two wahine who have created a space for them. I don’t know why you’d even compare the two.

And which one is some privileged non-Māori people on a boat with no context whatsoever, and which one is a Māori-run event in a brown space where people are encouraged to support the kaupapa and how to do it appropriately.

What do you see as one of the biggest challenges to getting mainstream media, particularly radio and TV, to play more content with Te Reo Māori?

The whole dialogue about ‘there needs to be more Māori music’ and all of that, well I think that’s bullshit because we have been making music. I mean for one we’re a musical people, but in terms of contributing to the New Zealand music scene Māori have been making music for so so so long. And it’s really good too, and across all different genres, hip hop, pop, alt, folk, traditional. The fact is we’re struggling to have our music played because the people who are in these positions of power are mostly, or probably pretty much all non-Māori and men who just for whatever reason — well I guess that’s institutionalised racism — are not able to give those opportunities to waiata reo Māori or Māori music.

I feel like if our music from our people was given the same respect and space as what non-Māori music is then I we would have number one hits on New Zealand radio on our hands. Genuinely the biggest challenge is that we’re making the music but people aren’t allowing us the space or the platform or just pushing it as they would non-Māori music. I reckon half of the issue in NZ is the racism, because if people aren’t being exposed to diversity how are their thoughts and whakaaro ever gonna change? How are they ever gonna be open to new world views?

I feel like with the music that we both make, we definitely are creating lanes for ourselves in this country, so yeah, I completely agree. And this shit’s fire. I don’t know anyone on the radio like that.

Oh my gosh I feel the same. All that kōrero around playing more wahine. Well, there’s no shortage of us making really dope music so, ya know, hello? And if you want to tick the queer box, the Māori box, the tangata whenua box, the wahine box, the urban diversity box, then play our music.

Straight up.

We wrote ‘CREEP’ to expose creeps, and as it happens around the time we released it a lot of stuff emerged about the music industry and the struggles female and non-binary artists face. How have you found the industry starting out? Lol.

I’ve definitely had my experiences with men and women actually.There was this one time where I messaged this guy asking for some artwork to be done and he replied ‘three pictures of your ass and I’ll do it’.

Shut up!

I’ve dealt with a lot of stuff like that. Like going to studios and turning up and the guys are like ‘oh you’re actually here to make music, I thought you just wanted to hook up with me’. You know, that shit ain’t fun. It’s gotten a lot better for me, but I hear a lot of stories that come from my friends and people in the community and it’s a big problem. Things actually need to be done. It’s more than just a post on Instagram. We all know what a social media activist is and it’s much more than that. It’s what you say, it’s what you do, you have to be politically active in your everyday life.

It’s so munted that we’re expected to take the lead in these situations and it’s not just a mutual respect aye. In the beginning when I started my journey I’d legit never performed before apart from kapa haka. I came into it feeling like such a lost little bubba and I wasn’t strong enough like I am now, like I’m so firmly strong and opinionated about what’s appropriate and what’s not. You have to work so hard to establish those boundaries that should be there in the first place just to try and get some basic respect and headway.

You know, I have a very hard head, just from over the years dealing with things. It’s like what Nicki Minaj says "If a woman is assertive she’s a bitch, well if that’s what being assertive makes me that’s what I am".

Hard. Good kōrero, honestly good kōrero.

What’s one of the biggest lessons that you’ve learned in the time that you’ve been making music?

I think the most important thing for me is to stand firm and know myself, and just believe that what I’m making is dope. At the beginning, even though I sort of really knew what I liked I was with a major label and all that stuff, I didn’t think I was making music that I genuinely wanted to make. So then when I left the label and went indie it was kind of transformative. I felt this freedom, with no one on my back I could just be as experimental as I wanted, as angry as I wanted. That’s pretty much the biggest lesson I’ve learned. I don’t feel like I’m compromising who I am anymore, I feel like I’m just doing it. Plus I reckon that people that don’t follow rules or copy exactly what everyone else is doing, that’s the most interesting and cool kind of art that you can make anyway cos people want refreshing and weird stuff.

Yeah I fully get you. Being able to make music is my biggest blessing, but it’s a curse a lot of the time. Like making something really amazing and then fully overanalysing it to the death. I’m really proud of you though. I’m really excited for you and what you do next.

Okay so I know we’ve got tour coming up in May, holla everyone, but what else are you working on and what are you most excited about for 2021?

Definitely the tour man, I’m so excited. I’ve got a couple of tracks dropping this year, I’m working on a project, I’ve got some videos I’m working on. 2021 for me is definitely a collaboration type of year. My last EP that I made was real independent, I sort of just did all the songs on my own. I only had one collab on there, but all I’ve really been doing this year is just meeting new people… I think it was the Songhubs that did it for me, I came out of Songhubs just really wanting to work with more people. That’s what I’m excited about, can’t wait.

That’s cool, that’s so dope. Yeah you’ve been on fire with the collabs, I’ve been loving it. I’m so pumped. And I can’t wait for everyone to see… um it’s probably like top secret, but the video and the treatments that you’re working on. You told me yesterday you’ve been working on it since last year. Top secret, but excited about it, it sounds amazing.

So I don’t wanna say too much, but I will say that it’s got a really cool feature in the song, everyone knows who she is and she’s been rapping for a long time. The video’s gonna be done by women, it’s a director duo from Auckland, they’re really dope. If I could say anything without giving it away I’d just say… every woman’s utopia. Have you got new music too? What does it sound like?

Oh yuss. I do, I’ve been stacking up my demos, pushing even more into weirdo territory, it’s been cool. That’s for Theia, then obviously I’ve got my reo Māori side project called TE KAAHU which is like very different music, but more about my influence from my nanny and stuff. I’ve got music from both projects on the way which will be really fun and I’m super excited to get the visuals done for them and I feel like this will definitely be my most um… contentious work yet.

For real. Mood.

Okay, quick fire questions. First one, classic, iconic. Tupac, Biggie or Dr. Dre?

Ohhh. I’m sorry but, Tupac. And I’m really sorry to everyone who’s a fan of Biggie but — Tupac. Causing a bit of controversy here.

Rihanna, Keri Hilson or Destiny’s Child?

Destiny’s Child, no brainer.

Okay, love. Next one: Gucci, Yeezy or Off-White by Virgil?

Hmmmm. Off-White.

I thought so. Love it, love it. Final one: Fenty, Huda Beauty or Milk?

Fenti. Easy. Okay, what’s your dream collab?

Oh shivers. You sister. I’m kidding, we’ve already done it. Okay okay. So I suppose Ri Ri is my girl and I’ve just always adored her, that would be really really sick. But also one of my fave artists ever that I just can’t get enough of is Britney Spears. So maybe I’m just gonna go for Britney.

That would actually sound dope. Like that could be done and really sound good. I’m gonna email her team and see what I can do okay.

I’m picturing something that’s sort of like ‘Toxic’ maybe, or like ‘Womanizer’, I think that kind of vibe would be really sexy.

Maybe when she gets out of her conservatorship. Pray for Britney man.

