Watch Oneohtrix Point Nevers Video For Long Road Home Ft Caroline Polachek

Chris Cudby / Photo credit: David Brandon Geeting
/ Thursday 15th October, 2020 1:51PM


US synth wizard Oneohtrix Point Never aka Daniel Lopatin has unfurled a superb animated clip squarely in the Halloween spirit for ‘Long Road Home‘, featured on his recent three track Drive Time Suite as a preview for forthcoming new album Magic Oneohtrix Point Never (mOPN). Featuring guest vocals from Caroline Polachek, the song’s celestial sonics tug at over-caffeinated heartstrings while stop motion visuals by Victoria Arslani depict a warped tale of a bat and demon in courtship — set against a three dimensional backdrop recreating the artwork to OPN’s classic 2013 record R Plus Seven. Digital animators Robert Beatty (who also created the cover art for mOPN) and Nicole Ginelli‘s dazzling contributions provide the icing on the alluring yet potentially diabolical "cake". Melt your mind into a pool of slime with ‘Long Road Home’…

Co-directors Charlie Fox and Emily Schubert opened up about the theme of their latest creation: "It’s a romantic fable about love and transformation, which grew out of a lot of wild philosophical conversations with Dan over the summer. We wanted to take these supposedly grotesque or demonic creatures and turn them into the weirdly adorable and heartbreaking protagonists of this courtship ritual. For a song that seems to be sung by something mutant and magical in a time when intimacy is craved and feared, it felt like a hot match; it just felt good inside. And all this stuff started oozing out."

‘Magic Oneohtrix Point Never’ releases on Friday 30th October via Warp Records.

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