Van Staden Bhm VSB Drop Debut Hardcore EP

Chris Cudby / Friday 26th March, 2021 4:00PM


Staunchly refuting Jarvis Cocker’s famous claim, Tāmaki electronic dance duo Van Staden & Böhm (VSB) define exactly what’s Hardcore on their debut five track EP, the latest all-killer release from Aotearoa independent imprint Related Articles. No we’re not talking about agro vein-popping guitar / drums antics, we’re talking smiley face tee wearing, water pistol squirting, top of the early ’90s UK charts style ‘ardcore reimagined for 2021 by the team supreme of Madison van Staden (Moody.v and the Menstrual Cycle) and Amelia Berry (Amamelia, FIMO) — who adeptly handle the punk rock side of things as Babyteeth with Skody Banks’ Sam Denne. Described as "a much needed ecstatic deliverance of lesbian happy hardcore to shift stagnant energies and uplift sapped spirits" Hardcore is released in dedication to Reuben Samuel Winter who mastered the EP, and is out now in a limited cassette edition sporting dazzling candy coloured cover artwork by Ema Gaspar. Hit play below and delve into an accompanying listening guide compiled by Aaliyah Zionov aka Baby Zionov here.

"VSB would like to dedicate this music to Reuben Winter. For everything you taught us, and for the rare kindness, love, and respect, you showed us as two queer women in electronic music."

‘Hardcore’ is out now on major streaming platforms via Related Articles.

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