Free Britney bitch!

If you could have dinner with anyone in the world dead or alive who would it be?

Aww okay I’m just gonna say my kuia. I miss her so much. I know I could pick anyone but the love I have for her, I just want my kuia back and have dinner with her because she died before I released my first song and I wish I could tell her about everything that has happened because she always had my back more than literally anyone. So yeah, I want my kui kui back.

Aw. Much love sis. What is your favourite empowering song?

Okay I’m tied. The things that came immediately to mind is ‘Birthday Cake’ — Rihanna, and then I reckon just to go back to our queen Britney, I think probably ‘Womanizer’ was pretty next level. Like for the time it was actually pretty nuts. I’m gonna go for Britney and then Ri Ri. Any wahine pretty much that owns her sexuality, her strength, her anger, is just next level for me I just love that. I think that all women no matter how demure are screaming on the inside, we’re all like ‘eff the system’. Far out you’ve got such beautiful questions.

I’m gonna answer my own question. For me it was ‘Can’t Hold Us Down’, Christina and Lil Kim. Or ‘Lady Marmalade’.

If you are a music worker in Aotearoa and you need crisis or counselling support, the MusicHelps Wellbeing Service is available 24/7 online here, on the phone (toll free 0508MUSICHELPS) and in-person for free, fully funded by MusicHelps.

Listen To Distant Fears A Reminder of Death Fevered Return

Chris Cudby / Photo credit: Selina Van Doorn
/ Wednesday 7th April, 2021 3:41PM


Launched amidst a flurry of local releases late last week, Tāmaki Makaurau trio Distant Fear‘s new two track A Reminder of Death 7" will pummel your senses into oblivion and beyond. Repping a formidably abrasive sound not unlike a bomb that never stops exploding, Distant Fear are the musical outpourings of Tim Leth, James Bakker and Alexander Brown — whose dark artistic vision adorns the silk screened sleeves of the vinyl edition. You can experience an eye-popping ten years of Brown’s ultra-detailed pointillistic artwork plus immaculately packaged limited physical releases from their Wrought Material imprint (including new editions of Grant Sheridan’s mind-bending Cosmic Burnout comic book) and more at their current NOTHING IS LEFT exhibition at K Rd’s Monster Valley. Fifty percent of proceeds are being donated to Hospice West in support of people with terminal cancer, you better move fast as the show closes this Thursday…

Loud And Proud Queer Music Festival 2021 Lineup Announced

Annabel Kean / Wednesday 7th April, 2021 2:23PM


Attention all tastemakers and underground tune chasers, the lineup for this year’s Loud And Proud Queer Music Festival has landed and it’s a two-day doozy. Hosted by Tāmaki’s Audio Foundation, Loud And Proud showcases a selection of the country’s most exciting LGBTQIA artists, featuring everything from goth-folk to hyper-pop. In its third year of surreal and genre-coining acts, the reliably eye-popping Kraus returns to the bill, as do innovators Amelia Berry and Aaliyah Zionov as "dungeon synth duo" GayBlade. Kuini Qontrol’s Samara Alofa, Che Ebrahim‘s electric solo project bb gurl, and chaos agent Jazmine Mary are just a few examples of the blinding Loud And Proud experience in the works for 2021. Don’t make the mistake of going half-hog this April when you should have gone whole hog – snag a full festival pass asap…

Loud And Proud Queer Music Festival

Friday 16th April – Audio Foundation, Auckland

Featuring… bb gurl, Eden, Elegant World, GayBlade, Jazmine Mary,

Saturday 17th April – Audio Foundation, Auckland

Featuring… deepState, Kraus, Samara Alofa, Unisex Fuck Club, Vow Cave, Wellness

Waged, unwaged, and two-day festival tickets available HERE via UTR

All aboard the tiny boat with Jazmine Mary in her otherworldly clip for ‘Dancer’…

Listen to ‘Dnt Care’ from Samara Alofa’s killer debut album Earth Punk!

From Kraus’ 18th album, dive into the title track ‘A Golden Brain’ and its glitchy, improvised visuals…

Press release:

Join us for a two-night showcase of Auckland’s experimental and underground LGBTQIA musicians. Auckland’s experimental music scene is rich with diverse performers that have long been disconnected from the mainstream queer community due to the experimental nature of their art. We hope to showcase the best queer performers in the experimental music and noise category so that they may no longer be sidelined.

Queer music is as fluid and diverse as the community it comes from. Queer and trans people have been at the forefront of so many burgeoning musical movements across history, from disco, to rock & roll, to experimental harsh noise. However, many of our most forward-thinking queer musicians find themselves unfortunately sidelined from two directions – on the one hand for their identity, and on the other hand for the uncompromising nature of their art. Please join us for an evening celebrating the diversity and creativity of Auckland’s queer music scene at our city’s premier location for sonic exploration – Audio Foundation.

We are showcasing a hand-picked selection of Auckland’s best experimental, underground, and “out-there” LGBTQIA musicians, across the spectrums of gender, sexuality, and genre, including:


bb gurl


Elegant World


Jazmine Mary




Samara Alofa

Unisex Fuck Club

Vow Cave


Expect ear-melting guitar feedback, arcane magic rituals, euphoric hyperpop bangers, Dadaist ballads, surreal soundscapes, and more. Anything goes in this experimental free for all, and we can’t wait to blow you away.

Friday 16 April @ Audio Foundation, 8PM

Saturday 17 April @ Audio Foundation, 6PM

$15 unwaged // $20 waged on the door or $25 for both nights via presale

Listen To Gayblades Debut Album Craniofacial Pain

Chris Cudby / Artwork credit: Hairy Palm
/ Wednesday 7th April, 2021 1:38PM


Sharing their name with one of the earliest LGBT-themed video games, Tāmaki duo Gayblade soundtrack midnight journeys to the dankest dungeon depths and beyond into mystic forests of yore on their debut album Craniofacial Pain. The collaborative project of Aaliyah Zionov (Baby Zionov) and Amelia Berry (Amamelia, Van Staden & Böhm), Gayblade’s seven track collection is recommended by the pair for "fans of King’s Quest, Roland Sound Canvas SC-88, The Witchfinder General, elves and shit" — launched late last week digitally and on must-cop limited edition cassette during our Easter weekend / pagan ritual festivities via Aotearoa-based dark electronic imprint skaventhrone.

Sporting such evocative track titles as ‘The Living Tunnels of Treerot Deep’ and ‘Upon the Iron Stained Heath Amongst its Restless Dead’, adventurous listeners are advised to armour up and explore the eerily fantastical environments illustrated within, where danger and intrigue lurk around each corner like a mischievous goblin mage. I hear echoes of Bo Hansson, early isometric game themes, vintage UK medieval horror soundtracks and such enigmatic metal entities as Tasmania’s Striborg and / or Mortiis reverberating through Gayblade’s sonic realm — enter their world below and don’t miss them performing at Loud and Proud Queer Music Festival, happening at Audio Foundation on Friday 16th and Saturday 17th April…

‘Craniofacial Pain’ is out now digitally and on limited edition cassette via skaventhrone.

Ulcerate To Headline 2021 Napier Death Metal Festival

Chris Cudby / Image: Ulcerate / Wednesday 7th April, 2021 11:50AM


Making a triumphant return following the scorched hellscape for gigs that was 2020, Napier Death Metal Festival is back with an absolutely blistering lineup for 2021, headlined by globally revered extreme metal titans Ulcerate. Metal maniacs from throughout Aotearoa will be descending upon Hawkes Bay’s The Cabana to experience the unsparing sonic brutality of Carnal, Vassafor, Malevolence, Graves, Horrendous Disfigurement, Corpse Feast, Teraset, Fatdick and Deathnir — performing over two stages on the grim mid-winter date of 3rd July. Read our interview with Ulcerate’s Jamie Saint Merat about their 2020 album Stare Into Death And Be Still here, and note the details for the ninth Napier Death Metal Festival below…

2021 Napier Death Metal Festival

Featuring… Ulcerate, Carnal, Vassafor, Malevolence, Graves, Horrendous Disfigurement, Corpse Feast, Teraset, Fatdick, Deathnir

Saturday 3rd July – The Cabana, Napier, Hawkes Bay

Tickets available HERE via UTR

Experience the onslaught of Ulcerate’s ‘Dissolved Orders’ from 2020’s Stare Into Death And Be Still…

Interview Terrible Sons Lauren Barus Chats With Brooke Singer

Annabel Kean / Interview by Brooke Singer / Wednesday 7th April, 2021 10:20AM


With Terrible Sons‘ tour on the horizon and French For Rabbits‘ Auckland Arts Festival and Cuba Dupa shows wrapped up, the dreamy Aotearoa pop-folk pairing cross paths this Thursday at Nelson’s Fairfield House. Ōtautahi-based husband and wife duo Terrible Sons are Lauren and Matthew Barus, of bands including Fly My Pretties and The Dukes, and have seen their sparkling guitar songs spread far and wide from international streaming success. Earlier this year the Barus’ released their EP Mass on Canadian label Nettwerk, and this April they’re taking their sound down South Island paths and then all the way up to Tāmaki for a show with Rodney Fisher. Mutual fans, folk friends and vocalists Brooke Singer (driving force behind French For Rabbits) and Lauren Barus got to talking about stage fright, the countryside and more ahead of their joint shows. Tour details are all here, scroll down for the chats…

Terrible Sons

Saturday 17th April – Freida Margolis, Auckland w/ Rodney Fisher

Friday 23rd April – The Piano, Christchurch

Tickets available HERE via UTR

French For Rabbits + Terrible Sons
Thursday 8th April – Fairfield House, Nelson*

Friday 9th April – The Plant, Blenheim*

Saturday 10th April – Mussel Inn, Onekaka*

Thursday 18th April – Festival of Colour, Wanaka (FFR trio only / no Terrible Sons)

Tickets available HERE via UTR*

Brooke Singer (French For Rabbits): Hi Lauren, how’s your Easter weekend been?

Lauren Barus (Terrible Sons): Actually pretty amazing, we took our kids to Purau Bay and spent the afternoon basking in the glorious and unseasonal warmth by the sea. How was your Easter?

I don’t know if we had unseasonal warmth where I was. But I went for my first (ever!!) overnight tramp to stay in Herepai Hut in the Tararua Forest park.

Stop it! That sounds idyllic and super serene.

It was nice to stay in a quintessential DOC hut — there was a warm fire, but it was rather windy outside so we didn’t go all the way to the top.

New Zealand is amazing, isn’t it. Such lushness all around. It is something I love and feel privileged to see when you’re on the road touring, right? I feel like not many Kiwi’s get to see the nooks and crannies of the New Zealand country side quite like musicians.

Have you ever played at The Mussel Inn, where we play this weekend before? It’s got to be one of the best places to see music in New Zealand. Even travelling overseas, I haven’t come across a place that has the same sort of vibe.

In our previous band — from way back in the day, Dukes, they played Mussel Inn, so it’s well known to Matthew, but I wasn’t in the band then — so I’m a Mussel Inn Virgin — can we say that? This will be my first experience there.

I understand this will be your first official tour as Terrible Sons? Tell me about that, and your plans for taking these new songs from your new EP on the road?

Yes, we have been hermits for the longest time, I’ve still been popping around playing with Fly My Pretties at times, but Terrible Sons has been a garage project, released world wide and not too connected to the local scene. We feel like playing to a real audience is still part of the magic of music, it is still a very important element in why we pursue music. Naturally, we are excited to be connecting with people again. It is just us, Matt and I travelling with our kids and being the troubadour’s we remember before we became parents.

That’s exciting — I was glad these three dates worked out together, especially as Blenheim will be a hometown show for you! Do you get nervous performing in front of people you know? I always get nervous for the first couple of songs, and then I can generally get more zen with it all!

I’m concerned that I will not remember people’s faces or names, ha! That gulp moment when they already know who you are, because you’re on stage, but I’m behind the eight ball and my brain is scanning for days to put the two things together.

Totally! I am very forgetful for names and faces — so if I ever run into someone who reads this in the street — please forgive me in advance if I look blank!

Oh Ditto! Please, just introduce yourself again — save us the shame. You guys had a release in December 2020? Do you have more releases planned this year?

Yes! A song called ‘The Dark Arts’ – which is on our next record – out later this year, fingers crossed!

I love your voice in that single, the articulations are wonderful. That’s my singing-tutor vibe creeping in.

Oh thanks Lauren! I am supremely nervous to sing in front of you for three nights in a row — but I’m also looking forward to it as I’ve long admired your singing and knowledge around how to do it so well!

Ah! Thank you, the admiration is mutual, I love your production savvy, the work you did with Flip Grater’s Lullabies record. Maybe we could exchange some master class methods on singing and production.

Sounds like a dream — we can nerd out together on this tour.

Oh, yes please. Early this year you came and filmed a music video in our house – can you tell us about the single and when we can expect to see the video, I was impressed by your story board.

Oh yes — I was so thrilled that you allowed us to film in your house — it’s honestly my dream home. Filled with lots of thoughtful and lovely treasures, and it felt very full of love. The video is for a song called ‘The Outsider’ and we actually have another three videos in the works which we’ll be releasing in the lead-up to the record. This one was particularly fun though… you let us throw a small party in your living room… and there may or may not have been a few ghostly activities caught on camera. I’ll keep that under wraps for now though…

Love it! Do you enjoy the video making process?

I do! It feels like an extension of that creative song process in a way — I feel like the best videos come in the same way as the best songs. They kind of come together as a strong image in my mind in one go…

Yes, I identify with that strong visual feeling, we’ve made a few videos recently too, that came with that same feeling, one for ‘What A Friend’ I knew immediately the location and the scenery, the environment — some of that natural barrenness of New Zealand landscapes, it has a lushness and a harshness at the same time. But so connected to expanding the emotion within the music. It is such a powerful combination.

I love that video — and I think that song and video showcase the way in which our two bands connect. We have that same affinity for our isolated landscapes – and I think our music is on a similar wavelength too.

For sure, there is a lightness and a darkness to your music, some similar polarities, we wrestle with broken-ness and hope, and I like that the lyrics are both about the subtleties, the tenderness of ourselves and our relationships with others. You have a great scope of sonic fullness going on — you’re bringing your whole band with you — is this what people can expect to hear?

Yes — the full band is on this tour which is always exciting. It’s nice to be able to present the songs with that dynamism – those super intimate moments and then the big expansive ones too. I think between your beautiful and intimate set and our sometimes intimate and probably also a bit silly (sometimes the banter gets away on me) set it’ll be a great show…! Anyway… I suppose we should wrap up for brevity’s sake!

And a good bit of banter is not to be snuffed at! Yes, let’s leave it there, enjoy your Easter Monday. See you in a few days in Nelson. Thanks Brooke.

See you soon! And thanks so much for catching up.

Press release:

French for Rabbits & Terrible Sons

Wellington’s ethereal dream-pop gems French for Rabbits are pairing up with Terrible Sons for a weekend away in the South Island. They will present their dreamy, perfectly-paired music to lucky audiences in Nelson, Blenheim and Onekaka, before French for Rabbits head off to perform at Wanaka’s Festival of Colour.

French for Rabbits released a handful of singles in 2020 – including the soaring chamber pop of ‘The Dark Arts’ in December which is the first single from their forthcoming album (due out later in 2021). Always writing new material, there will likely be a new song or two, alongside favourites from their collection of previous releases.

Terrible Sons released their much anticipated EP ‘Mass’ in February. Having racked up over 18 million streams on previous singles, it may come as a surprise that the Nettwerk-signed duo from Christchurch have never toured. The duo consists of LA Mitchell (Fly my Pretties) and Matt Barus (The Dukes).

Don’t miss these two understated and arguably underrated bands on this brief South Island sojourn.

Monty Bevins Shares Single Video Catalina Announces Release Tour

C.C. / Wednesday 7th April, 2021 9:48AM


It’s been just over two years since Monty Bevins launched his Traveller EP but he certainly hasn’t been putting his feet up, as the Aotearoa soul-folk songwriter has been tackling life away from the hustle and bustle of the touring circuit as a "minstrel turned father." The responsibilities accompanying Bevins’ new role have inspired his forthcoming debut studio album, the first single of which ‘Catalina‘ is out today, along with welcome news of a return to gigging with an expansive nine date nationwide tour happening in April and May. Contemplating the mysteries hinted at by an old abandoned trailer sailer, the rich tones of Bevins’ ‘Catalina’ come accompanied by home-crafted poetic visuals reflecting on the ballad’s oceanic themes. Recorded with Lee Prebble at The Surgery, you can help support the release of Bevins’ first ever full length record, releasing this spring and available for pre-order direct from the artist here.

Monty Bevins ‘Catalina’ Single Release Tour

Tuesday 27th April – Ground Up Brewing, Wanaka*
Friday 30th April – The Green Man, Peel Forest

Saturday 1st May – Akaroa Boat Shed, Akaroa
Sunday 2nd May – Blue Smoke, Christchurch*
Friday 7th May – Fairfield House, Nelson*
Saturday 8th May – Bicycle Junction, Wellington*
Thursday 13th May – The Globe Theatre, Palmerston North

Friday 14th May – Raglan Old School Arts Centre, Raglan*
Saturday 15th May – Move Space, Auckland*

*Tickets available HERE via UTR

‘Catalina’ is streamable now via Spotify.

Press release:

Following on from the 7 years of constant touring that fuelled the EP ‘Traveller, Monty’s first 2 years as a father have defied him to delve deeply into what slowing down might uncover. The single Catalina gives us an intimate insight into this world, via the imaginary lens of whoever owned that abandoned trailer sailer down the road… There had to be a song in it!

Embracing change, reinventing life, and connecting to the source are themes that drive Monty’s full-length debut album, out this spring.

Monty Bevins is a New Zealand based singer-songwriter, known as a touching, spirited performer, whose soul-folk songs ask the big questions while telling the small stories. With a warm rich voice and articulate guitar grooves, Monty digs out and distills themes of tenderness, personal revolution and adventure.

Live Photos Peachy Keen Festival Basin Reserve Wellington

C.C. / Photography by Stella Gardiner
/ Tuesday 6th April, 2021 1:58PM


Pōneke’s very first Peachy Keen Music Festival was truly an all-star affair, boasting an all-female fronted lineup of Aotearoa artists performing for an Easter holiday crowd at Basin Reserve on Saturday afternoon and evening — featuring BENEE, Gin Wigmore, Ladyhawke, Ladi6, Foley, Stellar*, The Beths, Paige, Chelsea Jade and Kita. Photographer Stella Gardiner took sterling snaps of the occasion (which was reportedly sadly marred by the inappropriate behaviour of one male attendee), view a gallery of a selection of her photos by clicking on the thumbnail images below…

View all photos

Mild Orange Announce Pneke Show w O The Mo

Annabel Kean / Tuesday 6th April, 2021 11:59AM


More Easter treats from the Mild Orange boys! Following the gentle drop of their latest single ‘Getting Warmer’, New Plymouth-via-Ōtepoti boys Josh Mehrtens, Josh Reid, Tom Kelk and Jack Ferguson have announced they’ll be gigging up a storm in Pōneke early next month. Joining them at San Fran will be Wellingtonians O & The Mo with full band by their sides and debut album In Transit up their sleeves for a lush support slot chocka with their dreamy folk tunes. The show is also a celebration of New Zealand Music Month, so get May started the way you intend to spend the rest of it, enjoying the fruits of Aotearoa’s vibrant music community. Set an alarm, tickets go on sale tomorrow morning…

Mild Orange w/ O & The Mo

Saturday 1st May – San Fran, Wellington

Tickets on sale from 9am, Wednesday 6th April HERE via UTR

Make this regal Regent Theatre Mild Orange performance your reality this NZ Music Month…

Treat yourself to a whimsical moment with O & The Mo in their clip for ‘Pistachio Moon’…

Press Release:

Join us for a One-Off-Welly-Show on Saturday May 1st (first day of NZ Music Month). It’s just for you, and a little more intimate than our last time in Pōneke. M.O. will be joined by O & The Mo and their deluxe band at San Fran. If you know you know and we’ll see you there.

Tickets on sale 9am Wednesday 7th April via

Dick Move and The Tacks Announce South Island Mini Tour

Chris Cudby / Image: Dick Move / Photo credit: Connor Crawford
/ Tuesday 6th April, 2021 10:57AM


Finalists for the Auckland Live Best Independent Debut award for their smashing first studio record Chop!, hard-gigging Tāmaki punk sensations Dick Move are getting right back amongst it with a just-announced trio of Te Waipounamu gigs this week. They’ll be ram-raiding South Island punters’ earholes at all three dates alongside mega-catchy Ōtautahi faves The Tacks — whose 2020 debut s/t EP was a frenetic head-turner in itself — with regional supports Bin DayThe Wendys, Violet French & The Horrible, Koizilla, Cuck and The Bigfoots being the icing on the punk rock cake (bite with caution). Dick Move will also be zooming to the capital for Creeps Record Parlour‘s all-killer Rad Fest on 1st May — don’t muck around, grip the details right here…

Dick Move & The Tacks

Friday 9th April – Space Academy, Christchurch w/ Bin Day, the Wendys, Violet French & The Horrible
Saturday 10th April – The Crown, Dunedin w/ Koizilla, Cuck

Sunday 11th April – ZR Klub, Timaru w/ The Bigfoots

Tickets available HERE via UTR

Rad Fest

Featuring… Dick Move, End Boss, Na Noise, Zero Cool, Sure Boy, Sea Mouse, Heleyni, Tender Moonlight, Soft Plastics, Ingrid and the Ministers + more tba

Saturday 1st May – Moon1, Wellington

Tickets available HERE via UTR

Take in the vid for the explosive title track to Dick Move’s debut album Chop!…

Listen to ‘Rat’ from The Tacks’ 2020 debut EP s/t…

The Jordan Luck Band Announce NZ Winter Tour

Chris Cudby
/ Tuesday 6th April, 2021 9:50AM


Absolute icon of music in Aotearoa, Jordan Luck and his all-star band aren’t setting their sights low for 2021. Today they’ve announced their largest tour of Aotearoa in over a decade, seeing Luck’s merry team of Bryan Bell (Dead Flowers), Beaver (The D4), Rich Mixture (The D4, Dead Flowers) and Joe Walsh (Ekko Park) play a jam-packed run of 28 shows from June to early September — a testament to their fame in their homeland, as that’s the kind of schedule you’d more likely see a local group play across EU or the States. They’ll be keeping winter blues well at bay with singalong faves from throughout Luck’s storied career, including such Exponents classics as ‘Who Loves Who The Most?‘, ‘Victoria’, ‘Why Does Love Do This To Me?’ and ‘I’ll Say Goodbye’ to name just a few. The Jordan Luck Band will be joined on each and every date of the tour by Walsh’s band Ekko Park, whose latest album Horizon launched in August last year — scope out the tour details and score yourself tickets via the links below…

The Jordan Luck Band
Whatever Happened? – NZ Winter Tour w/ Ekko Park

Friday 11th June – Smash Palace, Gisborne

Saturday 12th June – Totara St, Mt Maunganui*

Friday 18th June – Butter Factory, Whangarei

Saturday 19th June – Mangawhai Tavern, Mangawhai

Friday 25th June – Cabana, Napier

Saturday 26th June – Copthorne Solway Park, Masterton

Thursday 1st July – Southland Muso’s Club, Invercargill

Friday 2nd July – Mornington Tavern, Dunedin

Saturday 3rd July – The Thomas Green, Gore

Thursday 8th July – Mussel Inn, Takaka

Friday 9th July – Playhouse Theatre, Nelson

Saturday 10th July – Paroa Hotel, Greymouth

Friday 16th July – Loan & Merc, Oamaru

Saturday 17th July – Vic Arms, Cromwell

Friday 23rd July – Artworks Theatre, Waiheke

Saturday 24th July – Waihi Beach Hotel, Waihi Beach

Friday 30 July – Tinwald Tavern – Ashburton

Saturday 31st July – Speights Ale House, Timaru

Friday 6th August – Butlers Reef, New Plymouth

Saturday 7th August – Pukekohe Cossie Club, Pukekohe

Friday 13th August – Paraoa Brewing Co., Whangaparaoa 

Saturday 14th August – Finns, Taupo

Friday 20th August – The Meteor, Hamilton

Saturday 21st August – The Brownzy, Browns Bay

Friday 27th August – The Lucky Bar, Whanganui

Saturday 28th August – San Fran, Wellington

Friday 3rd September – Good Home Ferrymead, Christchurch

Saturday 4th September – Good Home Ferrymead, Christchurch

All tickets available HERE via UTR

*Except Mt Maunganui tickets available via

Watch the classic vid for The Exponents’ ‘Whatever Happened To Tracey’ from 1992’s Something Beginning with C…

Press release:

Kiwi icon’s The Jordan Luck Band are thrilled to announce their biggest tour in over a decade. Packed with all the classic Exponents hits you know & love, the ‘Whatever Happened?’ NZ Tour will tear through the winter months with a whopping 28 shows over 13 weeks from June to September 2021.

From ‘Who Loves Who The Most?’ to ‘Victoria’…. ‘Why Does Love Do This To Me?’ to ‘Ill Say Goodbye’…. and so many more Kiwi classics, the Jordan Luck Band party will be sure to banish those winter blues!

Tour support comes from Auckland favourites ‘Ekko Park’, who have recently released their acclaimed 3rd album ‘Horizon’.

Babyteeth Share Debut EP Poser

Annabel Kean / Photo credit: Lucia Taylor / Friday 2nd April, 2021 9:10AM


You’ll be champing at the bit to muscle your way into the Babyteeth Wine Cellar show tomorrow night after listening to their debut EP Poser. Freshly signed to Tāmaki label Sunreturn, the pop-punk trio serve up three life affirming cuts on their mini release. If title track ‘Poser’ is the protagonist to "the gay 90s b-movie playing in your head", songs ‘Anyway’ and ‘2006’ are the diehard, soft-goth best friends. The dream team of Taite Best Independent Debut finalist Amelia Berry (Amamelia, FIMO), bassist Madison van Staden (Moody.V and the Menstrual Cycle) and drummer Sam Denne (Skody Banks) channel teen angst so well it’ll make anyone feel like they were in the class of ’06, rolling eyes and boycotting the school ball. Wrap your chompers around these delicious Babyteeth morsels, and buy a ticket to their gig before it’s too late…

Babyteeth – Poser EP Release
Saturday 3rd April – The Wine Cellar, Auckland w/ Roy Irwin, N.T. Honey
Tickets available HERE via UTR

Babyteeth’s debut EP ‘Poser’ is out today via Sunreturn.

Weekly Roundup Friday 1st April

C.C. / Image: Roy Irwin / Photo credit: Joseph Leary
/ Thursday 1st April, 2021 2:30PM


You’ll be a bit of an April Fool if you don’t explore the amazing Aotearoa gig options happening tonight and all throughout Easter weekend. Speaking of obscure Flying Nun side projects and sick segues, music nerds will know Martin Phillipps and David Kilgour posed the question "Baby what am I going to do?" in their Pop Art Toasterscover of The Dovers — we’ve put together plenty of top notch potential answers right here…


Thursday 1st April

Auckland: Trioglodyte, Karen Hu, Larsen Taylor – The Wine Cellar

Auckland: Cootie Cuties, Ciggie Bvtt Sluts, Nasdaq – Whammy Backroom

Auckland: Ave Teth – Monster Valley

Napier: Sea Mouse – Paisley Stage

Wellington: Elimination Records Presents: April Fools – Valhalla

Wellington: The Raskolnikovs – Laundry Cuba St

Christchurch: Tim Allen and The Two – Wunderbar, Lyttelton

Friday 2nd April – Good Friday

Auckland: Full Noise 2021 – Grey Lynn Library Hall

Barrytown: Carnivorous Plant Society – Barrytown Hall

Canterbury: Canterbury Folk Music Club Festival 2021 – Waipara Adventure Centre, Amberley

Dunedin: Tim Allen and The Two – Bark @ Dog With Two Tails

Saturday 3rd April

Auckland: Babyteeth, Roy Irwin, N.T. Honey – The Wine Cellar

Auckland: Tim Allen and The Two – 605 Morningside

Auckland: Melanie, Venom Dolls, Soph and Souless – Piha Bowling Club

Auckland: Angel Invasion – Second Wave – UFO

Tauranga: Alda Rezende – Mount Social Club
Napier: Mermaidens – Paisley Stage

Wellington: Ovus, Clæmus, Pencarrow – Valhalla

Hokitika: Carnivorous Plant Society – Old Lodge Theatre

Christchurch: The Single Fin Mingle Wonderful Warm Up – Space Academy


The Datsuns AudioCulture Profile and Photos

Chris Cudby / AudioCulture excerpt by Murray Cammick / Photo supplied by AudioCulture’ / Thursday 1st April, 2021 12:49PM


We’ve teamed up with the fine folk at AudioCulture — "The noisy library of New Zealand music" — to help spread the word about their immensely informative, continuously updated and highly useful wealth of Aotearoa music history resources, freely available to all over on their website HERE.

Aotearoa guitar heroes The Datsuns have a new album named Eye To Eye releasing this coming May, the first long player in six years from the team of Dolf de Borst, Christian Livingstone, Phil Somervell and Ben Cole. Originally including Matt Osment, The Datsuns have been local legends pretty much from the get-go — since they transmogrified from a promising Cambridge unit named Trinket back in 2000 into the world conquering rock ‘n’ roll behemoth we know and love today. The tale of how they rapidly rose to global fame is described in eye-opening detail over on the AudioCulture site by none other than Rip It Up founder, 2020 Independent Spirit Award winner and ONZM for services to music Murray Cammick.

The Datsuns emerged from a creatively fertile community of untamed jean jacket-wearing Aotearoa guitar wreckers, including fellow travellers The D4Nothing At All!, and such down & dirty units as Hasselhoff Experiment and Rock ‘N’ Roll Machine. Adored by UK tastemakers NME, they were placed on a pedestal right alongside Detroit garage rock revivalists White Stripes, NYC hotshots The Strokes and London ratbags The Libertines.

Split into two chapters, Cammick’s in-depth profile reveals The Datsuns’ international success can be traced back to their support slot for the White Stripes’ first NZ show at in Hamilton (the debut gig of their first overseas tour). This led to an invitation for the four-piece to join the US duo on their 2002 Australian tour. That in turn swiftly led to more tours, multiple Peel sessions and a label bidding war. Cammick details the band entering the eye of a cyclone: the image-obsessed UK music industry of the early ’00s…

Dolf spoke to AudioCulture about getting noticed and signed in London. “We liked to think we were more savvy than we were but the level of naivety in this band was high. It was endearing in a way. In the British scene and especially then – it was about playing a game with the media – in terms of ticking boxes. Being young is good, good-looking is good, having the sound of this week is good. A lot of people try and cultivate that and chase it but we were lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time – we bumbled into it – in a way. People mistake some of the stuff we did as being calculated and they mistake some of the stuff we did as being naïve or ignorant ­– when sometimes it was the other way round.”

For the full two part AudioCulture profile of The Datsuns by Murray Cammick + photo / poster gallery head over HERE.

Soft Plastics Announce North Island Tour

Annabel Kean / Photo credit: Trent Williams / Thursday 1st April, 2021 9:57AM


Evolved from psych-pop duo Beatcomber, Soft Plastics returns with a whiplash North Island tour to spread the word of their upcoming fourth single ‘Loozer‘. It’s been about a year since the now trio shared their double-single debut just in time for lockdown looping, with tracks ‘I Love My Wife’ and ‘Smokes Let’s Go’ throwing us into Best Coast-meets-Pōneke goodness. Lead vocalist Sophie Scott Maunder and band Jonathan Shirley and Laura Robinson hit the Wilson Street stage at Newtown Festival next weekend before embarking on a four-stop Te Ika-a-Maui tour. Catch these talented Loozers in Raglan, Auckland, Wellington and at a secret Whanganui locale this month and next…

Soft Plastics: The Loozer Tour

Sunday 11th April – Newtown Festival, Wellington

Saturday 24th April – Secret location, Whanganui

Saturday 1st May – TBA, Wellington

Friday 7th May – Yot Club, Raglan

Saturday 8th May – Whammy Bar, Auckland

Tickets available HERE via UTR

Nadia Reid Announces Supports Second Auckland Show For NZ Tour

C.C. / Photo by Alex Lovell-Smith
/ Thursday 1st April, 2021 9:39AM


As anticipation builds for Nadia Reid‘s forthcoming Opera House and Theatre Tour with full band, the internationally lauded Port Chalmers artist has revealed supports for her autumn musical travels, plus details for a second and final Tāmaki Makaurau headline event in the regal surrounds of Hollywood Avondale, as the first one has now sold out. Reid will be joined by Whanganui-based songwriter and activist / history buff Anthonie Tonnon for her Hastings and Nelson events, and Ōtepoti folk-pop duo The Broken Heartbreakers aka John Guy Howell and Rachel Bailey for the rest of the tour. Playing some of her favourite NZ venues this May, Reid promises to treat fans to songs from throughout her back catalogue, alongside never before heard future classics from a forthcoming new album (her fourth).

Nadia Reid shared her admiration for the supports: “I have so admired both of these artists for a long time. Anthonie is a long-time friend of mine as are the Heartbreakers. I have fond memories of touring in the U.K with Tono and have loved seeing his star rise over the last few years. And as for The Broken Heartbreakers (my neighbours)… when I first heard Rachel Bailey’s voice, my heart skipped a beat. They are a truly world-class band and I’m so glad both Anthonie and the BHB’s agreed to join this special tour.”

Undertheradar proudly presents…

Nadia Reid & Her Band
Opera House and Theatre Tour, 2021

Friday 14th May – Toi Toi Arts & Events Centre, Hastings w/ Anthonie Tonnon

Saturday 15th May – Theatre Royal, Nelson w/ Anthonie Tonnon

Sunday 16th May – Opera House, Wellington w/ The Broken Heartbreakers

Friday 21st May – Capitaine Bougainville Theatre, Whangarei w/ The Broken Heartbreakers

Saturday 22nd May – Hollywood Avondale, Auckland w/ The Broken Heartbreakers (sold out)

Sunday 23rd May – Hollywood Avondale, Auckland w/ The Broken Heartbreakers (NEW SHOW)

Friday 28th May – James Hay Theatre, Christchurch w/ The Broken Heartbreakers

Saturday 29th May – Glenroy Auditorium, Dunedin
w/ The Broken Heartbreakers

Tickets available via

Experience fab footage of Anthonie Tonnon performing his song ‘Two Free Hands’ live on RNZ…

Watch the video for The Broken Heartbreakers ‘Breaking Branches’ from their 2015 album ‘How We Got To Now’…

Patea Mori Club To Receive IMNZ Classic Record Award For Poi E

Chris Cudby / Photo credit: Gil Hanly
/ Thursday 1st April, 2021 8:46AM


Written by te reo advocate, linguist and composer, Ngoi Pewhairangi (BSM) and Dalvanius Prime with the aim "to encourage young Māori to be proud of being Māori," Patea Māori Club have been announced as this year’s recipients of the IMNZ Classic Record Award for their groundbreaking 1983 single ‘Poi E‘. Sung entirely in te reo and set to an incredibly infectious groove, ‘Poi E’s iconic video co-directed by Waka Attewell and Paul Carvell notably anticipates the impact of hip hop in Aotearoa, showcasing breakdancing by young Wellingtonian Joe Moana.

Released by Maui Records, ‘Poi E’ reigned supreme at the number one spot on the NZ charts for four weeks and stayed in the top 40 for 22 weeks in 1984, a first for a song in te reo, and later re-entered the charts in 2010 after being celebrated in Taika Waititi’s film Boy. The song also received significant global recognition — NME named ‘Poi E’ its Single of the Week and Patea Māori Club toured the UK in 1984, playing at the London Palladium, the Edinburgh Festival and giving a Royal Command Performance. The subject of 2016 documentary Poi E: The Story of Our Song, Patea Māori Club will receive their much-deserved award as part of the 2021 Taite Music Prize presentation ceremony, happening at Tāmaki Makaurau’s Q Theatre on Tuesday 20th April.

Patea Māori Club member Maryanne Broughton remembers: "The release of ‘Poi E’ was a huge milestone for Māori music and was an extended dream of Dals and Aunty Ngoi’s to get our language back out there, to encourage young Māori to be proud of being Māori. It actually wasn’t popular with the older generation as it was not the traditional way of singing our songs but it was released at just the right moment, when young kids were learning and relating to te reo Māori via Te Kohanga Reo and our teenagers were jumping on the break dancing craze. Singing ‘Poi E’ meant the kids were using our language every day"

For more on Dalvanius Prime and ‘Poi E’ head over to Murray Cammick’s AudioCulture profile HERE.

The Chills NZ Tour Supports and Special Guests Announced

Annabel Kean / Photo credit: Alex Lovell-Smith / Wednesday 31st March, 2021 12:05PM


If The Chills heading on tour with their seventh album Scatterbrain wasn’t enough of a draw for the masses, today they’ve rolled out a jaw-dropping list of support acts and special guests. In something of a Flying Nun triple threat event, Martin Phillipps and his band mates will be joined by dream-pop duo Purple Pilgrims at their Tāmaki Makaurau Powerstation show, and welcome aboard the bill very special guests  *drum roll* The Bats! Two of Aotearoa’s longest running groups share the stage for only the second time ever, the last being more than thirty years ago at the Dunedin Town Hall on The Chills’ 1990 Submarine Bells tour, alongside The 3Ds (petition for a 3Ds union anyone?). Catch up on the outstanding rollout below…

The Chills – Scatterbrain Album Release Tour

Friday 16th April – Oamaru Club, Oamaru w/ Asta Rangu

Saturday 17th April – Larnach Castle, Dunedin Arts Festival (sold out)

Sunday 18th April – Festival of Colour, Wanaka

Friday 30th April – Cassels Blue Smoke, Christchurch w/ Mousey

Saturday 1st May – Wakatu Hotel, Nelson w/ Mousey (solo)

Thursday 6th May – St. Peter’s Hall, Paekākāriki w/ Luke Buda

Friday 7th May – Meow, Wellington w/ Luke Buda

Saturday 8th May – The Cabana, Napier w/ Devil’s Elbow

Sunday 9th May – The Dome, Gisborne w/ Bitter Defeat

Thursday 13th May – Totara St, Mount Maunganui w/ Bitter Defeat

Friday 14th May – Powerstation, Auckland w/ The Bats, Purple Pilgrims

Saturday 15th May – Town Hall, Raglan w/ Bitter Defeat

Tickets available via Banished Music

The Bats’ bassist Paul Kean (Toy Love) had this to say, "1990?! About bloody time we celebrated with our seniors (the 40 year old Chills) and share the stage with them again! (We’re only 38!)". Take a trip back to three years before that show with Daddy’s Highway track ‘Block Of Wood’…

Here’s a taste of Purple Pilgrims’ 2019 album Perfumed Earth

Meet Mousey (Sarena Close) and all her flatmates in the video for ‘Extreme Highs’

‘Scatterbrain’ is out on Friday 14th May via Fire Records, pre-orders are available now.

Jordan Rakei Unveils Imagination From Late Night Tales Compilation

Chris Cudby
/ Wednesday 31st March, 2021 12:01PM


Based in London, Aotearoa soul / jazz / R&B innovator Jordan Rakei has been shoulder-tapped to curate the latest edition of the prestigious Late Night Tales compilation series, whose previous curators have included such globally significant figures as Khruangbin, BadBadNotGood, The Flaming Lips and Franz Ferdinand. Featuring tunes by the high flying NZ multi-instrumentalist, vocalist and producer alongside works by Connan Mockasin, Joe Armon-Jones, Alfa Mist, Charlotte Day Wilson and more, the 18 track collection launches in a swanky double vinyl LP edition this April. Ramping up excitement for the release is Rakei’s new cut ‘Imagination‘, a sumptuously cinematic and soulful keys-driven composition you can listen to right here…

‘Late Night Tales: Jordan Rakei’ releases digitally and on 2 x vinyl LP on Friday 9th April.

Mild Orange Share Single Getting Warmer Feat B

Chris Cudby
/ Wednesday 31st March, 2021 10:33AM


Founded in Dunedin and now based in New Plymouth, Mild Orange have been quietly been making big waves. 2020’s self-titled album and 2018’s Foreplay have garnered millions of streams so far, attracting capacity crowds for their hugely popular local shows and international festival appearances on the same bill as The Strokes and Underworld. Not content to rest on their laurels, the team of Josh Mehrtens, Josh Reid, Tom Kelk and Jack Ferguson look forward to good times ahead with their brand new single ‘Getting Warmer‘, featuring guest raps from B. (aka Bena Simanu), who also contributed to Foreplay. A graceful intersection of hip hop grooves and almost Hawaiian-esque guitar strumming, B.’s contemplative flow and Mehrtens’ wistfully soulful vocals conjure maximum chilled out vibes, complemented by hints of lofi crackle — check out the visualiser vid here and hit play on the stream below…

‘Getting Warmer (feat. B.)’ is out now via Spotify and Apple.

Francisca Griffin Announces NZ Tour Shares Video For Ghost Boy

Chris Cudby / Photo credit: Caroline Davies
/ Wednesday 31st March, 2021 9:03AM


Renowned for her work with pivotal Flying Nun group Look Blue Go Purple, Francisca Griffin‘s solo album the spaces between was a quietly powerful local highlight of 2019, the Ōtepoti artist’s first collection since the late ’90s. Regularly joined in her hometown by Griffin’s esteemed live band The Bus Shelter Boys — aka Gabriel Griffin (her son, also of Sewage, Cuck and Swallows Nest), Mick Elborado (guitar hero of Negative Nancies and Terminals) and new member Ro Rushton-Green (Sewage, The Ladder is Part of the Pit) — the rest of Aotearoa will finally be treated to a full scale, seven date Francisca Griffin and The Bus Shelter Boys nationwide tour, showcasing the band’s magical on-stage synergy from next Friday onwards, delivering on the promise of their Covid-delayed 2020 tour plans. Griffin has also gifted fans today a beautifully impressionistic video for ‘Ghost Boy‘ (from the spaces between) featuring Alastair Galbraith, created by Tane Cotton that you can experience below…

“Ghost Boy was written in 2000, it’s about my son Oscar — we were arguing just before he went back to London, that was really hard for both of us, saying goodbye again. The song arrived fully formed — I actually started writing it on my bass, but then transposed it to guitar. I made a couple of attempts at recording it, but it never quite worked until I met Forbes Williams. Alastair Galbraith plays e-bowed guitar — I know! it sounds like his violin….” — Francisca Griffin

Francisca Griffin and The Bus Shelter Boys

Friday 9th April – The Crown Hotel, Dunedin

Thursday 22nd April – Whammy Bar, Auckland

Saturday 24th April – Nivara Lounge, Hamilton

Sunday 25th April – Snails, Palmerston North

Wednesday 28th April – Miracle Room, Featherston
Thursday 29th April – St Peter’s Hall, Paekakariki

Friday 30th April – Pyramid Club, Wellington

Tickets available HERE via UTR

Press release:

Like many before them Francisca Griffin and The Bus Shelter Boys were meant to tour NZ and Australia last year before they were struck by the covid curveball. Francisca has played a number of solo shows around the country and is pleased to finally be able to introduce her band, with their finely honed live chemistry following numerous gigs around their home town the past few years. Local music stalwart Ian Henderson (Fishrider Records) describes Franciscas music: the kind of freshness and instantly recognisable light and airy guitar tones of its place of origins. Psychedelic folk perhaps, Southern NZ style, and in some respects as reminiscent of David Kilgour’s solo music as it is of Look Blue Go Purple.

Come along and indulge.

Listen To Pink White Terraces Single Lost Brothers Tukana Ngaro

Chris Cudby
/ Tuesday 30th March, 2021 2:38PM


The spellbinding latest release from NZ / Berlin imprint Fantasy Fiction Records, Pink & White Terraces‘ ‘Lost Brothers (Tuākana Ngaro)‘ is an unabashed love letter to the South Pacific. Aotearoa-born multi-instrumentalist and producer PAWS+‘s dreamy project draws on their Maori roots to magic up "a love of lush ’50s guitars, glassy ’80s sounds and Moogy synths" featuring backing vocals from ASO — illustrating idyllic sonic spaces to roam, somewhere between the playful synth-exotica of Japanese innovator Haruomi Hosono and the close to home soulful romance of Tāmaki Makaurau’s Kenny Sterling. There’s an entire album from Pink & White Terraces set to drop on 22nd April, open your ears to ‘Lost Brothers (Tuākana Ngaro)’ here…

Pink & White Terraces’s new album launches on Thursday 22nd April via Fantasy Fiction Records.

Ponsonby Social Club 13th Birthday Events Announced For April May

Annabel Kean / Image: Haz and Miloux / Tuesday 30th March, 2021 2:23PM


Watch out Ponsonby Road, you’ve got a teenager on your hands now and they’re throwing parties left, right and centre. Lucky for us, Ponsonby Social Club are celebrating their 13th birthday with a string of class musical acts rather than Cruiser-fuelled, Lynx-fests. Throughout April and spilling over into May, PSC has scheduled a sparkling run of local artists, kicking off April 1st (no joke) with Aotearoa-via-Brazil jazz vocalist Alda Rezende, performing the "samba infused intricate rhythms of bossa nova" with full band.

Special events include blues songwriter Bruci Jordan‘s ‘Can’t Stop Loving You’ single release party on May 15th with a seven-piece band; 10:32 return to New Zealand from London, celebrating their neo-soul album Aequus Animus in late April; Members of Avantdale Bowling Club and Yoko-Zuna dedicate a set to the music of Wu-Tang Clan; and Juan Vesuvius‘ comedic, educational house music show Im Your DJ for one night only. Here’s the full rundown of what you’re in for…

Thursday 1st April – Alda Rezende Live (cancelled)
Tickets available HERE via UTR

Saturday 3rd April – Miguel Bd And Friends

Free entry

Thursday 8th April – Aria

Tickets available HERE via UTR

Friday 9th April – Juan Vesuvius: Im Your DJ

Tickets available HERE via UTR

Saturday 10th April – Nathan Haines Live With Full Band

Tickets available HERE via UTR

Friday 16th April – Haz Beats And Miloux Live
Tickets available HERE via UTR

Saturday 17th April – The Up-Doos

Tickets available HERE via UTR

Thursday 22nd April – A Tribute To Wu-Tang Clan

Tickets available HERE via UTR

Friday 23rd April – 10:32 + Guests

Tickets available HERE via UTR

Thursday 29th April – Havana Groove Live

Tickets available HERE via UTR

Saturday 15th May – Bruci Jordan

Tickets available HERE via UTR

10:32 made a video for album single ‘Meet Me’ while in New Zealand managed isolation…

Louisa Nicklin Unveils Single Water Around Her

Chris Cudby / Cover artwork: Steven Acres
/ Tuesday 30th March, 2021 9:30AM


Fresh from performing as part of Mermaidens’ all-star Mermgrown Auckland festival, Louisa Nicklin and bandmates Eamon Edmundson-Wells, Mason Fairey and Jong-Yun Lee have unveiled a stunning second single from the Tāmaki songwriter’s forthcoming self-titled debut album. Conjuring a disquieting, gothic atmosphere while spinning a tale of a woman’s untimely demise (and aftermath), ‘Water Around Her‘ showcases Louisa Nicklin’s storytelling skills and straight up startling vocal talents — drip-feeding listeners morsels of info to haunting effect. Dive into Nicklin’s new song here and take in the feline friendly recent clip for first cut from the new record ‘To Be Fine‘ below, directed and edited by the artist and Sheldene Seth

‘Water Around Her’ is out now via major streaming services.